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On Sun, Mar 4, 2012

I know you do not support the use of silver any more but if you did, what generator would you suggest for home use?

I have one from Scada. It is a blood purifier and silver maker in one. If I am not mistaken, I thought you recommended this back in the Cure Zone days. Would this do it or something else? My family has a nasty bacterial respiratory infection. My wife and I can treat it with raw garlic, apple cider vinegar and fasting but my little girls put up a big fuss over the garlic and ACV. The silver would not be used often, just when something like this happens that is more than your typical cold or flu.

Also, we have been giving them freshly squeezed orange juice with lemon.




You would be much better off with BONESET (Eupatorium perfoliatum) tincture or decoction which even stops the cytokine storms and I’ve witnessed just 5ml make a massive difference in someone who should have been hospitalized with a respiratory viral attack recently.

Your Colloidal machine is fine for making silver solution although the stirring or air bubbling models are far better like the Silvergen SG7Pro. The Silverpuppy was always supposed to have been a good little model. I’ve been out of that arena for a while now so I don’t know if there’s anything far superior to even the SG7Pro today but it was always a top dog and especially for quantity. There was at one time another high quality generator based on HVAC which was good but unfortunately I cannot recall it any longer. I did notice this Silverlungs machine being pushed by Mike Adams also has a stirring system similar to the Silverpuppy.

I much prefer herbs like Boneset, Echinacea, Astragalus, Licorice root and Chrysanthemum flower. One of the best herbs you could be taking which tastes nice too is Honeysuckle flower. It’s an amazing herb for that condition and even used in deadly pneumonia situations. Garlic is not really the answer because its far too hot and will only compound the heat in the Lung already. The herbs I’ve promoted are cooling or neutral and these are fine on the body. Okay Astragalus is a little bit warming but certainly nothing like Garlic. Remember its all about balance. If you want some of those herbs then visit a local Chinese supermarket or a professional Chinese doctor. Also look into the Chinese use of Forsythia a most excellent herb that may just save your life one day. May I remind you if you want to use something like Garlic for your Lungs then you’d be much better off with raw onion which is warming but not hot like Garlic. Onion is very effective at destroying viral and bacterial infection if you believe in that theory of Roman Catholic deceiver, Louis Pasteur.

Apple Cyder Vinegar is also warming and a problem with all vinegar is that it scatters Qi therefore if you are lacking Qi in an area then you can feel worse if that small amount of Qi you do have, then suddenly gets scattered for a time frame. This is exactly how shock affects the body after a fall or even after a chiropractic manipulation. The Qi scatters and it’s absolutely true I assure you I know from experience. So in many cases we find another Western medicine is actually not as much worth as one would like to think and wish for. The Lemon and Orange is good for the Lungs but taking this raw is not great as we do not wish to upset the Spleen temperature gauge. Lemon is fine in a glass of warm water and both those fruits heal the Lung.

Beware though that in certain situations some of these powerful treatments may have serious negative effects if you have a dangerous so-called viral infection such as the being I was aware of recently. Lemon in water had been given to him and he was not doing too well at all. In Pandemic type situations you may over stimulate the immunity and then its this which is killing you via cytokine storming. Just cut down on mucus loaded foods and eat more foods which increase Spleen restoration and Qi along with herbs to increase Heart function which balances the Lung out. For instance Hawthorn Berry will aid the Heart, Spleen and Liver so it keeps those areas performing better which are highly important when dealing with Lung function. Remember the Lung is powered up by the Spleen which also is the immunity tied with the Kidneys. When the Qi of the Lungs is dysfunction then you will suffer more illness as it’s the Lungs which protect you with Wei Qu from invasion. Try to eat more white foods and foods which are pungent but not the cheeses since they are too mucus during this problem and whilst you may continue to have Spleen energetic dysfunctions.

-= The Unhived Mind 



  • windymiller

    Hi, UHM. I understand you are extremely busy and must answer a ton of questions per day but can ask you please if you could give some good advise for Thyroid problems. your help would be much appreciated. Thanks


    • I have a lot of experience with Thyroid problems which are one of the most annoying of all you can have to suffer. Join the forum and post in the ask UHM area. I will get to the question asap. Let me know what thyroid issues you have such as hypo or hyper and a few general niggles, issues and food/drink habits etc.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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