UK mulls expansion of military presence in Persian Gulf

UK mulls expansion of military presence in Persian Gulf

Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:49AM GMT

Britain is considering plans to expand its military presence in the Persian Gulf in a purported effort to combat the Takfiri ISIL terrorist elements in the region.

A British Ministry of Defense spokeswoman said that the decision is not finalized, but that London is considering greater military presence in the Persian Gulf region.

She said the UK was “looking at its future engagement in the region, including options for our military presence in the [Persian] Gulf.”

“This work is still in development and no final decisions have yet been made,” added the British official as cited in local press reports.

Plans reportedly include deploying an infantry battalion to al-Minhad air base in the United Arab Emirates.

“You could see an infantry battalion based in al-Minhad, being able to train alongside the Emirates,” a defense source is quoted as saying in the local press.

A training post could also be set up in Oman while the Royal Navy is further hoping to expand its military base in Bahrain to accommodate more naval forces and larger warships, according to the source.

The development comes as the US also plans for to engage in military operations in the region against the Takfiri ISIL terrorists following a long silence about their atrocities in parts of Syria.

Britain and other US allies are expected to join Washington’s military bids in the Middle East in what observers view as efforts to gain a stronger foothold in the strategic region.

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