U.S.-Saudi anti-Iran plot will backfire

On Line: 18 October 2011 18:08
In Print: Wednesday 19 October 2011

Font Size The Obama administration on October 11, 2011, accused two Iranian-Americans of being involved in a plan to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States in Washington, DC. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, with FBI Director Robert Muller at his side, had already drawn their ultimate conclusion that the Iranian government was behind the plot and would have to “pay a price” for it’s alleged role in the fictitious plot. David Ignatius, columnist at the Washington Post who often serves as a mouthpiece for Washington was candid in revealing that the Obama Administration was “going to try to use this to isolate them [Tehran] to the maximum extent possible”. Along the same lines, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a darling of the pro-Israeli lobby AIPAC, advanced the sentence, announcing that the Treasury Department was putting five more Iranians on the sanctions list and also predicting that this case would further isolate Iran.

As we see, no court trial, or real evidence was necessary for the U.S. administration to declare the punishment and draw its anti-Iran sword. Furthermore, the fact that the individuals accused are shady characters who’ve been ‘guided’ by the FBI and cooperated in building the case paraded by top U.S. officials has diminished the credibility of the entire scenario. To many it immediately became obvious that the U.S. government was building a case much larger than even the specific charges, when Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence raised the allegations to a more threatening level when he said: “This is dangerous new territory for Iran. It is the latest in a series of aggressive actions — from their nuclear program to state sponsorship of terrorism…This episode underscores the need for concerted international unity to confront Iran.” Accordingly, his accusation was used as a starter for bringing the old unproven worn-out claims against Iran, but this time with much wider implications.

Two points must be made clear at this juncture: the credibility of these two individuals charged is in doubt, especially when one of them, according to the U.S. Justice Department, is still “at large.” Secondly, the punishment is dished out well before the case has been tried. These two features of the case illustrate that the U.S. officials, including President Obama, are not impartial in presenting this scenario and are in fact pursuing an agenda that foolishly raises the stakes in a region of the world that is already wracked by a U.S. war machine that daily kills innocent civilians. The similarity between the current case and George W. Bush’s fraudulent ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq is crystal clear. Several saner voices, among them former U.S. National Security Advisor Gary Sick, have said that the U.S. allegations about Iran’s involvement in this alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador are implausible. Washington political analysts Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett in CNN interviews referred to the accusations as reflecting a “hubristic misapprehension of reality by the Obama administration, which mistakenly believes it can exploit the accusations for strategic advantage” — thus calling into question the very credibility and logic of this so-called “Iranian Assassination Plot”. In an article in Consortium News, Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst for 30 years, quotes a long-time CIA Arab specialist and former Chief of Station in Saudi Arabia — Ray Close — “Whoever concocted this tale wanted the ‘plot’ exposed…to precipitate a major crisis in relations between Iran and the United States. Which other government in the Middle East would like nothing better than to see those relations take a big step toward military confrontation?”

As we can see, the case does not pass the scrutiny of even James Bond spy novels. One may ask, then, what has motivated the Obama administration to fabricate such a scenario?

As a whole, the U.S. administration intends to continue its long-standing domestic policy of support for the maintenance and expansion of military dominance abroad while ignoring the chronic unemployment, the wide gap between the rich and poor and perpetuating the foreign policy of invasions and aggressive wars, especially in the Middle East and Africa. For the White House and the U.S. Congress, this ‘Iran Plot’ creates hysteria that can be used by the presidential candidates of both parties to convince the people of the U.S. that continuation of the American wars at the expense of badly needed social and economic reforms are essential to bringing ‘security’ in a world fraught with dangers of ‘terrorist plots’. The end result is that the most jingoistic personalities would assume power of the presidency and the Congress. Through this, Washington also wants to influence the elections of 2013 in Iran.

