By – The Unhived Mind – 15th April 2013

Are people really that stupid enough to believe the BBC (British Intelligence propaganda outlet) article quoted below and its complete and utter nonsense? So the intelligence stooge Dennis Gartman on MSNBC (British SIS) and the British Broadcasting Corporation wants you all to believe that gold prices have dropped because poor old financially raped Cyprus is selling some of its gold reserves? Why might Cyprus be selling off some of its gold reserves and I emphasis might? To pay off a bail-out by international crooked lenders (The Worshipful Company of Mercers) based on fictional derivatives debt creation to steal wealth and enslave persons. Its absolutely amazing how they can try to blame the drop in gold on this bank theft of Cyprus.

“I think it would be unfair to force the Cypriots to sell gold and not to have others do exactly the same thing. I expect Spain and Portugal, Italy will also do it, and that’s weighing on prices.” -Dennis Gartman on Squawk Box this morning.

This is why they purposely dumb the populace down so they can easily manipulate their minds which now exist in a fantasy land provided by the media. Study the book ‘The Impact of Science on Society‘ by Bertrand Russell to understand their techniques of mind manipulation. Study organizations like the Fabian Society (wolf in sheep’s clothing) and its Tavistock Institute for Human Relations with the Stanford Research Institute. All of these organizations socially engineer you by the day with thought reform brainwashing.

Next in the BBC article we see the pathetic claim about the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke supposedly about to ramp down its quantitative easing programme. Even when the Federal Reserve had a less visible money-printing program the gold stayed high and for a damn good reason. You can tell bullion has been manipulated because in the real world with what the Federal Reserve has been doing with the last quantitative easing program, you should have seen gold going into the $2500-3000 a troy ounce range. Instead they manipulated it down and they have kept it around $1600 an ounce until today. They act as if there is no inflation but look around you at the prices of everything in the stores and see how much debt-instrument pocket change you have after having to purchase those products in the supermarket. When you print currency whether legally or illegally (George H.W Bush’s super-dollar presses such as in North Korea) you will always lower the purchasing power of the currency being printed, it is a fact.

It needs to be known that the Bank of Japan is the king of the block of central banks for funneling monopoly debt-instrument currency for the Federal Reserve in the United States but no one talks about this. Hows about how the Federal Reserve was using the Bank of Japan to funnel it funds straight after the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. The Federal Reserve was taking disaster currency from the Bank of Japan and the Japanese taxpayers’ rather than having an open quantitative easing program and thus another manipulation of the markets was taking place. When the financial markets of the Western World are in trouble then the Bank of Japan is where the Mercers run to for their Federal Reserve organization. The Bank of Japan is keeping both the Federal Reserve and the Eurozone going today.

What we have here is a big manipulation of Gold prices right at a time when the bankers are desperately buying up as much gold as they can. Just at a time when they might now be able to get even more gold off financially raped Cyprus. Hows about how the CIA/DVD are buying up massive amounts of Thailand gold through the Liechtensteinische Landesbank in rich dictatorship Lichenstein and the UBS AG in Templar Switzerland using Swiss banker and DVD intelligence agent, Josef Ackermann working for Nazi SS Officer, George H.W Bush the current head of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst. Hows about how the DVD have been raiding alloted gold accounts in Switzerland for some time and no one has a clue yet? Why can you get away with all sorts of crimes in Switzerland if you have an original Nazi passport even if you are not the original owner and instead you are just a relative?

Not only do the Mercers want to be able to buy up a load of gold on the cheap, they also want to put you off owning gold and going long with this important precious metal. Do not worry about any drops in the rigged gold markets and just see it as an opportunity to buy more just as these swines want to buy more. They hope idiots run out of the gold market and then they can be stung later when the Mercers collapse the global economy. By this time all you will be left with is toilet paper promissory IOU debt-instrument notes of zero worth most likely devalued by 50-75%. Ask yourself why the Mercers are buying up so much gold right now. The International Monetary Fund can still purchase gold within the United States for the standard face value of $50 a troy ounce using a loophole. Internationally they have to pay the going rate which they manipulate (namely JP Morgan). The International Monetary Fund is controlled by the Exchange Stabilization Fund managed by the U.S. Treasury working for The Worshipful Company of Mercers of the pirates of the Livery.

Bitcoin is decentralized and can only be manipulated by attacks on the server networks of the Bitcoin exchanges which I am sure they will find a fix for soon enough. Gold is adored by the Mercers but only for their vaults not the common mans. They detest you having gold because you are owning real money which you have both equitable and legal title too (if you believe in the color of law fictional legalese fraud). When you have debt-instrument currency you only have equitable title meaning a right-to-use which is granted by the owner being the central bank of your region such as the Bank of England or the Federal Reserve.

