By: The Unhived Mind
27th May 2012

I have had experience of having to deal with Vertigo problems using herbal medicine. This problem is often associated with the middle-inner-ear. The problem with the mainstream allopathic mindset is that it is usually very wrong with its diagnosis time after time we see this. Many chiropractors treat Vertigo most times by just adjusting the neck sublaxations in the cervical one and two region at the top of the neck where your head balances. All your nerve impulses to and from the brain come via the neck and spine and this is why its very important to keep sublaxations at bay otherwise you may lower the impulse to a particular region or even cut it off entirely. In my experience I have noticed that almost all sufferers of Eczema suffer from arching backs through posture problems. This tends to happen more with people who sit down all day working on computers or driving jobs. If you are one of these people then you must attend a quality professional chiropractor two to four times a year. With Eczema patients you find that the mid-thoracic region has bad sublaxations resulting in healing impulses to the stomach becoming hindered. This hindering then results in leaky gut symptoms which just cannot be dealt with on a long-term basis regardless what you try to do without chiropracting. A perfect example of why you need to employ multiple treatments in order to gain the cure.

If you have Vertigo I would suggest the first place you go is to your chiropractor and have them check you out with their Vertigo exercises and then treatment. They can cut out all the middle man diagnostic bunkum you would have had to endure and waste time with prior. You may get almost immediate relief or within a few hours this may come to your surprise. You can also have a lapse after a few days or up to two weeks. Another chiropractic treatment will be required if so and you will notice this time you may last even longer than before or it may clear for good. I have heard of Vertigo taking sometimes up to three chiropracting sessions to totally clear out depending how bad it is. Of course if there is more to your problem than sublaxation then this will become clearly obvious as time goes on. Many people can simply do away with medical and herbal treatment programs just with a chiropractor so this is why I say they are the first call you should make. Of course you will need herbal treatment in the meantime and afterwards to aid the cure quicker.

If you are suffering violent Vertigo I sympathise with you as it is frightening as the room spins around you and you feel very disabilitated. Do not worry too much and if possible have someone or try yourself to take your blood pressure. Do this three times if possible to get a good average in case a reading is exaggerated. All dizziness and ear issues stem ultimately with the Kidneys. The Liver may also be involved if its getting excited and throwing a lot of rising Liver wind or heat upwards. I believe some people promote Apple Cyder Vinegar to aid Vertigo symptoms and this may occur due to how vinegar scatters Qi and thus cuts down its concentration. The Apple side may also be having an affect on the Liver. I have no experience of Apple Cyder Vinegar with the situation so I cannot really comment.

If you noticed you have blood pressure issues this is again a sign of Kidney problems which will also be tied to your Liver as the two go hand-in-hand. If your blood pressure is high then please do not utilize the Licorice root mentioned below and opt for another all over balancing herb instead. We usually find that this problem is stemming from the right Kidney the Mingmen lacking its essence. This will mean that no sexual activity can take place prior to the cure and for a while afterwards. Foods and herbal medicines are needed to nourish the Kidney essence as quick as possible. A great food for this task is of course Chinese Yam known in the antiChristos Latin as Dioscorea opposita. More foods that will be of good use would be Goji berries and black Sesame seeds. The latter will have to be fried on their own until the oil is released and then you let them cool before eating. I suggest you take five teaspoons daily or more throughout the day. Try to eat black foods but not foods which produce too much heat in the body. I would also suggest that a teaspoon to a tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil will do your inner ears some good if ingested daily.

If you are having a violent Vertigo attack then I strongly suggest you combine:
Lemonbalm (Melissa), Gotu Kola (Centella), Ashwagandha (Withania), Hawthorn berry (Crataegus), Goldenrod (Solidago), Greater Celandine (Chelidonium) and finally Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza).

If you have the above herbs in tincture form and combine them as one for ease then I suggest you take 30ml of this solution two to three times a day. You should get a good amount of relief and be able to get more comfortable till things calm down.

If you do not have all the herbs above then I suggest you use:
Gotu Kola, Hawthorn Berry, Greater Celandine, Licorice root and Goldenrod

The most important herbs of all I believe are the celebral insufficiency herbs like Lemonbalm, Withania and Gotu Kola. Lemonbalm is the master of the brain and works all over the body nicely it will also help protect your Heart as well as relax you down during this frightening problem. Lemonbalm is a key component to aiding this problem and must be used without question. Another great herb which also aids the celebral insufficiency is the Gotu Kola herb. Some people suffer side-effects from this herb but generally most people are fine with no problems. Do not be put off by the possible vertigo side-effect I believe this will not happen if you already have vertigo and may actually help you quicker in a similar theory kind of way. I used the Goldenrod for its excellent Kidney detoxification and rebuilding work. Hawthorn works well on the body and will most certainly aid your Heart troubles which will also relax the Kidney which balances the Heart whilst Hawthorn aids the Spleen which balances the Kidneys. Herbs aiding the Spleen will aid any nausea you may be suffering.

You should also find some comfort using Ginger root for both nausea and the spinning effect. If you are diabetic then you must not use Ginger if you take allopathic poisonous medicines for the diabetic condition. The Licorice root is a great balancing herb entering every meridian in the body whilst aiding the carrying of all the other herbs to their destination with more efficiency. The Withania is one of the most powerful herbs in existence for healing the body and works well with the celebral issues. The Celandine will help your Liver issues and its one of the greatest Liver specifics around and hated by the medical mafia like Withania which will show you how good they really are. I will be studying any role that the herb Red Clover may have in aiding this health problem. If you wish to utilize Red Clover as well then feel free. I cannot comment on Red Clover yet as I have no experience of using this herb for Vertigo. It has great qualities for dealing with the Kidneys that you can rest assured. Nettle should also have a good role in aiding the reversal of Vertigo although I have no experience with this herb yet for the problem. If you are suffering from Vertigo when you move to the left in bed etc then I would suggest you take a homoeopathic 30c preparation of Conicum Maculatum.

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