UHM – New Jerusalem Secret Takeover of the United States on 9/11

New Jerusalem Secret Takeover of the United States on 9/11
By The Unhived Mind – 23 February 2012

Eric Phelps is excellent at what he does on the Vatican and other elements including real history lessons and this is why he’s known as ‘Mr History’. Eric lacks real knowledge of the deeper detailed intelligence events of 9/11 such as the use of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Eric shoots off at the highest level and covers all bases in doing so. What he’s not doing is detailing to the finer degree the actual web the Jesuits and Sabbateans use via intelligence and merchants. I do not really know much on this Vidal character you speak of so I cannot comment at all on him.

The U.S. Air Force was hindered that day via Bombardier Master Trust and electronic warfare altering what looked to be occurring at the time but wasn’t. Remember the North Atlantic Treaty Organization took control of the public key infrastructure and basically bought the U.S. to its knees via Chicago. Certain elements of the U.S. were aware way in advance that the hand over of power from Washington D.C. was coming. Elements in Mount Weather were ready to take the control from NATO as planned. What happened? They were swerved and the power was handed over to the Ministry of Defence in the U.K. Plc run by Geoff Hoon and tied to The Worshipful Company of Master Mariners and of course The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators controlled by Grandmaster Timothy Garden and Patron Prince Philip for The Worshipful Company of Mercers merchants who rule the banking industry and mostly everything you see and use today including British Intelligence which was created by Sir John Dee who was in fact a Mercer. Not forgetting that the Central Intelligence Agency and The Institute are both creations of Sir William Stephenson based once again in Canada and commanded by Albert George. I laugh when they try to make out Stephenson is the James Bond origin, this is simply not true as it goes back further to Mercer Sir John Dee who signed his name as 007.

Have you not noticed the building up of New Jerusalem since 9/11? Now we have this new Shard London Bridge building being erected to add to the Gherkin and others like the Heron Tower. New Jerusalem seems to be preparing to be more overt than it has been for a long time. They seem highly confident they are running everything, almost the whole damn show especially since 9/11. This area is the heart of the Jesuit and Sabbatean Empire of operations which controls every living being that’s registered and in the so-called civilized World. Emperor Juan Carlos and Evelyn De Rothschild control you through New Jerusalem and that wicked Cestui Que Via Act of 1666 the same year the Livery destroyed their own region in order to get a rebuild and start again. This was most likely in connection with fiddling any insurance created by the Mercers at the time. No different to all the insurance fiddles they pull just prior to events they have planned and thus rake in the currency utilizing Lloyd’s of London of course controlled by The Worshipful Company of Insurers and currently controlled by Worshipful Master, Tim Albett. You can imagine the Silverstein connection with this group and its connection with the firefighter chiefs on that day of 9/11. If only the U.S. firefighters could find out the truth on the command of their organization and how it aided this event whilst aided in killing first responders all for a foreign enemy that’s out of control. You’ll notice in World War II the Mercers allowed a bombing hit by the Nazis to destroy their building. You’ll notice no important businesses like IG Farben were touched during Allied bomb raids. Once again all a manipulated event for obvious and non-obvious reasons which always suit the Mercers agenda. Reminds me of the supposed Irish Republican Army bombing of the City of London in 1993 at Bishopsgate. What happened after that event? The City of London was totally blanketed in surveillance technology making it still to this day the most technologically locked down region in the World and all paid for by the taxpayer of the U.K Plc the corporation controlled by the City of London, a sovereign nation masquerading under veils.

My friend if only a few at the highest level knew of the operation then how do you account for the French intelligence being in the location using a AMEC Plc studio in order to film the event using operatives such as the Naudet brothers? How do you account for the dancing Israelis who also stood to gain from the event regardless of their participation or not with the Royal Canadian Air Force? I believe that Generals Henry Shelton (United States Army) and Joseph Ralston (U.S. Air Force) are traitors to the United States and knew totally what was happening. They may have been hoodwinked also but we may never ever find that out and I’m sure they won’t open their mouths due to neutralization threats whether through blackmail or assassination.

Take a look at the Amalgam Virgo 01 which you’ll find here; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amalgam_Virgo this says it all does it not? Even includes the patsy man-in-the-middle, Osama Bin Laden. Why isn’t there an out cry over this? Why aren’t the militia doing their duty to the Constitution of the land? What more do they need especially since treasonous Senator John McCain bought about the National Defense Authorization Act. Note his involvement with the current troubles in the Middle East. As soon as Barry Soetoro said he was pulling the troops from Iraq you then had McCain mouthing off that it was a bad move. What happened next? Explosions and chaos within about a couple of days at the most after McCain spewed his initial venomous vomit. Now we see McCain deeply involved with this trouble in Syria as that poor Country is attacked by Al-Qaeda Germs being used by their very creators remembering its a creation starting off in the U.S. Small Business Association’s 8(a) program thanks to the Chicago criminal family of Carl M. Marcy. McCain is a serious threat to the United States and the World. McCain is obviously a lot crazier than most and with dementia to boot.

