UK lagging behind on fruit and veg

14 Jan 2012

Britons are failing to eat enough fruit and vegetables, despite a wealth of nutritional advice, a study has found.

A review of eating habits across the EU put the UK near the bottom of the pile, ranking 14th out of 19 countries.

On average, Brits eat 258g (9.1oz) of fruit and veg a day, compared with a European average of 386g (13.6oz), according to an analysis by the European Food Information Council (EUFIC).

The UK also falls significantly short of the 400g (14.1oz) minimum recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In total, just four European countries achieved this target, with Poland (577g) coming top of the class, The Grocer reported.

It was followed by Italy (452g), Germany (442g) and Austria (413g).

The EUFIC also identified a north/south divide in Europe, with those in the northern regions eating less fruit and fewer vegetables than those further south.

“A majority of Europeans do not reach WHO recommendations on vegetables and fruit consumption,” it said in its report.

“Consumption varies, with higher intakes in southern compared to the northern regions.”

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