UK Lib Dems would be boosted if Nick Clegg was dumped

Dumping Clegg could boost UK Lib Dems

Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:36PM GMT

Replacing Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg with Vince Cable as Liberal Democratic party chief would give the party a five point boost, a new poll showed.

According to the poll by the Guardian ICM, if Business Secretary Vince Cable was leader at a current election, the Lib Dems would gain five points, three from Labour, plus one each from the Conservatives and the minor parties.

The replacement would
also take their ratings from 14% to 19% which could probably save a lot of Lib Dem seats despite the number being five points down compared to the election results in 2010, the poll showed.

The new poll suggested that the public is not yet convinced by Clegg’s apology for his broken promises on student fees.

Moreover, according to the Electoral Calculus website, Clegg caucus would shrink to 32 parliamentarians in case of having a new election tomorrow. However, this number would rise to 50 Lib Dem members of parliament with Cable as party leader.

An earlier poll by YouGov also showed that replacing Clegg with Cable would boost the party’s poll ratings by three or four points.

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