The maneuver claimed to have been pulled by the so-called aircraft hitting The Pentagon is a classic missile guidance technique used regular against targets in the Middle East. The question we need to ask is what type of missile was used on that day. I believe this was the Russia P700 Granit rather than the Tomahawk and this would explain the extra hassles Viktor Bout has had in recent times. Viktor Bout’s being fitted up for this to simmer issues amongst high level puppets supposedly running these Nations gone corporations. If this is so then the usual launch vessel would have to have been a submarine as this missile would have been stolen from the K-141 Kursk in the Barents Sea one year prior to 9/11. But this missile could also be fired without need of a submarine. All that would be needed is a modified vessel and nothing more. This is where the Canada Steamship Lines Group would have come into play with MCOINIII hookup commanded by NATO and of course The Worshipful Company of Master Mariners controlled by Admiral Prince Philip and Elizabeth Mary II. You’ll find the Internet has been sanitized of data on the MCOINIII of the Royal Canadian Navy. I wonder why they would do such as thing?

Remember that Elizabeth Mary II lost her power to have you as a slave in 1975 when Emperor Juan Carlos took over as the slave master. She likes to be called the Sovereign but who created and grants that title in the first place? It was the Papal Nobility Farnese connected Della Rovere family with Francesco known as Pope Sixtus IV with the Holy See Papal Bull Aeterni Regis back in 1481. This should open your eyes to who really rules the roost of those who use these titles created and granted by the Holy See. Don’t forget Prince Philip commanded with Grandmaster Timothy Garden of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators in command of the air attack as well as the sea attack all tied to NATO an outright act of war on the defenses of the United States and the civilian people on that day who died. Who took over from Timothy Garden after his death? Why it was Prince Andrew one of the commanders over the Royal Canadian Air Force and who’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson was a most obvious plant in the Cantor Fitzgerald offices of North Tower obviously as a spy prior to the theft of the largest and most sophisticated carbon trading platform in the World connected with the U.S. Navy who we’re banged out at The Pentagon moments later. Al=Gore Jr now has a command over a large portion of the stolen carbon trading via his Generation Investment Management at Vine Street jointly run with David Blood of the Wall Street Goldman Sachs ruled by the Mercers.

I believe Benjamin Fulford is trying to muddy the water on the K-141 Kursk missile attack on 9/11. How? You will notice he’s claiming the nuclear weapon used to create the 3/11 incident against the insubordinate Japan were from a K-141 Kursk missile. He also goes on to say that four missiles were stolen which isn’t true. A total of twenty-two missiles were stolen and two were left in the silos as they could not be lifted out and were damaged in the process. I have a picture of one of these two all damaged and obviously they aborted the operation for taking all twenty-four. So where’s the other eighteen minus the one stuck in the Pentagon? Of course he may be right but it’s very unlikely and I believe a method of trying to put people off the 9/11 Pentagon attack knowledge where people go “oh that’s a load of hogwash because everyone blames Kursk weapons for everything.” Understand? We can also say to ourself why would they need a Russian P700 Granit? Well if the North American Aerospace Defense Command defenses were working properly then at that time one of the only missiles in the World which could defeat their security would be the Russian P700 Granit. Now if the Public Key Infrastructure and command was taken down this event could have happened with any decent missile if defenses were thinking everything was normal due to the Royal Canadian Air Force and Bombardier Master Trust. Of course they may not have had full control of the Public Key Infrastructure until they hit The Pentagon which housed the Sun Microsystem servers for the Continuity of Government. Maybe the P700 was needed to complete the takeover of Operation Looking Glass making sure all power was transferred overseas and not to Shadow Government operations lying in waiting.

I don’t must care for any predictive programming methods about 9/11 as I’ve found that almost all of what you thought happened on 9/11 both in the mainstream and alternative media is bunkum. Any predictive programming will be once again part of the nonsense not worth any time of a real researcher on the subject. The same as these articles and talk of the Bin Laden assassination in the beginning of May last year. Complete and utter nonsense as that man was murdered by Joint Intelligence Committee and buried quickly after in the People’s Republic of China a whole ten years before this nonsense dragged out simply to unfreeze frozen funds which had almost ten year expiration dates giving a serious pay out as usual. The event falsely aided the trumping up of the Weatherman Underground Organization terrorist trained Barry Soetoro the biggest lame duck false U.S. President in history. Remembering the last President of the united States of America was Abraham Lincoln. If Privy Councilors, Roundell Palmer and Edward Stanley hadn’t signed the death warrant against Lincoln we may have seen the united States of America return in 1871. The same in the sixties with U.S. President John F. Kennedy, but unfortunately this great man was also neutralized and by Permanent Industrial Expositions paid up by the Mercers via the Bank of Montreal in Jesuit Quebec all through Privy Councilor Reginald Bevins and signed off also by Privy Councilor, Sir John Hobson. Talking of predictable programming check out the connection of Reginald Bevins to this telling you through vision to programme aka tell-a-lie-vision.

