UK Plc Link to Assassination Plot against Vladimir Putin


Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Tuesday February 28,2012

A MUSLIM terrorist with strong links to Britain was plotting to murder Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, it was claimed yesterday.

Chechen rebel Adam Osmayev, 30, was said to have lived in London and been educated at a leading college here.

Osmayev was paraded before Russian TV cameras, half-naked and wounded, after being seized with another suspect in two swoops by special forces in the Ukrainian port of Odessa.

A third suspect was killed.

Kneeling with his head bowed, Osmayev said: “Our goal was to go to Moscow and try to kill Prime Minister Putin. Our deadline was after the Russian presidential election.”

His co-accused was named as a Kazakh national Ilya Pyanzin.

They were said to be on a mission ordered by Chechnya’s most wanted rebel leader Doku Umarov.

Sceptics said the announcement of their arrests weeks ago was timed to bolster Putin’s ratings as he attempts to be elected President.


    Do you remember when I highlighted that British Intelligence had a meeting in the U.S. plotting to assassinate Vladimir Putin back in 2008? One of the meetings was held at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington D.C. a secret HQ of British SiS(Mi6) just like how The Entity have used the Salesianum based at Via della Pisana in Rome. If you want to know the bosses of The Entity its Canadian Papal Nuncio, Pedro Lopez Quintana and Patron Monsignor George Ganswein both controlled by the Jesuit Order. Its The Entity behind the intelligence gathering of the Mormon Cult under the Jesuits who created Mormonism and gave the Mormons the State of Utah. The Curia Generalizia even told you this on their own site. Brigham Young was controlled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ just as he also controlled Albert Pike.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • AntiSionist

    This seems to be a far cry from what you said years ago. How this plot in the Hay Adams hotel may have been phony reporting.

    Not to mention Christopher Story had this to say about Putin.


    Specifically, the intelligence officers who subsequently emerged as ‘oligarchs’ – such as Vagit Y. Alekperov, Pyetr O. Aven, Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail M. Fridman (Friedman), Andrei I. Kazmin, Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, Vladimir O. Potanin, Aleksandr P. Smolensky, Vladimir P. Vinogradov, Rem Vyakhirev, Anatoliy Chubais, Vladimir Wolfovich Zhriinovsky, and a few years later (in 2004) Roman Abramovich – were ‘tapped’ by their GRU and KGB intelligence superiors and asked whether they would like to wake up the next morning as billionaires, it being implied that their talents suited them for the task – on the unspoken (or perhaps formal) understanding that, as happened in the 1930’s, the Party-State would in due course require the assets, which were to be privatised into their hands, to be handed back with compound interest. 11.

    When some of them, such as the mentioned KGB operative/politician Mikhail Khodorkovsky, were judged to have become too powerful or arrogant, or had embezzled too much, President Putin (who was himself still ‘owed’ $30 billion of ‘special’ funds from the US secret intelligence services in 2006) demanded that they disgorge their assets, or, in this case, arrested the operative concerned and held him in sine die in jail. This massive operation, in which the assets of the Party-State were ‘privatized’ into the hands of selected KGB/GRU officers, was implemented in order to convince the naive international institutions, governments and policymakers blinded by the dazzling ‘success’ of orchestrated ‘collapsible Communism’, that the ‘changes’ in the Soviet Union (and bloc) were for real, and that the ‘former’ Communists had embraced ‘capitalism’ – whereas, in reality, these manoeuvres represented an elaborate Leninist strategic rouse, assisted by Western ‘Financial Warfare’ intelligence, called ‘State-controlled capitalism’ : a more sophisticated variation of Lenin’s New Economic Policy ‘state capitalism’ of the 1920’s which Stalin closed down within the space of three weeks in the following decade.

    Interestingly, three weeks was the precise length of time that Mikhail Gorbachev took to close down – for international public consumption only – the ‘Stalinist model’ of Communism in August and September 1991. According to The Washington Post [12] President Putin launched his intelligence operation to claw back the ‘assets of the party-State’ that had been ‘privatised’ into the hands of these selected KGB/GRU ‘oligarchs’, at a round table meeting of 21 such KGB/GRU ‘oligarchs’ held in Moscow in July 2000. Addressing the meeting in his familiar Aesopian surreal Bolshevik method of speaking, Putin warned: “I only want to draw your attention to the fact that you have yourselves formed this very state, to a large extent through political and quasi-political structures under your control. So perhaps what one should do least of all blame the mirror.’

    Give that compartmentalization also exists within the Soviet intelligence services, although not to the extreme extent that bedevils US intelligence, Putin was informing the highly intelligent specially selected, largely Jewish criminalist KGB crooks concerned that he was perfectly well aware that they were intelligence operatives who had exploited their control of overt political and covert (=’quasi political) structures, to leverage the colossal wealth that they had accumulated – and (unspoken) that the assets that they controlled as a consequence of their criminalist intelligence operations belonged ultimately to the State (which would in due course be requiring restitution and disgorgement with all the interest due to it), as occured when Stalin set the precedent in the 1930’s.

    11. In “The Party’s Gold” by Igor Bunich, Kiev, circa 1986, the author recalls how Stalin ordere his NKVD (interior ministry) chief, Genrikh grigoryevich Yagoda, to demand full details of all the co-revolutionaires’ secret Swiss bank accounts and their numbers. Yagoda duly procured this information and furnished it to Stalin (Dugashvili), but omitted details of his own Swiss bank accounts. Stalin, hwoever, who had his own ‘inner inner’ super secret intelligence service, checked the bank account numbers off against the list supplied by his own agents, and found Yagoda’s secret bank account details, which had been omitted from the list that Yagoda himself had prepared. Stalin now demanded that all those on the list repatriate the ‘assets of the Party-State’ which they had raped (‘the Party’s Gold), which all did, hoping that by repatriating the assets they had stolen, their lives would at least be saved. But when the time came, Yagoda recieved a bullet through the temples, like all of the other prominent Leninist revolutionaries with the single exception of Krupskaya, Lenin’s widow, who broke down and wept in Stalin’s presence. Stalin relented and preserved Krupskaya’s life. GRU president Vladimir Putin’s campaign against the ‘first generation’ of (KGB-GRU) oligarchs (who are today being succeeded by an even more flamboyant group of such operatives) is modelled upon Stalin’s operation to recover ‘the Party’s Gold,’ i.e. the assets of the Party-State which were ‘privatised’, for international public consumption and cosmetic hoodwinking purposes, into the hands of the selected KGB and GRU operatives who later became known as ‘the oligarchs.’

    12. The washington Post, 29th July 2000.

    To me this smacks of the behavior of a man who can’t and won’t oppose the party gold system run by the jesuits and their lackeys, the freemasons. I’d like to be proven wrong though

  • AntiSionist

    In other words, collapsible communism was planned in the East intended to fool the west. Which means that Russia didn’t have a motive to attack America after communism fell like Vialls claimed. At least that’s my view of 9-11 as I’ve gone into it here also.

    The only way Russia figures into 9-11 is they had a submarine of theirs attacked, weapons were then stolen and used on 9-11 by treacherous elements in the intelligence agencies that were all involved…American, German, British, Israeli, French and Canadian. All controlled by the Society of Jesus who could kill anyone of the participants from any of these nations of they wanted to do anything that would hurt the Society of Jesus. Russia had no role in 9-11 so again I disagree with Vialls on that point. But he’s right about the French connection and the Concorde attack.

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