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I’m especially interested in any help for Alzheimer since my dad recently got it diagnosed that he has it.I live in Kentucky and he lives in the West Mids Eng. Its getting like an epidemic globally, where was alzheimers 100yrs ago?. It didnt exist. I’m thinking that its a combination of man made causes which include fluoridated water and his low fat diet which he thought would keep him heart healthy. But it seems that poor quality food is all the intention and part of breaking down of our mental/physical health of the populace. More dependent on big pharma, and people with alzeimers will be a candidate for euthanisation because of the medical costs. All part of the un’s bio-ethics agenda. Food is getting poorer and poorer, and its costing more and more to get quality non processed items. Ive told my mom to get him on Gingko, fish oil supplements, and coconut oil and whatever else you recommend.

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What I would recommend you do with him is supplement him with higher levels of Lecithin ideally made from eggs rather than soy. The problem with soy is that most of the soy on Earth now is genetically modified or contaminated with GMO. If you can be guaranteed its not GMO then use it but then you have to wonder about the unfermented side of soy being damaging to the body. Anyhow Lecithin will add greatly to the acetylcholine levels which is very important with this problem. Lecithin has a large following in Germany where its used to treat Liver problems with great success. Another problem with Lecithin is that there is a lot of poor quality product around as you can imagine. In order to utilize the acetylcholine you need to have choline which again comes from eggs and what the swines have turned everybody against these days through their cholesterol myth. He would also do well with a daily handful or more of simple unsalted peanuts which to me is a super food from God which is actually cheap to boot. I would recommend he takes one tablespoon of unrefined Wheatgerm oil per day and also regular cow’s liver and cauliflower. Look into all the foods which supply choline and try to source good quality organic or as close as produce.

This man must not be eating processed package slop, and all his vegetables must be lightly steamed not boiled to death otherwise you kill off all the nutrition he needs. Source a good quality gas top steamer not these cheap useless tabletop electric models that are terrible and unreliable both in cooking and in functioning at all. So yes you are quite right about his diet playing a large role in his problem from a lack of saturated fat and so forth. You are also correct about the fluoride which wrecks havoc on the body but especially on the Kidneys and we all know now how they are your brain’s controller. The West Midlands have had the dangerous fluoride in the water for over fifty years now causing serious genetic damage and sickness. This is one of the reasons The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is now riddled with young patients for hip fractures and problems usually only seen in the elderly. The Kidneys my friend control your bones so is it any wonder?

This man should also be daily consuming black sesame seed which you’ll get from any good Chinese supermarket. I would also recommend regular consumption of dried Ziziphus Chinese red dates known as Da Zao or at least Kai Sum dates. I would also recommend daily use of Goji berries with the dates. What he needs in the morning is 10-12 Zizphus dates with fifty Goji berries then after eating these he should immediately drink some nice quality Pu-Er tea which can also be bought from Chinese supermarket. For real potency of Pu-Er then you have to shop online for the potent but expensive Pu-Er cakes. I use this formula every day when I first get up and its most excellent I assure you. He should consume Pu-Er three to five times a day. Make sure he’s off black tea because I’m sure I came across data a long time ago showing regular black tea overuse in Britain being a contributor to this disease or it could have been rheumatoid arthritis. Pu-Er is more neutral to slightly warming where as regular black tea is warming.

I would recommend he takes proper Licorice root daily which can be sourced at Holland and Barrett nearby as sticks or again in a Chinese supermarket as slices. The latter is not as potent as the Holland and Barrett sticks from Turkey. These need to be smashed up with a hammer then decocted for 15 minutes ideally with other herbs or on its own. Use just one or two sticks at a time by placing it in a pan filled with 550-650ml of water. Then just boil the pan for five minutes at its good bubbling temperature and then simmer for ten more minutes. He must drink the solution whilst its warm and he must never consume cold fluid or food ever again otherwise his Spleen will decrease further. If he has high blood pressure problems then Licorice root may cause issues but otherwise it will be perfectly fine and an aid to all his organs and balance of these organs.

I would recommend he takes unfermented Cod Liver oil daily which will be an excellent source of fatty acids as well as vitamin A and D in the correct 5:1 or 10:1 ratio. He should consume quality eggs and if possible duck eggs which have two to three times the nutrition of ordinary chicken eggs but check for allergy as thats the duck eggs only downside with some people. Make him consume black foods daily and foods that are naturally salty as these will aid the Kidneys. Of course he needs to also focus on yellow/sweet (honey not processed white sugar) foods for the Spleen and Green/sour foods for the Liver. Continual use of white sugar will eventually damage Kidney function as it severely cripples the Spleen function. The lifestyle of the West is very dangerous to the body even without the chemicals. For example the use of synthetic painkillers like paracetamol which destroy Kidney and Liver function.

