By: The Unhived Mind
Dec 18 2012

I would like you all to watch this episode of an old Hammer House of Horror TV programme. I am sure you will be interested to note the Sir John Dee connection within this programme. Now ask yourself is it wise to read anything that this man was involved in? Especially if you claim to be a true-Christian? I believe all those who follow the King James Bible are not true-Christian even if they believe they are. Sir John Dee was an Enochian black magician of the highest caliber. Does the Bible not tell you to stay away from the occult and witchcraft? So why are you reading and holding a book dear to your heart if it was mastered by a member of the occult? Think about it for a minute with logic and see what a hoodwink you have all fell for.

Hammer House Of Horror: Ep. 10 – Guardian Of The Abyss

Since highlighting these facts about the King James Bible I notice many supposed Christians are upset with me. Why? Have I broke your security blanket? Did you not ever ask why all the Masonic Lodges Worldwide have a King James Bible present? Did you not wish to understand that Masonry is all Luciferian even before the Jesuits took it over with the forming of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Some Masons will claim otherwise but ask yourself why the first three degrees of the blue Lodge up to Master Mason are identical to the initial stages of witchcraft. The answer should be staring you right in the face. The first thing Masons do is leave the religions of the World out of the Lodge.

The society of today all stems from The Worshipful Company of Mercers through their control over education as well as finance and the complete Livery piracy at New Jerusalem. Without the Mercers there would be no Gresham College and no Royal Society. From these two hell holes we have been given pseudo-science and the era of Luciferianism through the creation of a gradual scientific dictatorship.

What Lodge was Sir John Dee a part of? It was The Worshipful Company of Mercers. All the Worshipful Companies of the Livery pirates are in fact Masonic Lodges led by a Worshipful Master no different to the Luciferian Lodge down the road. Do you still want to follow the King James Bible now? If not then you are finally getting the message and should now focus your attention on the wonderful Geneva Bible 1560/99 instead. If you follow this instead then you will become a true-Christian like you first thought you were. Do you wish to argue with the old true-Puritans on Christianity? Do you think they would be pleased you now follow an occultist magician mastered book? Of course not, they would burn you at the stake for witchcraft and rightfully so.




    • A lot of the Jesuit power over the United States came about with the founding of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry from the early 19th Century. City of London agents were involved with the trust known as the Constitution, but may I remind you that the Constitution does not aid the common man of America. May I also remind you that no man has really owned land even with allodial title since the destruction of the Law of Mortmain. We then have to remember the Secret Treaty of Verona in 1822. I have no youtube videos anymore my friend!

      -= The Unhived Mind

      “But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on the ground of a breach in the Constitution. The Constitution, it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it. States are the parties to it.“ -Padleford, Fay & Co. v. The Mayor & Aldermen of the City of Savanna, 14 Ga 438, 520, S.C. Georgia (1854)

      1067-Virginia – Charter by King to the Virginia Company of London
      1620-Massachusetts – Charter granted by the King to the Puritans
      1623-New Hampshire – King appointed Council of New England for settlement
      1624-New York – Charter by King to Duke of York
      1622-Connecticut – Charter by King to John Winthrop
      1634-Maryland – Charter by King to Lord Baltimore
      1636-Rhode Island – King granted “Charter of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations”
      1638-Delaware – Charter by King to Duke of York
      1643-Pennsylvania – Grant by King to William Penn
      1653-North Carolina – Grant by King to Sir Robert Heath
      1660-New Jersey – Grant by King to Duke of York
      1670-South Carolina – Grant by King to Eight “Lords Proprietors”
      1733-Georgia – Grant by King to a Corporation entitled: “Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America



    • Stately Beginnings

      At Historic St. Mary’s City, visitors can experience life in the 17th century and see where Maryland got its start.

      March 12, 2000|By Charles W. Mitchell | Charles W. Mitchell,Special to the Sun

      The Roman Catholic church had its American origins in St. Mary’s, and at our next stop we stood on the spot where it all began.

      Jesuits obtained land grants in exchange for transporting 10 percent of the new colony’s settlers across the Atlantic. The wooden chapel the Jesuits built on their land was burned in 1645 by a Protestant raiding party from England rebelling against the Calverts, making St. Mary’s the only spot where the English Civil War (1642-46) touched America.

      The 1667 replacement chapel, the first major brick structure in Maryland, is long gone, but a $5 million campaign is under way to re-create it. Construction is to begin next year.

      Today, the chapel’s excavated foundation lies exposed, its floor in the shape of a Latin cross. Colonists worshiped at this site until 1704, and some 500 early Marylanders lie in unmarked graves here.

