UK Banks Test Opening on Bank Holidays

UK Banks Test Opening on Bank Holidays

By Gary Cutlack on 28 Apr 2015 at 1:30PM

This year’s early May spring bank holiday won’t be quite the same for some bank workers, thanks to a handful of UK bank branches deciding to open on the traditionally impossible-to-pay-in-a-cheque day.

It’s about making money, obviously, with the May holiday an ideal time for potential house buyers to pop in for a chat about tying themselves up to an enormous mortgage. RBS branch manager Jane Howard explained: “Many of our customers have busy lives, but are off work on a bank holiday. At a time when many people are thinking of buying a house, we’re breaking with tradition and opening our busiest branches.”

With Barclays, Metro and NatWest branches set to open as well, there ought to be hundreds of physical banks open for business on the bank holiday this year, although HSBC, Lloyds and Santander will be remaining fully closed, should adherence to tradition be something you consider when choosing a banking provider.

Not that it really matters what the banks do. As long as we still get the day off and the ice cream van network still runs as normal, that’s OK. We’re not about to be sad that people who work in banks might lose the odd free holiday.

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