January 5, 2015

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has tried to justify his failure to implement the screening and quarantine protocols needed to stop the spread of Ebola in the UK by claiming they aren’t recommended by his Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davis.

Well, they should be recommended by Dame Sally. And if Dame Sally is not up to the job of offering neutral, competent scientific advice, it is Cameron’s job to fire her.

Dame Sally — who will surely go down in history as the Ghislaine Maxwell of UK medicine — will apparently not do her job in correcting the flawed policies of WHO because she has multiple links with the WHO. She is a member of the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Health Research (ACHR) in a clear conflict of interest.

The governors of the states of New Jersey, Conneticut and New York all introduced mandatory quarantine and tougher aiport screening measures in October – against the advice of Dame Sally’s WHO, its US arm, the CDC and also the Obama administration.

The US military did the same on the basis of science – and again against the advice of Dame Sally’s WHO and its US ally the CDC.

The government of Canada introduced a travel ban for people from Ebola affected countries – against the advice of Dame Sally’s WHO, yes, facing protests from ditto.

Airlines cancelled flights to Ebola affected countries en masse in August – against the advice of Dame Sally’s WHO.

The French government actually ordered Air France to cancel flights.

And what about the tough screening and quarantine measures introduced by the African countries who have beaten Ebola, such as Senegal and Nigeria?

Can all these be wrong and Dame Sally and Cameron be right?

No. The USA, Canada, France, Nigeria and Senegal are free of Ebola. The UK is not.

Cameron’s chief Ebola advisor Dame Sally, sits on a key committee of WHO, the very agency which recommended the flawed protocols which have been jettisoned by governments, airlines and military around the world precisely because they so obviously ignore science in favour of facilitating the spread of Ebola.

The official narrative of a deadly disease spreading by its natural virulence has already fallen apart. It has become apparant to the world that WHO, the CDC and their political masters in the White House and Westminister want to spark a Ebola pandemic, martial law and mass vaccination through flawed protocols. The leading Ebola vaccine candidate, a GlaxoSmithKline vaccine, could even give people Ebola, as documented on this blog.

Dame Sally, sits on a committee of the WHO, the very agency which hid from the public the fact that GlaxoSmithKline had a commerical interest in having WHO declare Ebola a health emergency of international concern in August even though WHO s own experts stated the outbreak was under control, as documented on this blog.

Not disclosed to the public was the fact that GSK bought a Swiss biotech company in 2013 with an Ebola vaccine in the pipeline and offered it to WHO in March 2014.

The spread of Ebola in the UK and some deaths is just what GSK needs right now to sell its jab to the public. Dame Sally is obliging GSK by turning quarantine into a political decision. Let s make no bones about it: Dame Sally s measures have nothing to do with science.

The decision not to implement quarantines is justfied by the claim that NHS staff will not go to treat Ebola staff. That is a political claim. We don t know if the claim is true. There are no scientific studies or surveys to bear up that claim.

The US Defence Secretary of State Chuck Hagel introduced mandatory quarantine for US troops in Liberia also after listening to the concerns of soldiers and their families. They wanted the mandatory quarantine.

How do we know that the NHS staff and their families would not prefer a UK government policy of mandatory quarantines? We don t know. Instead of facts and science, we are offered dangerous opinions from Cameron and Davies about what NHS staff allegedly want. These dangerous opinions form the basis for the political decision to suspend scientific measures proven to protect the public.

Even aside from the NHS staff and their views on quarantine, the stated aim of sending the staff to treat Ebola victims is to stop Ebola, not spread it. The opposite is happening because of the policies of Cameron and Davies.

How can this pair ever justify allowing Ebola to spread in the UK? Is Sierra Leone better off if Ebola spreads to the UK? Does helping West Africa mean importing the disease?

Interestingly, Dame Sally is terribly confused about quarantines but remarkably clear in her instructions on how to dispose ot Ebola victims bodies in the UK. There is no room for laxness, for once.

No, alleged Ebola victims have to be cremated immediately dictates Dame Sally. So, no chance for an autopsy to see if they really had Ebola – something that is advisable given the large numbers of people in Ebola affected countries who were falsely classified as dying from Ebola.

Dame Sally does not feel called on either to ask on what medical grounds Dr Michael Jacobs has given the Scottish Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey, who had to ask seven times to be tested at Heathrow and was still refused a proper diagnosis, such a poor survival prognosis given the extremely surivival rate of European, UK and US doctors and nurses.