      Graves within five feet of the brick foundation have been excavated, to permit drainage and to stabilize the bricks.

      “Technology such as penetrating ground radar will allow us to locate and mark the other graves,” said Henry Miller, director of research at Historic St. Mary’s City. “Our goal is to restore the cemetery to its 17th-century appearance.”

      Careful sleuthing and modern science have identified three of the Marylanders buried here.

      In 1990, three lead coffins were discovered beneath what had been the chapel floor. This discovery launched Project Lead Coffin in 1995, in which specialists from NASA, the U.S. Army and other organizations excavated the coffins.

      In the largest coffin lay Philip Calvert, chancellor of Maryland and half brother of Cecilius and Leonard Calvert. The second coffin contained a female, believed to be Philip’s first wife, Anne Wolseley. The third coffin housed a child, possibly Calvert’s by his second wife. All three coffins are currently on display in the visitors center.

      As a descendant of the Calverts, I was pleased to learn that, after reconstruction of the chapel, the coffins and remains of my ancestors (now at the Smithsonian Institution) will return to their resting places of 300 years ago.

      We strolled toward the town square along a mowed path dotted with three-dimensional “ghost frames,” metal place-holders showing the approximate locations of other structures.

      Four buildings define the square, the physical and social center of St. Mary’s. One, a reconstructed store and office called Cordea’s Hope, conveys the small scale and simple tastes of early Colonial life. The other three buildings, a lawyer’s office, an inn called Smith’s Ordinary, and Leonard Calvert’s home, are depicted by ghost frames.

      The Calvert House, once home to the government, served St. Mary’s as part legislative chamber and part tavern.

      Nathaniel Pope, an ancestor of George Washington and leader of the rebel Protestants, fortified the building during the 1645 English attack, and thus it is also known as Pope’s Fort. It included a moat, which became a site for the detritus of daily Colonial life. That moat is now a scholarly prism through which to examine St. Mary’s society, and its excavation has yielded artifacts such as body armor, an exploded cannon barrel, cannon balls and evidence of early African-style tobacco pipes.

      A woman wants two votes

      Leaving the square, we passed a gazebo honoring Margaret Brent, a respected landowner chosen by Gov. Leonard Calvert to manage his affairs after his death. Brent made the preposterous demand, by Colonial standards, that she be given not one, but two votes in the Maryland Assembly, one as a property-owning citizen and one as Lord Baltimore’s attorney.

      Her 1648 attempt to vote, doomed by the era in which she lived, endures as the first such effort in America by a woman.

      We next set out for Farthing’s Kitchen for a hearty lunch of sandwiches and chili. Next door is the reconstructed Farthing’s Ordinary, an inn that provided food, drink and lodging for travelers with business before the legislature and courts.

      Farthing’s was a hub of activity when the Colonial assembly was in session. Male guests took meals and downed tankards before drifting into sleep on the floor of the main room, drawing comfort from their fatigue and what remained of the fire. Female guests reposed with the female members of the innkeeper’s family.

      Farthing’s also houses the reconstructed printing shop and lodgings of William Nuthead, who owned the first printing press in the American South. When we visited, his indentured servant was printing promissory notes, whose value was pegged to tobacco. (Nuthead’s actual print shop was nearby and is to be excavated this summer.)

      Passage declined

      A young woman in period dress welcomed us aboard the Dove, an approximate reconstruction of the vessel that landed in 1634.

      She informed us in Old English that we would have to wait until spring for passage. A tour below decks banished all thoughts of a voyage.

  • Well UHM, I just got through taking a look see at how your website was progressing and so thought I’d send a comment by way of constructive criticism, and also to express my appreciation for all of the otherwise good material to be found there.

    First the criticism.

    I think you are getting way out a bounds trying to argue the idea that the KJV bible is insufficient and unable to give us all enough information to get us on track toward our salvation. And even if you were right, (which I don’t think you are) but even if that was correct, then your approach should be toward showing where the errors are in the KJV and offering proof from the Geneva and other biblical earlier works even, as to what the correct information is and how the KJV should be interpreted. But instead you merely seem to kinda mock the KJV believers which is not the best teaching method if you were trying to help the KJV believers to better understand what you see as truth yourself. And as a Christian, certainly I think you’d be interested in helping the more ignorant Christian brothers and sisters, or even just those you thought were more ignorant, which I don’t think is an outrageous expectation on my part, do you?

