U.S. Government contemplates an unlawful no-fly zone over Syria

US contemplating Syria no-fly zone

Mon, 17 Jun 2013 09:01:08 GMT

The US may reportedly be preparing to impose a no-fly zone over Syria amid support for the move expressed by Jordan’s king Abudullah II and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and major US weapons deployed in Jordan.

Morsi’s call for the no-fly zone over Syria and Abdullah’s pledge to take all “necessary measures” to protect his country after a Pentagon announcement that it will leave behind a squadron of F-16 fighters and a battery of Patriot missiles at the end of joint US-Jordan military drills this week, has prompted “speculation that a no-fly zone [over Syria] is being prepared,” The Washington Post states in a Monday report.

The development comes just days after US officials announced plans to extend direct military aid to foreign-backed insurgents in Syria under the pretext of its widely discredited claim that Syrian Government forces have used chemical agents against the foreign-sponsored militants in the country.

The claims of chemical weapon use by Syrian forces have reportedly been fabricated by the Israeli regime, France and Britain, in addition to Washington, following a report months ago by the Syrian government that the insurgents have used chemical agents against the country’s civilian population and military forces.

The daily, however, reports that defected Syrian general Salim Idriss, who heads the Supreme Military Council of the anti-Damascus militants and has recently met with US officials in Turkey to submit his list of weapon requirements, has stated in an interview that the American officials who met with him recently in Ankara told him that a no-fly zone would be “very difficult” to impose over Syria.

The US authorities, according to Idriss, indicated that they “were not prepared to contemplate imposing” the no-fly zone.

This is while the talks between Idriss and American officials reportedly came before statements of support by the leaders of Egypt and Jordan.

Idriss, meanwhile, stated that he gave the visiting US delegation “a list of items the rebels need, including ammunition and guns, as well as the antitank and anti-aircraft weapons” that the foreign-sponsored militants under him have long sought to turn back Syrian military advances.

“It is very simple,” Idriss is cited in the report as telling the US officials. “Just help us and we can end this very quickly. Just give us weapons and we will take care of everything.”
This is while Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned Washington on Saturday against any effort by the US or its allies to impose a no-fly zone over Syria, insisting that the move be in violation of international law.

“You don’t have to be a great expert to understand that this will still violate international law, and we really hope that our American colleagues will align their actions in accordance with the approach of the Russian-American initiative in preparation for the conference (on Syria),” Lavrov added.

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