U.S. Tech Industry Drops, Israeli Counterpart Skyrockets

U.S. Tech Industry Drops, Israeli Counterpart Skyrockets


I hardly discuss the extensive spying by governments on its citizens and commerce because such practices have been going on for… well, ever since the very first governments existed. It is also therefore that I almost never address deceptive reports from both media blocks that want to draw attention to Snowden, Wikileaks and Assange because at the very core: What do they actually “leak” or reveal that we didn’t already know? That government agencies spy on our communications and private lives? Like we didn’t know all of this already for several decades now. There’s nothing ‘underground’ or ‘breaking’ about those supposed leaks.

Besides, I have already explained that Snowden has provided false “leaked” data when it comes to the killing of bin Laden in 2011, since that killing never happened in 2011 it should tell you enough about the actual value of everything else Snowden has supposedly leaked into the media. That all of that data he has supposedly stolen was simply handed to him one way or another as he was basically declared a pseudo people’s hero meant to merely play his role. I also want to mention that the recent pledge campaign at Wikileaks, in order to get the TPP texts published online, is simply an advertising campaign for Wikileaks because I’m quite sure that that text is already circling around in their e-mail communications and that it was in their possession BEFORE they launched this $100,000 campaign. Just the other day I was approached by a local here who asked me “Well, have you found it already? There’s a nice reward out there at Wikileaks.” I gave him my opinion and explained that all this NSA-spying and secretive corporate treaty fuss was basically a great mind game that has successfully fooled most of the people. So, we have governments and corporations spying on us, first they did it secretly but the time came that they wanted more spying powers (also to secure their own businesses) but they couldn’t just ask for it since people don’t really like this kind of practices. Subsequently we have them admitting they did it all in secret, “yes it’s true, we did and do spy on you but now we’ll do it legally and we’ll make you think we’ll roll back our spying but in realty we just want you to give us more powers so we can also expand our commercialized spying and corporate empires in such a way that you can’t touch us anymore. Ok? Now sign HERE and shut up!” That’s what it is actually about. They have this huge stack of admitted cases of illegally spying and industrial sabotage and they now simply trade that for something even worse and based on, in the US for example, the Freedom Act that’s what they’ll eventually get. That was the plan all along. They wanted to introduce and get approval for their next generation of spy policies and technologies but the leap was too big so “spontaneous leaks” were the perfect and most convenient setup. I’m stunned how few people actually understand this pretty slick but simple con game. If you have spent as much time as me on the streets being relatively poor you likely get the picture quicker than most folks who have relative decent and well-paying jobs. Street smart has its advantages.

Now all of the above has a purpose in this article, it ties into the latest report about how the US tech industry is “expected to lose more than $35 billion due to NSA spying.” In that Daily Dot article one thing stands out of all the rest and it is this.

“To reverse the trend, the report’s authors recommend, the U.S. government must follow five key directions, as laid out in the research: … 5) Complete trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that ban digital protectionism and pressure nations that seek to erect protectionist barriers to abandon those efforts.”

Do you see how this mind game works? That’s exactly what I explained above. This is the tradeoff I’m talking about. To overcome the distrust and projected losses we are provided with the only supposed option of giving more powers to let them do just the same as what they did before, then in secret and now perfectly in the open and embedded into international agreements and Acts. Supposedly to protect the people and companies. While only corporate interests are guaranteed at the end of the day. No matter what version of a TPP or Freedom Act is being proposed, they’re basically all the same and serve a common agenda. Who cares what the other 26 sections of that TPP literally say??!! The fact is that it will all be adopted anyway and no one will stop that from happening, no matter how bad we want to avert it. They’re still in control of the media, especially in the west, no matter what some may claim, that the G7 is losing grounds and such. That’s all BS! Look at the headlines every day? Who controls those headlines? The ones who are responsible for these treaties, agreements and Acts that will get implemented anyway. Does it appear they’re actually losing this game and are “helpless” like Fulford writes? Come on now!! What sane person believes such crap stories?

So the U.S. tech industry is taking blows and I won’t deny that because that is only to be expected given who’s in charge of the country there and it won’t make any difference who’ll be the next president or congressmen because the economy of the nation that controls the US government, Israel, is drawing a lot of – if not most – cash that the US tech industry is losing into its own tech industry. A simple illustration says a lot already.

You see, Israel still is the one that attracts the most important foreign investments when it concerns the tech industry and especially start-ups. They literally extract it from the USA (and Europe and Asia). These start-ups are largely the leading brands that practically all major companies, internationally, eventually do business with or buy up – including the Israeli operatives that come with it. This is very important and more so when the internet is considered given that everything is constantly more and more internet-based or internet-supported and given the fact that the Israeli government wants to control the internet “jungle,” as Netanyahu stated it earlier. Which ties into the Israeli Team8 Cyber Intelligence Unit.

The Israeli control over the net also manifests itself through “news” and information that people are being served online. Not only does Israel have a “monopoly on information from Israeli theaters of war,” through Outbrain and Taboola for example it also largely controls online marketing and content that these Israeli-based companies deem worthy and valuable for distribution. Outbrain and Taboola serve the websites of CNN, BBC, Time, Fox, Sky and so on and so forth. Thus, they, to a great extent, control the narratives, what is supposed to be popular and what not.

But it goes deeper than just controlling the flow of data and news and controlling internet security infrastructures. Take Alcobra Pharma for instance, an Israeli company. They profile themselves as leaders in developing ADHD medication all the while it is a fact that ADHD can’t be diagnosed since it is an invented disorder, merely serving as to allow the selling of destructive drugs that mess with children’s brains and character. Yet they manage to attract substantial investments for their sickening deception.

It’s pretty much a full-spectrum Israeli control when you take everything into account and it likely attracts the biggest part of the investments and sales that the US tech industry is claimed to be losing. A Freedom Act or TPP are not going to change this.

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