U.S. lavishes Egypt and Israel with unnecessary aid

US lavishes Israel, Egypt with unnecessary aid

Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:9PM GMT

An American investigative journalist says the US “lavishes” billions of tax dollars in military aid on Egypt and Israel, while US taxpayers endure hardship.

“Neither country really needs this aid and the only individuals that suffer are the US tax payers who don’t have the money,” Wayne Madsen told Press TV on Sunday.

“They’re taking money away from critical issues in this country to keep the status quo, advance an operation basically along the Egyptian-Israeli border,” Madsen added.

“There are some cases where Egypt doesn’t even need some of the military aircraft that the US sells it … Part of this also is to keep companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin in huge profits based on this agreement made in Camp David many decades ago.”

The US gives Egypt $1.3 billion in military aid and about $250 million in economic aid each year, which some experts say is aimed at forcing the Egyptian government to abide by the Camp David accords with Israel.

Despite the military coup that ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the violent crackdown on protesters which has left hundreds of people dead, US President Barack Obama has refused to suspend the aid.

One reason that Washington has refused to cut the aid off is because the US military is “heavily dependent” on Egypt to move personnel and equipment to Afghanistan and the Middle East, a recent USA Today report said.

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