    That being said, you certainly have done a good job on your conspiracy research, and the website has enough info that anybody could learn something there, so that serves to testify to the worth of all your efforts, and its just only thats its disappointing that you seem to fail to see the worth of the KJV, what with all your other good work that prevents me from endorsing your good effort. If anything you have accomplished overkill insofar as the info on conspiracies and wrong religious ideas, more than I care to make time to read it all anyways, but your constructive info insofar as the KJV controversy sure seems to be lacking by comparison.

    Hey, not that you need my endorsement mind you, I don’t claim to be the end all be all authority on such things, but I will freely share the truth I do see even so.

    – tHe mAdd pRoFeSsOr

    I know it is hard for KJV followers to see the truth but I have already presented the facts. I do not like hypocrisy where on one hand it says do not follow the occult but then we see the KJV was mastered by one the legendary occultists of all time, Sir John Dee of The Worshipful Company of Mercers.

    Where are the important footnotes against Rome in the King James Bible? Why was the Geneva Bible banned? Why was the Geneva Bible going after the 1590 version into 1644 I believe it was? Why did true-Christians not want the KJV? Who was a Freemason from the start? King James! What are Freemasons? Luciferians moved away from Christianity and serving the Beast!

    I can tell you now that the Jesuits fear more a revival of Geneva Bible than the King James Bible. I will go over one of my advisers works on this subject and present it soon maybe and do away with this KJV for good.

    I do not mock anyone, it is you who feels this because your security blanket has been removed which is the KJV. The Geneva Bible is the Reformation Bible. Anything which is presented in a Masonic Lodge I do not desire to be near or promote. Also the coding of that Bible is very much suited to Freemasonry and I wonder why that was? May I remind you that the Mercers are a strong Masonic Lodge run by a Worshipful Master and Master Mercer who is currently Tom Sheldon.

    Freemasonry and the World’s religions do not mix, that is why they do not speak of religion inside the Lodge only their own nonsense lower down or the Great Work in the higher levels. Interesting is it not that our enemy is the Livery and yet people want to follow the product which came from the Livery. All whilst the original and wonderful Geneva Bible was banned, shelved and abused.

    I cannot see why supposed Christians can be so worried by the Geneva Bible, if they did some historical revision they would understand it more. My God it is based on the Textus Receptus and Ben Chayyim texts just the same as the KJV which ripped the Geneva off and removed the footnotes and the hints at questioning the Divine Right of Kings.

    What are you frightened of? Watch a Jesuit’s face if you say you follow the Geneva Bible! They will not be just looking over your shoulder like usual (cannot look you in the eye), they will be running to plot your demise.

    I am a free thinker, I do not clone Eric Jon Phelps or anyone else and never have done. If I feel something is wrong then I will move on. I have done this with health knowledge and many other things. I do not stick in the past, I look to improve. We never have the whole truth, especially when we believe we already have. I have proved this time and time again. I am closer than ever these days but there is always something to learn.

    For instance I now believe that Homoeopathy is the number one for health without a shadow of a doubt. Before I was all for herbs and acupuncture which are great aids but I have been able to see through some of their flaws too. Many cannot such as Dr Richard Schulze who likes to attack Samuel Hahnemann. What the ignorant Schulze is doing is forgetting or not even realizing that it is not the original compound (herb, poison, chemical, cancer, insect etc) going into the body and healing the body with these remedies. The healing is produced by the body itself in the way it desires. Herbs and compounds on their own will order the body to do a specific action. Homoeopathy is not like this at all. Again ignorance of a further truth due to a current indoctrination and way of thought. Fritz Springmeier explained once the levels of mindset given and how its a deep level system where there are more levels to go for light. I describe this as a stinky onion when dealing with the conspiracy. We need to learn!

    -= The Unhived Mind


    Thanks Mike for forwarding the email below.

    The main problem with the article that I forwarded was that it didn’t go far enough! It failed to show that the so-called King James Authorized Version also included large amounts of terminology & translation from the Romish Vulgate & in particular Douay-Rheims “Bibles” (the latter was – like the KJAV – issued to counter the Reformation & the Geneva translation – Rome & her quislings in the British Isles were quite shaken at the extent, reach & potential of this greatest of challenges to the frauds & fallacies upon which their totalitarian empires of imprisonment of the mind, body & soul were built.