Michael Ruppert has his uses like most so you simply eat any meat and spit out all the bones. His peak oil is complete nonsense when one understands if you dig below the mantle you have infinite oil as the Russians have found out. Why do you think Russia is the daddy right now with oil production? Don’t believe they’re running out either because they’ve signed deals with China to supply them oil when the Middle East goes up in flames shortly. Imagine the amount of oil they must be producing or planning to produce? Who supplies most of the World’s gas? Russia. Lets not forget the importance of Ireland with gas as it has the largest gas reserves in Europe and they are all controlled by the Drumcondra mafia and Royal Dutch Shell hiding as Topaz. All whilst the nation is raped by the International Monetary Fund commanded by TheCityUK run by Cherie Blair’s fancy man, Stuart Popham of the Royal Institute for International Affairs subordinate itself to The Worshipful Company of Mercers. The same TheCityUK who run all the Middle East trade for Emperor Juan Carlos via his Middle East Association run by Charles Hollis connected to the World Trade Center 7 through his Kroll connection.

What makes you think you have seen any Boeing 757 wings my friend? The aircrafts on that day were not Boeing 757 but rather Boeing EC-135-C. You would see little or zero damage to any structure such as the strength of the World Trade Center if an aluminum aircraft hit the building by just the normality of physics itself. You cannot believe anything when it comes to analyzing video footage of the tower events with the aircraft. Why? The footage out there isn’t studio quality and that will have been done on purpose but of course if you are an insider you can bet they have a perfect studio copy of every event occurring that day by The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers for their own fun and for blackmail. This occurred with the assassination of Kennedy as The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers had Zapruder film the event in its full glory. All whilst the civilians with cameras were killed and evidence removed. Have you not even thought that the intelligence community may have totally faked all video footage to aid with diverting peoples attention away from the Royal Canadian Air Force yet again and even planes at all, which they controlled via KU Band and no pilots required glass cockpit technology with precision guidance by way of the Hillary Clinton patented QRS-11 Gyrochip then from BEI Technologies then based in San Francisco and now part of the Inertial division of Systron Donner also based on the West Coast of the U.S. in California.

Well it would seem that Laura Bush was lucky not to be assassinated that day. You are correct that this chain of command was hoodwinked and this was by the Senior Executive Service and Crown Agent arm of The Worshipful Company of Mercers who are riddling themselves within the U.S. Military and they’re subordinate to Jesuit Georgetown University as you’ll see their creator was trained at Georgetown like most and again we have the connection to Chicago and this Carl M. Marcy through his daughter-in-law. Remember the City of London have not had complete 100% control over the United States as many believe. From 1973 onwards New Jerusalem have been working on achieving this and a lot of time has been put in by the UK Government Communications Headquarters to achieving this. How have they achieved this? By this public key infrastructure going back to 1973 and even before this to 1969.

Remember that the New-Age movement is yet another arm of the Jesuits at one time commanded by Pierre-Teilhard De Chardin SJ. Fritz Springmeier is ignorant and wishes to attach himself like a fool to Alex Jones who loves to control everyone and cream large percentages from the profits of their material in the process. Remember all of these people will not give you any real depth and they’ll have you running around in circles. Fritz claims to have found the all-seeing power and names a few families which have zero importance when it comes to the serious chain of command which far excels this level. He names the Todd family for instance and this Grand Druidic Council. John Todd was informed by Alberto Rivera that this Grand Druidic Council was subordinate to the Jesuit Order. It’s very obvious today those families Fritz speaks of are of very little significance when it comes to the Roman Empire behind everything. Lets face it, John Jacob Astor didn’t do to well when the Jesuits and Mercers controlling the International Mercantile Marine Co through J.P Morgan. Remember J.P Morgan was the financial backer of both Thomas Edison and Knight of Malta, Guglielmo Marconi. The fraud who claimed he invented radio when in fact it was Nikola Tesla who they all tried to remove from history and succeeded until the arrival of the Internet. The radio operators on the Titanic worked for Marconi International Marine Communication Company. http://theunhivedmind.com/wordpress/?p=18775 This event was to aid the establishment of a Central ‘War’ Bank in the U.S. to be named the Federal Reserve of New York. The event would have also creamed some over inflated insurance currency pay out. Astor’s like the rest have their place the same as the Rothschild’s. You had the powerful merchant Medici family and they joined the Papal Nobility Orsini family in order to gain status. This is exactly the same with the Rothschild’s and the Papal Nobility Aldobrandini. These are families connected with Ptolemaic Dynasty Egypt.