You will also notice not only the cholesterol myth aiding this dementia problem but also the aluminum in the aerosol program conducted through the Open Skies Treaty both civil and military versions Worldwide controlled by the Office of Naval Intelligence and U.S Air Force. Fluoride aids the passing of aluminium through the blood brain barrier and into the brain. This is another reason why cans of pop like Pepsi are even more dangerous than thought, since the can is made of poisonous aluminium. Why do you think the establishment can project certain increases in disease before its happened? They know the side-effects of what they are putting into the biosphere on purpose and then tell the people what they will see in the future, all whilst never explaining why the problem is occurring in the first place. The answer being the Global 2000 Report of the Club of Rome and the Sustainable Development veiled genocide of 65% of the Global population by 2050. Another problem with the water is the amount of in-organic minerals its loaded with, unless reversed osmosised or steam distilled. These rock minerals aid certain body functions but they are not fully assimilated and also they are not properly removed from the body and thus create deposits and energy blockage known as local constipations.

Gingko biloba is a wonderful herb from a wonderful tree but it must not be used continually for long periods unless properly buffered in a combination of correct herbs. This means he can use Ginkgo alone for two months maximum but then must have a break of one month which is similar to what people should be doing with proper Ginseng unless Siberian or America of course. I would recommend he starts off for a week on Ginkgo and then towards the end of the two month Ginkgo use you then have him on Panax Ginseng for two months. After 4 weeks without the Gingko you then reintroduce this along side the Panax Ginseng you are using but Ginseng only for two months maximum then stop this for one month. Continue that cycle and you should see a good different in his being and mind. Rosemary leaf helps like Ginkgo to restore the brain and of course works on the matrix of organs desired including the Kidneys whilst also being a dissolver and stimulator. This would be a nice herb to combine Gingko biloba on a regular basis.

Another very useful herb/food for him to take would be Chinese Yam known as Dioscorea which is wonderful for the Kidney function. Finally Lemonbalm known as Melissa is the king of the brain and a mighty herb you may wish to look into and take daily. Another most wonderful healing food is the real super food known as Flower Pollen (Bee Pollen). If he does not have an allergic reaction to this wonder food then I suggest you start him slowly from one teaspoon of this up eventually hitting several per day. Gotu Kola is another wonderful herb that will work on the Kidney function and aids brain functioning. Only downside to Gotu Kola is it can cause some people to have side-effects somewhat so study it and hold off on it for now. If you use Gotu Kola with honey you open up the Crown chakra for instance which shows you its power and its an amazing youth extender. If you want to give him a useful supplement then use a Holland and Barrett high level Vitamin B complex. It must be the complex ideally of all the same levels of each B vitamin. If one does not use a complex then you can cause out of balance issues with your B vitamin levels. He wants a high strength formula not a weak one and Holland and Barrett sell these.

These herbal preparations need to be followed daily all the time with strict adherence as if you were in supposed need of a quack pharmaceutical daily to live. I would recommend if you can afford it to take him to a professional Chinese doctor and/or a professional homeopath. The use of tissue salts daily to aid body functions is important as we need these cell salts to function correctly. Its like how Linus Pauling said that all enzymes and vitamins are useless without the minerals needed to work these compounds. Cell salts is another form of these tied somewhat to homeopathy and yes they work as claimed if you have quality cell salts. There is twelve of these cell salts that must be at correct levels in the body for it to function correct free from disease. These twelve cell salts can do wonders over time and really aid balancing of the body when combined with other treatments. Be aware that Kidney gland (adrenals) disturbance can also wreck havoc with your mineral balance and this area is aided by Licorice root and other good adaptogenic herbs like Gotu Kola too.

What you are doing is feeding the body all its needs and when it has everything it can function and heal itself. So its minerals in the diet and then these cell salts and now you are alive to take on other medicines and speed up the process of healing. Think of it like this, imagine a vegan having a lot of Chinese medicine but getting to a stage where they are no longer seeing continual improvement such as being stuck in a rut kind of thing. The answer is they need meat and the vital building blocks this provides. Once they correctly take the right meats in balance then the next phase of healing starts since the body has what it needs. I know this from experience, remember I was a vegan for ten years but not any longer thank God. If we are missing one area of vital need then we cannot truly heal as we would like regardless of the power of a certain style of medicine such as Chinese acupuncture and herbs. You need the complete Chinese diet system to boot and guess what? That includes meat, so vegans need to get over their brainwashing and follow how to feed their body correctly. If you can manage to get him to do Qi-Gong then I would strongly recommend you studying the ‘Beating the Heavenly Drum’ technique which is very useful for Pineal gland stimulation and brain functioning.