    I forward any interested parties to a number of other exposes of the Romish Church of England High Court Commission’s anti-Geneva agenda:



    “Did the Members of the High Commission Court Have Any Influence on the KJV?”:



    “The Doctrinal Views of a “Superior” KJV Translator”:


    “Archbishop Richard Bancroft & His Influence on the KJV”:


    “The Great Hypocrite or the Great Dissembler”:



    “A History Lesson”:


    “History of the King James Version II”:


    “Geneva Bible Notes (1599):


    “An Introduction to the Geneva Bible”:


    “The Geneva Bible: An Historical Report”:


    Authorized King James Version – Copyright Status:


    Vulgate – Reformation:


    I have no time nor inclination for debating anymore supporters of the like of Gail Riplinger but invite them to study the following (selected from literally dozens of webpages which present solid evidence of this witch’s black magic agenda:








    In addition: So that your correspondent can become fully aware of the Jesuit’s false opposition plant “King” James (“VI/I”) “Stewart” Rizzio & of my presentations on the facts & evidences proving this & showing up the fraudulent nature of another crypto-Romanist who was put out to lead a false Anti-Jesuit Movement of the past decade I will include an excerpt from a post which I am currently compiling in reply to a critic of some of my other writings:

    I have no truck with the “Vatican Assassins” author (nor his crypto-Jesuit/Opus Dei, pseudo-Protestant – meaning literally to Protest the Roman totalitarian system – ilk) … After several years of exchanging research via email with such a character, only to be called a “Jesuit” when I challenged his championing of the crypto-Jesuit King James VI/I & crypto-Romanist & Royal Arch Freemason George Washington – for which charges I have presented multiple irrefutable evidences for, I can say that I have no time for this practitioner of false rhetoric, though now is not the time & the place to go off on that particular tangent. For those wishing to see my proofs, please see the reposts of my research & subsequent debates with this false “Anti-Jesuit” figurehead see “King James VI/I, Freemasonic Monarch” at http://continuingcounterreformation.blogspot.com/2011/01/masonic-king-james.html where a fellow researcher saved my writings on these matters which were swiftly deleted from a high-profile “Anti-Jesuit” forum shortly after, followed by my being unceremoniously banned for seeking the addressing of some egregious red flags in the work & background of said author.

    For those interested in further reading on the self-discrediting false opposition Jesuit “exposer” in question I will note that I provided some breakthrough foundational research for the excellent piece entitled “Eric Phelps And The ‘Pleiades Sector Flight Comand'” at http://revolutionharry.blogspot.com/2011/12/eric-phelps-and-pleiades-sector-flight.html#more to which the researcher at that blog did much superb follow up digging that should demolish any lingering belief concerning the authenticity of this self-styled “Anti-Jesuit” & show that his modus operandi is effectively to act as a selected figurehead to monitor & discredit via association true independent investigative researchers exposing the Roman nexus’ (Jesuit/Papal knighthoods/Sabbatean Zionists/UGLE & AASR Masonic) globalist agenda. Some of my foundational research has been reposted by a long term correspondent at http://continuingcounterreformation.blogspot.com/2011/09/ejps-published-beginnings-halcyon.html under the header “EJP’s Published Beginnings – Halcyon Unified Services and SPECTRUM”.

    Anyone continuing to support “King” James “VI/I” & that devoted defender of his “enemy within” Jesuitical strategies is either a witting or unwitting stooge of the Jesuit’s international espionage network (in particular the alphabet & alphanumerical agencies of the US & British Commonwealth nexus, a.k.a. the “dogs” of the Anglo-American Establishment).

    Peace be with you –


    On 9 Mar 2012, at 09:12, AVENUE OF LIGHT wrote:

    Here is a reply for you Troy… feel free to respond to John. He resides in canada

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: John Barbaro
    Date: Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 3:10 AM

    I guess this guy hasn’t heard of Gail Riplinger. Its really funny the only bible version that seems to be attacked constantly is the King James. The foot notes in the Geneva bible were what man interpreted scriptures to mean. All these that attack the KJV always start on the character of King James himself. I would be very careful with this writers rambling on in his attack on the KJV. Notice he is giving you facts and nothing to back it up. He says new versions are just an update of the KJV. Should we take that to the bank, who is this guy. One of thee or the one greatest deception is to destroy the word of God. Does he know how much the new versions have eliminated and added to God’s word. This is not an attack on the Geneva and I believe that it was God’s word without being touched by the great whore. The KJV is the just the finished product of the English language. Luke 24: Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures. Only Christ gives understanding, not foot notes, not new versions or commentaries and dictionaries. Not even the KJ. Seek the truth and the truth will set you free. Free from what? I let you make that decision yourself. Thanks for my say. In Jesus Christ. jb

    On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 10:54 PM, AVENUE OF LIGHT wrote:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: TS
    Date: Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 9:50 PM
    To: “TS”



    The Geneva Bible

    An Introduction to the Geneva Bible

    For the last three centuries Protestants have fancied themselves the heirs of the Reformation, the Puritans, the Calvinists, and the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock. This assumption is one of history’s greatest ironies. Today’s Protestants laboring under that assumption use the King James Bible. Most of the newer Bibles such as the Revised Standard Version are simply updates of the King James.