You will see many attempts to try and put the people off owning virtual Bitcoin currency and physical gold. I personally prefer physical precious metals as do corporations (once nations prior to 1933). JP Morgan manipulates the bullion market daily and has a control over its price in debt-instruments. This pricing is coming to an end though with physical bullion, if you try to purchase bullion in some places you will have to pay more than the current pricing since people are waking up to the manipulation and the fact that the pricing is based on supposed bullion that does not even exist such as these ETFs trades etc. The paper game is over. The intelligence network is worried their economic paradise is crumbling not in their favor. They wish to destroy the current economic system but in their time and to their time lines and control. Things like Bitcoin and bullion buying can hinder them very much unless they can keep or gain control of these areas. The prime reason for the intelligence network is to protect the financial slavery system and keep us forever as slaves to the original Unam Sanctam Papal Bull of 1302 and the others since including the first Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540 which was written by the Venetians.

Every time gold has dropped below $1600 you have seen central banks buying up as much as they can. This is continuing today but the Mercers do not want you knowing these facts and that they are preparing for their planned collapse which will come swiftly. Just look at the new model of bank theft with Cyprus now by the European Central Bank and the IMF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) thieves. The Trilateral Commission now want this to happen often and it will as they financially rape you and laugh about it like the evil swines they are. Do not fall for the bank compensation schemes either, these are a con job and cannot cover any true bank collapses especially the FDIC. Not to mention that the Frank-Dodd act nulls the FDIC straight away as they wish to steal your deposits which are seen as there own until you physically remove them.

Mercers rob the World

The answer to this economic crisis is very simple! In order to get out of the debt cycle of slavery by The Worshipful Company of Mercers we need to study the Greenback by President Lincoln (assassinated by the Jesuits through their, The Worshipful Company of Skinners) and the Bradbury Pound. Read the book, ‘The Financiers and the Nation‘ written in 1934 by the former-Privy Councilor, Thomas Johnston.

15 April 2013 Last updated at 15:48

Gold price falls to two-year low of $1,395 an ounce

Gold has fallen 9.1% to $1,395 an ounce, its lowest level in two years, as fears of high inflation recede.

Investors typically buy gold to protect against inflation, which erodes the value of cash investments.

But investors are now expecting the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, to tighten monetary policy by stopping its quantitative easing (QE) programme.

Fears of falling global demand also undermined the price of gold. Other commodity prices fell back too.

China announced on Monday that its economy grew 7.7% in the first quarter, lower than forecasts and below the pace of growth of recent years.

Oil was also affected by reports of falling demand, with Brent crude falling 3% to a nine-month low of $101 a barrel.

Silver was down by 10% at one point, while copper fell to its lowest level in a year and a half at $7,085 a tonne, and aluminium sank to a three-and-a-half year low.

Cyprus’s announcement last week that it was planning to sell most of its gold reserves coincided with the start of gold’s decline.

Some fear that other weak eurozone economies, such as Italy and Spain, will follow Cyprus’s lead and sell some of their gold stocks, adding further supply to weakening demand.

Dominic Schnider, an analyst at UBS Wealth Management, said it might not have been the eurozone that triggered the mass flight out of gold: “What we now see is panic selling, perhaps triggered by the Fed’s stimulus view. The Fed has given the signal that there’s a possibility to reduce QE and that took a lot of trust out of gold.

“And people recognise that an environment where you have no inflation is a powerful driver to get out of the metal.”

The price of gold has had a remarkable run in recent years, hitting a record high of $1,800.

Another drag on prices has come from India, the world’s biggest buyer of gold bullion, which introduced a 50% import tax that has triggered a 24% fall in the amount of gold brought into the country in the first quarter of this year.

Mohit Kamboj, president of the Bombay Bullion Association, suggested prices may have further to fall: “With more and more countries reducing stocks, the future of gold seems bleak.”

The fall means Cyprus is likely to raise less than the 400m euros ($525m) it hoped for when it announced it was selling the bulk of its gold reserve.

Gold mining company shares fell sharply as a result, with Randgold down 10% on the London stock exchange and Fresnillo down by 14% at noon.

David Govett, head of precious metals at Marex Spectron in London, said there was a mass flight out of gold: “We have seen massive liquidation from all quarters… This is a market that has only got one thing on its mind… get me out.”

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  • “I remember Bill Cooper saying, they were going to drive gold prices up, then sell gold and drive its price down to worthless before then buying it all back up. If i find the link where he says this I’ll post it up.” -Enki

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