UK police probing threatening tweets

UK police probing threatening tweets

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The Metropolitan police said they are investigating threatening terror tweets against London, but that they don’t see them as a “credible threat.”

There have been social media bomb threats that have been linked to terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Counter terror police and MI5 have been investigating the threats, which include warnings of a pending strike against London. The threats have been issued online and have appeared on Twitter with the hashtag #LondonAttack.

Pictures of assault rifles, nail bombs and other weaponry have been used to instill fear into Londoners minds as the mysterious criminals have told Muslims to avoid going to Covent Garden, a popular destination in the centre of London. They claim that they are planning an assault on British people.

One senior Whitehall source has said, “The threat level for an attack against the UK is still at ‘Severe’ which mean an assault on UK citizens remains likely”.

“So all of these threats are taken seriously but they do not mean there is a credible threat of an attack as it is not thought they come from within the UK…if these tweets are being sent from Iraq and Syria, there is every reason to believe they are – then they are not in the UK and therefore not really that credible.”

But the Metropolitan police have dismissed the threats, saying that they are “aware” of the terror campaign and that they are “looking into them, we don’t now see them as a credible threat.”

Britain is currently on the highest terror alert possible, which is severe. David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May have said they plan to push through anti-radicalisation laws in order to combat hate preachers and extremists. But campaigners have slammed the proposals, claiming that they will infringe on peoples civil liberties and basic human rights.

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