    The irony is that none of the groups named in the preceding paragraph used a King James Bible nor would they have used it if it had been given to them free. The Bible in use by those groups until it went out of print in 1644, was the Geneva Bible. The first Geneva Bible, both Old and New Testaments, was first published in English in 1560 in what is now Geneva, Switzerland,* William Shakespeare, John Bunyan, John Milton, the Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620, and other luminaries of that era used the Geneva Bible exclusively.

    Until he had his own version named after him, so did King James I of England. James I later tried to disclaim any knowledge of the Geneva Bible, though he quotes the Geneva Bible in his own writing, As a Professor Eadie reported it:

    “. . . his virtual disclaimer of all knowledge up to a late period of the Genevan notes and version was simply a bold, unblushing falsehood, a clumsy attempt to sever himself and his earlier Scottish beliefs and usages that he might win favor with his English churchmen.” 1

    The irony goes further. King James did not encourage a translation of the Bible in order to enlighten the common people. His sole intent was to deny them the marginal notes of the Geneva Bible. The marginal notes of the Geneva version were what made it so popular with the common people.

    The King James Bible was, and is for all practical purposes, a government publication. There were several reasons for the King James Bible being a government publication.

    First, King James I of England was a devout believer in the “divine right of kings,” a philosophy ingrained in him by his mother, Mary Stuart. 2 Mary Stuart may have been having an affair with her Italian secretary, David Rizzio, at the time she conceived James. There is a better than even chance that James was the product of adultery* (G.P.V. Alerigg Jacobean Pageant p.6.). Apparently, enough evidence of such conduct on the part of Mary Stuart and David Rizzio existed to cause various Scot nobles, including Mary’s own husband, King Henry, to drag David Rizzio from Mary’s supper table and execute him. The Scot nobles hacked and slashed at the screaming Rizzio with knives and swords, and then threw him off a balcony to the courtyard below where he landed with a sickening smack. In the phrase of that day, he had been scotched. 3

    Mary did have affairs with other men, such as the Earl of Bothwell. She later tried to execute her husband in a gunpowder explosion that shook all of Edinburg. King Henry survived the explosion, only to be suffocated later that same night. The murderers were never discovered. Mary was eventually beheaded at the order of her cousin, Elizabeth I of England. 4

    To such individuals as James and his mother, Mary, the “divine right of kings” meant that since a king’s power came from God, the king then had to answer to no one but God. This lack of responsibility extended to evil kings. The reasoning was that if a king was evil, that was a punishment sent from God. The citizens should then suffer in silence. If a king was good, that was a blessing sent from God.

    This is why the Geneva Bible annoyed King James I. The Geneva Bible had marginal notes that simply didn’t conform to that point of view. Those marginal notes had been, to a great extent placed in the Geneva Bible by the leaders of the Reformation including John Knox and John Calvin. Knox and Calvin could not and cannot be dismissed lightly or their opinions passed off to the public as the mere dithering of dissidents.

    First, notes such as, “When tyrants cannot prevail by craft, they burst forth into open rage,” (Note i, Exodus 1:22) really bothered King James

    Second, religion in James’ time was not what it is today. In that era, religion was controlled by the government. If someone lived in Spain at the time, he had three religious “choices”:

    1. Roman Catholicism
    2. Silence.
    3. The Inquisition.

    The third “option” was reserved for “heretics,” or people who didn’t think the way the government wanted them to. To governments of that era heresy and treason were synonymous.

    England wasn’t much different. From the time of Henry VIII on, an Englishman had three choices:

    1. The Anglican Church.
    2. Silence.
    3. The rack, burning at the stake, being drawn and quartered, or some other form of persuasion.

    The hapless individuals who fell into the hands of the government for holding religious opinions of their own were simply punished according to the royal whim.

    Henry VIII, once he had appointed himself head of all the English churches, kept the Roman Catholic system of bishops, deacons and the like for a very good reason. That system allowed him a “chain of command” necessary for any bureaucracy to function. This system passed intact to his heirs.

