UK Labour’s Khan Takes Oath as London Mayor

UK Labour’s Khan Takes Oath as London Mayor © REUTERS/ Paul Hackett

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UK Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan was sworn in Saturday as the new Mayor of London, becoming the first Muslim to hold the post.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Local elections were held in the United Kingdom on Thursday, enjoying the highest-ever voter turnout. According to local media, citing the elections results, Khan received 57 percent of the votes beating Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith who got 43 percent.

“My name is Sadiq Khan, I am the Mayor of London,” the new mayor told supporters during a multi-faith service in London’s Southwark Cathedral, as quoted by the Sky News television channel.

Several high-profile figures attended the event, including former Labour leader Ed Miliband and actor Ian McKellen. Jeremy Corbyn, the current leader of the center-left party, was notably missing from the ceremony.

“I never dreamt I could be standing here today as Mayor of London. I promise you I will always do everything in my power to make our city better,” Khan pledged.

Khan, 45, comes from a family of a Pakistani bus driver. Goldsmith’s campaign focused on Khan’s family background, trying to brand the former state minister for transport, also the first Muslim to hold the post, as well as the first Asian, as a supporter of Muslim extremists.

Khan is succeeding the Conservatives’ Boris Johnson; his victory ends eight years of Conservative control of City Hall.


  • MetalHeadViking

    It is happening now. London is officially becoming Londonistan!

    What will Islams mixture with The City mean? I dont think it can ignore Islam. They will probably fuse with each other and become much more deadly.

    • theunhivedmind

      The New Venice Empire already has a good relationship with both Wahhabi and Sunni forms of Islam. The Empire has dominated Saudi Arabia since 1763 and the Saudi Monarchy has close ties to the New Doge aka Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor. I think you’re getting confused between the Mayor of London and the Lord Mayor of the City of London. Sadiq Khan is a nobody just like Boris Johnson, they’re both minor puppets working. The Lord Mayor and King of the City of London is the Swedish Lord Mountevans who’s held positions within the highest Livery companies such as World Traders, Shipwrights, Security Professionals and the Goldsmiths. Comparing Sadiq to Lord Mountevans is like comparing a 486PC to a Supercomputer. I hope you and others can now clearly see the difference between the Mayor of London (London Mayor) and the Lord Mayor (Lord Mayor of the City of London). London is the capital city of England where as the City of London (Londinium) is a sovereign nation within Great Britain.

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