• Yes, it is given that we cannot achieve economic stability while having the NWO’s central banks as monetary dictators. The real question though is one of monetary theory and is not easily answered.
    The problem with establishing Treasury paper as a medium of exchange while working within the current NWO-controlled monetary paradigm is the same as the one posed by central bank note paper: they both equate to fiat currencies. Even if a note were to be partially backed by a commodity such as gold, the government could easily adjust the percent limit of how much of the currency must be backed by the commodity. For example, the initial declared policy may state that 50% of all outstanding currency must be backed, but the government may revise this to be 10% or 5% or 0.05% thus increasing their opportunity to inflate.

    If though by some chance the “nefarious slave masters are removed from monetary power,” from my understanding, a partial backing of solely gold would still not work especially if we are to consider this theorized currency to be used by all the people of the world. There just is not enough gold to accommodate such a large population. A partial backing could be implemented, but as soon as the need for a greater infusion of the currency arises so as to provide people with sufficient standards of living, the government or minter or whoever is responsible for the monetary policy will similarly be forced to lower the percent backing limit which would render it to a fiat currency. So I think something other than gold needs to be considered as a primary backing-commodity if we are to ensure mankind’s welfare looking into the future where population will continue to increase exponentially. Surely gold and silver could also exist as backing commodities for this theorized currency alongside (but to lesser degrees of backing) the primary one though; maybe different calibers of currency could be established (not sure how that would work) or the backing could be a split of [50% primary/5% silver/0.1% gold] or something to that effect. For the primary backing-commodity, perhaps a metal like Palladium could be considered as it mostly adheres to the criteria of traits that an ideal commodity should posses so as to be be used as a medium of exchange and hence as a currency-backing commodity: it is marketable, durable, scare, transportable, and not easily counterfeited given that there is a readily available method to verify its composition.

    • theunhivedmind

      We could argue all day long about this problem and that problem in the future. The real issue right now is this current Venetian model needs replacing and fast! We have something that is economically sound which will for a long time create stability. We could argue that we can do away with money altogether and become a ubuntu society. Lets get a positive change in place first then we can worry about finer points. There is actually nothing that doesn’t have negatives since we live in a world of duality. Study what Roger Hayes has to say in his Lawful Bank about credit currencies and how they work. We do not even need a gold-standard but with one it adds piece of mind for some. I hear some trying to claim Deutsche Bank is behind funding the BRICS bank somehow I doubt that and Deutsche Bank is the most in trouble with derivative trading. Maybe there is a counter-intelligence program trying to attempt to put off truth seekers from promoting the BRICS Development Banks. This will not work even if I find out Deutsche Bank has put funding towards it because right now the BRICS is crucial for stability otherwise we are going to go downhill rapidly soon. Deutsche Bank like London will be edging its bets just in case the BRICS really does take over and nothing more. George H.W Scherff’s alternative media might just start to push this propaganda against the BRICS but it isn’t going to work.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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