    This system became a little confusing for English citizens when Bloody Mary * ascended to the throne. Mary wanted everyone to switch back to Roman Catholicism. Those who proved intransigent and wanted to remain Protestant she burned at the stake – about 300 people in all. She intended to bum a lot more, but the rest of her intended victims escaped by leaving the country.

    A tremendous number of those intended victims settled in Geneva. Religious refugees from other countries in Western Europe, including the French theologian Jean Chauvin, better known as John Calvin, also settled there.

    Mary died and was succeeded to the throne by her Protestant cousin, Elizabeth. The Anglican bureaucracy returned, less a few notables such as Archbishop Cranmer and Hugh Latimer (both having been burned at the stake by Bloody Mary). In Scotland, John Knox led the Reformation.

    The Reformation prospered in Geneva. Many of those who had fled Bloody Mary started a congregation there. Their greatest effort and contribution to the Reformation was the first Geneva Bible.

    More marginal notes were added to later editions.

    * Daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She became queen in 1553 after her brother, Edward VI, died.

    By the end of the 16th Century, the Geneva Bible had about all the marginal notes there was space available to put them in.

    Geneva was an anomaly in 16th Century Europe. In the days of absolute despotism and constant warfare, Geneva achieved her independence primarily by constant negotiation, playing off one stronger power against another. While other governments allowed lawyers to drag out cases and took months and years to get rid of corrupt officials, the City of Geneva dispatched most civil and criminal cases within a month and threw corrupt officials into jail the day after they were found out. The academy that John Calvin founded there in 1559 later became the University of Geneva.

    Religious wars wracked Europe. The Spanish fought to restore Roman Catholicism to Western Europe. The Dutch fought for the Reformation and religious freedom. England, a small country with only 4 ? million people, managed to stay aloof because of the natural advantage of the English Channel.

    The Dutch declared religious freedom for everybody. Amsterdam became an open city*. English Puritans arrived by the boatload. The 1599 Edition of the Geneva Bible was printed in Amsterdam and London in large quantities until well into the 17th Century.

    *At the time Geneva, was a city-state. Geneva did not become part of Switzerland until 1815.

    King James, before he became James I of England, made it plain that he had no use for the “Dutch” rebel who had rebelled against their Spanish King.

    Another of the ironies left us from the 16th Century is that freedom of religion and freedom of the press did not originate in England, as many people commonly assume today. Those freedoms were first given to Protestants by the Dutch, as the records of that era plainly show. England today does not have freedom of the press the way we understand it (There are things in England such as the Official Secrets Act that often land journalists in jail.)

    England was relatively peaceful in the time of Elizabeth I. There was the problem of the Spanish Armada, but that was brief Elizabeth later became known as “Good Queen Bess,” not because she was so good, but because her successor was so bad.

    Elizabeth died in 1603 and her cousin, James Stuart, son of Mary Stuart, who up until that time had been King James VI of Scotland, ascended the throne and became known as King James I of England.

    James ascended the throne of England with the “divine right of kings” firmly embedded in his mind. Unfortunately, that wasn’t his only mental problem.

    * In those days an “open city’ was one in which the inhabitants were allowed to believe in or print what they preferred

    King James I, among his many other faults, preferred young boys to adult women. He was a flaming homosexual. His activities in that regard have been recorded in numerous books and public records; so much so, that there is no room for debate on the subject.

    The King was queer. The very people who use the King James Bible today would be the first ones to throw such a deviant out of their congregations.

    The depravity of King James I didn’t end with sodomy. James enjoyed killing animals. He called it “hunting.” Once he killed an animal, he would literally roll about in its blood. Some believe that he practiced bestiality while the animal lay dying.

    James was a sadist as well as a sodomite: he enjoyed torturing people. While King of Scotland in 1591, he personally supervised the torture of poor wretches caught up in the witchcraft trials of Scotland. James would even suggest new tortures to the examiners.

    One “witch” Barbara Napier, was acquitted. That event so angered James that he wrote personally to the court on May 10, 1591, ordering a sentence of death, and had the jury called into custody. To make sure they understood their particular offense, the King himself presided at a new hearing (which could hardly be called a trial) and was gracious enough to release them without punishment when they reversed their verdict.

    History has it that James was also a great coward. On January 7, 1591, the King was in Edinburgh and emerged from the toll booth. A retinue followed that included the Duke of Lennox and Lord Hume. They fell into an argument with the laird of Logie and pulled their swords. James looked behind, saw the steel flashing, and fled into the nearest refuge which turned out to be a skinner’s booth. There, to his shame, he “fouled his breeches in fear.” 5

    In short, King James I was the kind of despicable creature honorable men loathed, Christians would not associate with, and the Bible itself orders to be put to death. 6

    Knowing what King James was we can easily discern his motives.