If there are so many doubts about the best treatment for Pauline Cafferkey by UK doctors, why not send her to the USA, Norway, France, Germany or Italy, where Ebola patients in a critical condition were all recently cured?

Dame Sally can send Pauline Cafferkey, for example, to Ulleval Hospital in Oslo, where a doctor was recently discharged; to the Spallanzi Hospital in Rome where another doctor was cured just three days ago.

Or what about to the Paris hospital which cured a French nurse. And then there is the Madrid hospital which saved nurse Teresa Romero. She contracted the disease after she was sent in to clean the room of one of the few Ebola patients in the USA and Europe who died, and without proper protective gear.

Yet another option is Germany where a critically ill Ugandan doctor was recently cured with a biofiltration device in Frankfurt. Alternatively, she can go to Hamburg where a WHO scientist was cured.

And then there is the USA where Kent Brantly, Nancy Writebol, Rick Sacra, Nina Pham and Amber Vinson were all cured and all using convalescent blood serum. That is a hundred per cent cure rate among medical staff.

Is the poor prognosis given to Pauline Caffekery in the UK based not, in fact, on medicine but on commerce and politicis? Will the best care be withheld from her as it was withheld from Thomas Eric Duncan, who did not get blood serum? And this because a death from Ebola would serve the cynical interests of an elite trying to push an untested and potentially dangerous GSK Ebola vaccine with martial law measures on the UK public?

For Jeffrey Epstein, sorry I meant, Cameron to pretend Dame Sally is a neutral, scientific advisor is as laughable as his claim that he does not make the final decision. We all know the buck stops with Cameron. He is the Prime Minister. He has advisors who are supposed to present him with policy options. Cameron is tasked with stopping Ebola spreading in the UK. And if that means ignoring a blantantly political advisor embroiled in all manner of conflicts of interests like Dame Sally, that is what he must do.

The merits of the 2014 fake Ebola plot is that we can see just how big a role Cameron, the Royals and GlaxoSmithKline are playing in the Globalist pandemic police state agenda. It wasn t as clear in 2009 with the swine flu false pandemic and vaccine plot.
A US company Baxter took the spotlight for trying to contaminate 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the deadly bird flu virus in their biosecurity level 3 facilities in Orth an der Donau in Austria. Then, Obama was implicated in the swine flu outbreak in Mexico City shortly after the Baxter incident.

Almost six years later, we can, however, now see with frightening clarity where the engine, motor, the core of the New World Order plans for population reduction sits. It sits in London. It sits in Westminster, Buckingham Palace, the City of London. This is the home of the network which is using and abusing its power to bring the UK into such peril. Ebola is dangerous. It must not be allowed to gain a foothold in the UK because the vaccines which the government will try to push on the population are even more dangerous.

The provisions for forced vaccination and quarantine are an added and real danger to everyone in the UK. This is a really, really dangerous moment for the UK. Any Ebola spread has to be stopped immediately. Proper screening and quarantine procedures have to be implemented immediately.

If a single person in the UK dies from Ebola due to the failures of Cameron and Davies, the public needs to consider murder charges. There was a time when the police would never have touched a criminal complaint involving the elite, no matter how terrible and how black their crimes. That time has changed.

Every single police man and woman, every soldier serving in the armed forces, civil servant, teacher, doctor, nurse and journalist in the UK should draw a line and get rid of the criminal establishment once and for all, starting with the Queen and Prince Philip, Charles and William, whose influence on the Uk government is much greater than realized. They should cut off the money these crimimals need to finance their various plots by switching over to publicly issued money. This will restore prosperity to a nation impoverished by taxes like the bedroom tax.

To be robbed, exposed to hideous diseases and possibly given Ebola vaccinations by a sordid and cheap criminal class is unworthy of any nation: especially it is unworthy of the British.

I would like to make it clear to Ghislaine Maxwell that a comparison with Dame Sally Davies is in no way meant to be derogatory. Ghislaine Maxwell s alleged crimes are hideous by any standard but they pale in significance to Dame Sally’ s. Even a cursory acquantaince with the facts suggests that Dame Sally is in a criminal class of her own, and she may well with hindsight be considered to dwarf even historical figures such as Dr Josef Mengele in the sheer scale of her Ebola ‘experiment on the UK population. As for David Cameron, if that man avoids a jail, I will be amazed. The likes of Prince Andrew, Leon Britton, Tony Blair and Peter Morrison also never believed they would be called to account for their rapes, murders and other crimes. How times have changed!

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