It is a well-known fact that the economic downturn is passing through its third year in the U.S. and the other European developed capitalist countries. Apparently, the White House is a witness to the political upheavals not only in Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Pakistan, but also in Paris, Rome, Madrid, Athens as well as in over 1400 American cities and communities in the United States. The flimsy scenario against Iran engineered by its own intelligence agencies, is supposed to serve as a cover for the reality of U.S. involvement in the Middle East/Africa and a divergence from the inner workings of the capitalist system itself.

The utter bankruptcy of this latest scenario lies more in the staving off of the unrest that is rapidly mounting in Saudi Arabia, one of the most backward and inhumane governments where women are lashed for driving a car and individuals convicted of even petty crimes are subjected to physical dismembering of limbs as punishment for violation of Saudi Arabian rules. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with President Obama, Attorney General Holder, and FBI Director Robert Muller know very well that Saudi Arabia is involved in human rights crimes against the people of Bahrain, the people of Yemen and the United Arab Emirates through their military interventions via the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council, which is known for its brutality toward any internal opposition. And no one can overlook the critical factor of the crimes of the Zionist regime against the people of Palestine, which has earned Israel world-wide condemnation, and exposed the hypocrisy of the Washington-Tel Aviv axis.

Although it might be conceived as ‘wishful thinking’, the U.S. policy-makers risk the gamble of trying to convince China and Russia to agree with yet additional anti-Iranian sanctions in the UN Security Council. These events are taking place in an atmosphere that could be considered as a ‘payback’ to China and Russia for their recent vetoing of a U.S. choreographed UN resolution for sanctions against Syria, another state in the Middle East region which has resisted U.S.-Israeli domination. Whether China and Russia would fall for this type of blackmail remains to be seen. Should the U.S. win this gamble, it would lead to driving a wedge in the Iran-China-Russia relations.

The United States has for sometime been in pain witnessing the cooperation of the Latin American progressive governments in Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Nicaragua with the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is inconceivable for the Empire to see that a ‘developing country’ like Iran from the Middle East could forge a series of economic, political and strategic relations with those countries in Latin America which used to be the exclusive domain of the U.S. economic sphere and was considered the “backyard” of the United States for a very long time.

It is not an exaggeration to view this latest propaganda ploy as also an intensification of America’s psychological warfare against its own people who are currently suffering under the corporate dominance of economic, social and cultural repression. A movement has arisen known as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement at a time when social and economic crisis are surfacing in multiple cities, states and towns throughout the United States. Among multi-purpose aims and intentions, the suppression of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement stands out. The present critics of capitalism in the U.S. and Europe have gone far beyond the ordinary and everyday demands of the peace movement. They are conceptually and practically refuting the fundamentals of the dominant capitalist social relations which have given rise to a wide gap in the wealth and income between a small minority of corporate owners and the American working class. The Obama Administration and the corporate media intends to use the self-promoted U.S-Iran crisis to dampen the energy and clarity of the on-going movement.

In the ill-conception of the Obama administration, the accusation that Iran is involved in a petty crime plan that ‘threatens’ U.S. national security is supposed to serve as a blinder to the American and world public of the U.S.’s deadly daily bombardment of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya by the extremely expensive drone aircrafts which Obama referred to as “smart warfare”. However, these crimes have not gone unanswered by the peoples of these countries in their effort to defeat foreign aggression.

Last, but not least, is the U.S. plan to create antagonism and conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia and other neighbors, dampen Iran’s leadership role in condemning and exposing the human rights violations committed by the Zionist state in multiple crimes against the Palestinian people. Iran’s astute political diplomacy has proven that the U.S. machinations would fail and Iran by continuing to rely on the masses and support the oppressed of the Middle East who are rising up against such backward tyrants as Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen, the Saudi royals, and the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC) strongly condemns this latest scheme of the U.S. that readily uses the United Nations as a tool for realizing its imperialistic interests.

Ardeshir Ommani, President of the American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC), is a writer and political analyst with a background in Political Economy. AIFC was created in 2004 to promote peace and dialogue between the U.S. and Iran, and prevent any NATO instigated war on the Iranian people.

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