    James ascended the English throne in 1603. He wasted no time in ordering a new edition of the Bible in order to deny the common people the marginal notes they so valued in the Geneva Bible. That James I wasn’t going to have any marginal notes to annoy him and lead English citizens away from what he wanted them to think is a matter of public record. In an account corrected with his own hand dated February 10, 1604, he ordained:

    That a translation be made of the whole Bible, as consonant as can be to the original Hebrew and Greek; and this to be set out and printed without any marginal notes, and only to be used in all churches of England in time of divine service.

    James then set up rules that made it impossible for anyone involved in the project to make an honest translation, some of which follow:

    1. The ordinary Bible read in the church, commonly called the Bishop’s Bible to be followed and as little altered as the truth of the original will permit.

    Or, since the common people preferred the Geneva Bible to the existing government publication, let’s see if we can slip a superseding government publication onto their bookshelves, altered as little as possible.

    2. The old Ecclesiastical words to be kept, viz. the word “church” not to be translated “congregation,” etc.

    That is, if a word should be translated a certain way, let’s deliberately mistranslate it to make the people think God still belongs to the Anglican Church – exclusively.

    3. No marginal notes at all to be affixed, but only for the explanation of the Hebrew or Greek words, which cannot without some circumlocution, so briefly and fitly be expressed in the text.

    James didn’t want those pesky marginal notes cropping up, not even once. That was fine for the common herd, but not for James’ own bishops. Many of their writings and sermons alluded to the Geneva Bible and its marginal notes decades after the King James Bible was published.

    The bishops had good reason to be confused. They needed those marginal notes. James had just obliterated a procedure that kings and governments had used for thousands of years. Because words and phrases quite often had several meanings all important state or royal decrees, treaties, and agreements contained marginal explanations or commentaries in order to remove all doubt from the mind of the reader. In the 16th century those marginal notes were called “glosses.” Today the members of the legal profession use almost the same system in the form of footnotes and case cites.

    The King James Bible was finally printed in 1611. It was not technically a translation. What the flunkies employed by King James did was revise and compare other translations of which they simply plagiarized about 20% of the Geneva Bible. *

    * Translations from one language to another almost never come out word-for word identically.

    In their New Testament translation, the King James “translators” didn’t even revise and compare. What they did was simply copy – almost word for word – William Tyndales’ 1525 New Testament. At the time of his translation Tyndales’ New Testament had been labeled as “seditious material” by Henry VIII and copies discovered on ships reaching English ports were confiscated and destroyed. William Warham, archbishop of Canterbury, even went so far as to buy all the copies he could get in Europe in order to destroy them.

    Tyndale was hounded from London to Cologne to Worms. He settled in Marburg under the protection of Philip, landgrave of Hesse. Nobody messed with Big Phil.

    Philip didn’t care what anyone thought. If he felt like telling the emperor to “stuff it,” he did. If neighboring royalty wanted to rumble, Philip showed up with troops. If Philip decided one wife wasn’t enough for him, he just took another one. In March of 1540, after Martin Luther and other prominent Protestant theologians had expressly approved polygamy according to the Scriptures, Philip became Europe’s best- known bigamist.

    Unfortunately, even Philip couldn’t cope with treachery. Tyndale was betrayed by his personal Judas, Henry Phillips. He was tried for heresy, condemned, strangled at the stake, and his body afterwards burnt.

    It is interesting to note that the Geneva Reformers- men such as John Calvin – expressed opinions in the marginal notes that would be simply unacceptable to the “scholars” of today. For example, the passage in Genesis 12:2-3, that reads:

    “And I will make of thee a great nation, and will bless thee, and make thy name great, and thou shalt be a blessing.I will also bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee, and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.”

    Our ministers today tell us this refers to Jews. That isn’t the way the Geneva translators understood it:

    The world shall recover by thy seed, which is Christ, the blessings that were lost in Adam. 7

    Twentieth century scholarly works, such as the Scofield Reference Bible, published by Oxford University Press, hold that the 38th Chapter of Ezekiel refers to an invasion of Jerusalem by Russian armies leading the Northern European powers. John Calvin and his cohorts, who annotated the Geneva Bible, understood it a little differently:

    Signifying all the people of the world should assemble themselves against the Church and Christ their head. 8

    The Reverend Scofield and his fellow “scholars” hold up Satan as some sort of boogey-man. The Geneva translators, as in Psalm 109:6, simply translated the word, “adversary.” In Mark 8:33, Christ said to Peter, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” The Geneva translators understood exactly what the word meant and apparently didn’t figure anyone else would be dumb enough to equate Peter with the Evil One. On that, the Geneva and King James translate the word the same.