-= The Unhived Mind


    Dementia sufferers to increase by 70 per cent within 20 years

    The number of elderly people with dementia will increase by 70 per cent to more than 1 million in the next 20 years, according to official projections.

    Tim Ross, Social Affairs Editor
    7:30AM GMT 10 Nov 2010

    As England’s population ages, soaring numbers of people will die in nursing homes with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, a report for the NHS has found.
    The number of elderly people with dementia will increase by 70 per cent to more than 1 million in the next 20 years, according to official projections.

    Researchers warned that care home staff would need more specialist training to cope with the “massive” increase in patients with dementia, many of whom cannot communicate effectively with their nurses.

    The findings reinforce the scale of the challenge the country’s health and social care system faces as people live longer and require increasingly specialised support.

    The study, published by the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network, an NHS programme, analysed figures for the number of deaths recorded with senility, Alzheimer’s and dementia as an underlying or contributory cause.

    An estimated 614,000 people in England currently have dementia, representing 1.2% of the population.

    But by the 2030s this figure will rise by 72% to an estimated 1,055,000 people with dementia, 1.8% of the population of England. The increases will vary between 44% in London and 84% in the East Midlands.

    People with dementia are far more likely to die in care homes than those without, who are more likely to die in hospital, according to the study.

    Claire Henry, director of the National End of Life Care Programme, said patients with these illnesses were often far less able to communicate and understand nurses and other staff whose job it was to help them.

    “Care home staff need to be given appropriate training and support in both end of life care in general and the particular challenges of caring for people with dementia,” she said.

    “Homes need professionals who can assess a person’s needs and support him or her in advance care planning.”

    The number of people aged 75 and older in England is projected to increase from 4 million in 2008 to 7.2 million in 2033.



    • Please remember that your immune system is negatively charged and so if these nano-technology superbugs put up a negative charge at some point then the immune system will not even stand a chance of destroying the invader. Many Morgellons sufferers note how wounds will repair themselves in very quick times with zero infections. Unfortunately thats about the only decent thing reported about this most horrible man-made nano-tech disease. Are they trying to kill off a certain genetic type of the human populous seen as a threat for some unknown reason? More than likely along with testing for other devious genocide plans to come. Remember they can spread disease just through ELF enfolded scalar waves as long as they have a common medium to stimulate which is present in all humans. These chemtrails and vaccination programmes will make sure that medium is present in the population. What you will see is certain populations hit by certain diseases in pandemic situations to aid the Global 2000 Report agenda.

      Once the New International Economic Order of the U.N in 1974 is in place and the carbon trading takes over, then mass genocide will start. No longer are you needed to make currency for the corporations (once Nations) like before (through the Cestui Que Via Act 1666). You have now instantly become a carbon dioxide polluter needing eliminating from the planet under the guise of Sustainable Development aka U.N Agenda 21. This is where the profit comes in and Al-Gore Jr with Generation Investment Management is all ready to reap the currency benefits of his mindless mind reframing program over the last few years. Profits worth $73 trillion back in 2001 which was the equivalent of the Global Gross Domestic Product at the time. Imagine what its worth today? All of course controlled from New Jerusalem aka The City of London by The Worshipful Company of Mercers made up of certain nobles from chivalry orders servant to the New Holy Roman Empire controlled by the Jesuit Order (Aragon Templar continuum).

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • Lou Cifer

    Also, if you are cooking vegetables or whatever in fluoridated water, don’t use aluminium pots or pans to boil the water in, because they have the effect of making the fluoridated water about ten times the strength it was originally. Fluoride is a waste product of aluminium production so make sure you use either cast iron or stainless steel pots to cook food in!

    • The Chinese like to use ceramic pots like their medicine pots for making up their herbal medicines etc. You may find it interesting that Goji berries must never be placed in metal of any kind as it destroys their functioning. Metal in China is seen to affect the medicinal properties of herbs. For instance a herb may be cooling in the body but when decocted in metal may become warming or no longer have the same functioning as it should on a particular organ etc. Chopsticks are wood whilst the West use metal cutlery. Some believe the chopsticks were used just to protect the Chinese establishment from the threat of forks and knives being used as weapons against them. Think again as theres always more to a story. Do not forget about the dangers of Teflon tied to fluoride gas. Stay away from these Tefal ActiFry gadgets and their Teflon pans etc.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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