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Phelps and Strunk may have a different opinion on this but I believe the U.S. Airforce response was a genuine attempt to stop a percieved threat. Gore Vidal’s 2002 book was the 1st publication to float the idea of a U.S. Airforce “standown.” Before I learned of the TV Fakery research Carol Valentine had a popular remote control / Standown thesis called Dumb Blondes

I don’t think the syndicate could have leaked the details of plan in advance, even to the highest level NORAD officials beyond Kissinger, Brezisnki, Scowcroft and the usual suspects on the board of the CFR. The 9/11 wargames were about obscuring the fact that there weren’t any errant aircraft in the sky, not about neutralizing a genuine Airforce response to a plane / drone. A psyOP the magnitue of 9/11 would not be hinged on the failed interception of some drone travelling several miles to its target, especially when you had predictive programming like Lone Gunmen on FOX TV and prominent Washington Lawyers complaining to the Justice Department about shady Arabs being given Visas and important terror Investigations being shelved.

Mike Ruppert is mainly to blame for the misunderstanding on the Wargame issue. It looks like he was a disinformation plant of the Brzezinski-Soros faction with his Club of Rome Peak Oil diversion.

Look at how the hollow aluminum 757 wing enters the building (with no resistance), and how the surface shows no “entry wound” even though the wing has complely gone inside….and only then does the explosion occur. All you have to do to verify this is to watch the CNN plane strike footage in slow motion. There might still be those old 911 Octopus videos illustrating the CNN fraud but they have been scrubbing the web and alot of those older youtube videos are being memoryholed

The liberal false flag truthers made a big deal about the 2nd strike footage Bush claims to have seen on TV at the elementary school when no footage was aired publicly until the next day. They then use that as a proof of a White House conspiracy, but it looks more like proof of a psyOP to make Bush believe a real plane had hit so the blackmail OP (via Rabbinical handler Ari Fliescher) would be credible. Bush thinks America has just been attacked by hijacking and he has that stupid deer in the headlights look on his face while Cheney is on the phone coaching him through his concessions to the secret team? I understand Theirry Messayan had to flee the country with protection from French interests when he 1st published his thesis. Bush was proabaly told it was just going to be a drill, then he starts getting calls confirming there has been a real attack by unknown sponsors. Colin Powell stated publicly Cheney and Rumsfeld had been taken in by the “JINSA Crowd”, but I don’t believe even those two were part of the fine planning. They were just under contract to get a U.S. war going against the Arab countries on Israel’s hitlist as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Condoleeza Rice, Rumsfeld, Ed Koch and a few other Zionist Jews publicy refered to the 9/11 attack as an “opportunity” and I believe this interpretation is accurate. Had they themselves been the actual perpetrators their lips would not have been so loose, just like the dancing Mossad patsies with the videocameras. These warmongers recognize they are finally being given a chance to strike at their desired targets by a higher power in the Black OP Government and then the Hegelian factional warfare between the Neocon JINSA Jews and the CIA Wermacht camp commences via Media and Hollywood.

The James Bamford Pretext For War Book documents Airforce One flying at high altitudes with the White House press core fearing for their safety after leaving the Elementary School. I can’t remember if it came from that book or some NPR interview but there was the initial belief amongst the spook Beltway crowd that an internal U.S. Coup had taken place. Then later on in the day after their secret contracts had been signed the blame settled on Arab scapegoats. I beleive there was a built in option to have Bush killed by Bin Laden if he wasn’t playing ball. Tarpley’s book covers the president fleeing to the Offut Nebraska Military Base which suggests he was on official business to Knights Templar headquarters to seek protection from Rothschild. William Cooper had exposed Barbara Honneger as a NWO disinformation plant and Rayellean Russbacher is linked to both her and Fritz Springmeier. I recently questioned Springmeir about his troubling links to Alex Jones and challenges to his research and got no further response. Rayellean is a self admitted initiate in the Mystery Schools and an apologist for the Knights Templar Freemasons as legitimate opposition to the Rothschild syndicate. She was originally the only internet source for Chris Bollyn’s Material.

When interviewed by Jeff Hill one of the special FX whiz kids close to the 9/11 CGI hoax wound up dead shortly afterwards. Another one of the them went on to have his own CNN TV show and during one of those interviews I remember one of them mentioning a close friendship with Peter Joseph, creator of Zeitgeist. We have the New Age Eccumenism psyOP linked directly to the TV Fakery psyOP. Those Jeff Hill interviews should be archived somewhere on the web.


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