    James did not stop at censoring the Bible. He carried his “divine right of kings” to the point that he dissolved Parliament. That institution was to James simply a convenience he needed to raise money for his endless pursuit of pleasure and depravity. When Parliament balked at his requests for money James dissolved it Magna Carta and the liberties of Englishmen were mere frivolities in the mind of James. As an illustration of the loathing and contempt Christians of that era held for the government of James I, it is interesting to note that after the first bitter weather in New England, when half their number were dead, not one of the Pilgrim survivors wanted to be taken back to the England of James I aboard the Mayflower.

    James’ oldest son died and his second son, Charles, ascended to the throne after the death of James I, Charles also believed in the “divine right of kings.” By 1642, English patience was at an end and civil war erupted. By 1649, the English Parliament had had enough of Charles, who apparently believed that one of his “divine rights” was to sign agreements and then break them any time he felt the urge. Charles was beheaded. Oliver Cromwell took over the government.

    Oliver Cromwell, of Celtic and Welsh ancestry, made the same basic mistake that James I and his son, Charles, made. Cromwell believed, as James had professed to, that governments were for the common wealth (good) and not the common will. He tried to legislate moral codes that very few could handle. The prisons overflowed with his critics. During his invasion of Ireland, he slaughtered enough women and children to fill entire graveyard& Cromwell died in 1658. The English had had quite enough of his form of government and acquired another king, Charles II.

    The last run of Geneva Bibles was printed in 1644. That was the year John Milton was invited to instruct the English Parliament on the actual teachings of the Bible regarding divorce (it was allowed). What Milton understood that none of our modern “experts” seem to was that “He who divorces his wife and marries another,” was not a prohibition of divorce, it was a prohibition against throw-away people. As John Milton in his On Christian Doctrine and Martin Luther in his essay on Deuteronomy 21:15 pointed out, having more than one wife was Scriptural. You just weren’t supposed to throw them away when you got bored with them.

    Four years after the last Geneva Bible was printed, the Thirty Years War (the last of the great religious wars of Europe) ground to a halt. Millions had died. Germany was so depopulated it took her two centuries to recover. The Reformation had survived. It didn’t survive for long.

    After several generations of English speakers grew up without the stabilizing influence of the Geneva marginal notes, the “interpret it any way you want” school of thought came into fashion. The “charismatic” movement was in full swing by 1730.

    A few men here and there tried to show people what the religion of their ancestors actually was. A man named Ferrar Fenton published his own translation of the Bible in 1906, complete with a history lesson at the beginning of each set of books in the Bible. Another man named George Lamsa wrote “Idioms of the Bible Explained,” and tried to show the errors of the modem scholars. They were drowned by the works of others.

    Of course, there were those that went the other way. A backwoods preacher, Noah Fredericks, wrote a book titled, Pilgrim Ships, in which he claimed the people of the Old Testament came from outer space, Moses’s rod was an electronic control used to open a fortress (mistranslated, “rock”), Elijah introduced a path for current to flow from the ionosphere to the ground in order to fry two platoons of Ahab’s infantry, and other theological positions that will probably never be taken seriously by anybody (unfortunately).

    During the 16th Century and the one preceding it, the Spanish Empire, a colossus larger than the Roman Empire, had been unable to stamp out the Reformation with the world’s finest and most well equipped armies. The Spaniards needn’t have bothered. What the armies of Catholic Spain were unable to make a dent in, one sadistic sodomite, James I, did with a pair of censoring scissors.

    The Reformation, and the blood of millions who fought for it, apparently went for nothing. Protestant churches of today hardly resemble the churches of the Reformation.

    Today’s preachers study the Scofield Reference Edition of the King James, a volume that contains marginal notes that would seem no more accurate to John Calvin and John Knox than Mother Goose. The blind are once more leading the blind. This reprinted edition of the 1599 Geneva Bible is probably the last sputtering flame of the Reformation. The works of John Milton, John Calvin, John Knox, George Buchanan, William Tyndale, and the rest can still be found on the shelves in the public libraries. Such works are checked out by uninterested college students on an average of about one volume every ten years, no one in today’s churches reads them.

    Michael H. Brown – 1988


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