UK Populace waking up to the population controls of vaccines

Number of pensioners taking free flu jab falling

Professor Nick Phin from the Health Protection Agency “It is grown in hens’ eggs and this year’s strain took longer to grow”

3 November 2012 Last updated at 04:01

Many potential flu victims have not been vaccinated despite winter approaching, according to new figures.

The number of over 65 year olds who have been vaccinated has fallen since last year, as has the the number of younger “at risk” patients.

As of last week, only 48.9% of over 65s had been given the jab, compared with 54.8% in the same period of 2011.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “As winter approaches, we should all be on our guard against health problems.”

The Department of Health (DoH) says around 4,700 people die every year in England, after getting flu.

People in at-risk groups – such as pregnant women – are 11 times more likely to die than someone who is not in an at-risk group.

The DoH has therefore launched a campaign to encourage at-risk groups to get vaccinated and a new website, called Winterwatch, will be launched later this month to provide winter-related health data.

Public Health Minister Anna Soubry said: “We have taken the decision this year to run a flu campaign because too many people in at-risk groups have not come forward for the jab yet, although local campaigns have been running for the past month.
‘£42m cost’

“Our campaign aims to encourage people who are most at risk from flu, who have put it off or who don’t think it is important, to get the vaccine.”

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “Each year the cold weather is responsible for an increase in deaths and thousands of cases of flu, falls, heart attacks and strokes.

“In past years, these extra pressures have cost the NHS £42m in emergency admissions alone.

“As winter approaches, we should all be on our guard against health problems – by taking simple steps and looking after our older friends and family we can keep warm and well.”

Flu is generally just means taking time off work for most people but certain at-risk groups are prone to developing potentially fatal complications, such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

One upward trend is in the number of pregnant women receiving the flu jab this year – around 25%, compared to 13.6% by this week in 2011.

Louise Silverton, director for midwifery for the Royal College of Midwives, said: “Women must also be aware of the importance of having the seasonal flu vaccination as soon as they become pregnant.

“If any pregnant woman is unsure about this, I would urge them to speak to their midwife or doctor to discuss the issue.

“For women after their 28th week of pregnancy, they should ask for the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination when they visit the GP.”

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  • Many people who take these quack dangerous vaccines yearly complain they always get very sick afterwards. Many who get sick end up with pneumonia and some even lose their lives. Now please using your common sense would it not be better to just wait and see if you get the natural flu? You might not even get it at all where as taking the vaccine will cause you illness. So where is the logic?

    Please understand that there is a population reduction programme occurring and has been for decades now run by the Club of Rome. Look at how quickly they are killing off the elderly in NHS hospitals with this genocidal Liverpool Care Pathway. Do you honestly think they have good intentions towards the elderly? Do you honest think they want the elderly to stay well as claimed and thus collect more of their earned pensions? No they want to soft kill or even hard kill the elderly so they can get rid of them. Some elderly have suffered mental issues after having the flu jab which is no doubt down to the average 25mcg of mercury in many of them. Does that make sense putting mercury into the bloodstream? One the greatest poisons around? Remember the term mad as a hatter? Thats from the hat makers suffering mental illness from using mercury during hat production in times of old.

    Now as for pregnant women, this is a complete farce since no pregnant woman should ever be vaccinated against anything. Go into a pharmacy and ask for a perfectly harmless herb like red raspberry (which can be taken all throughout pregnancy regardless of many thinking otherwise) and watch how quick the quack there will say “oh no madam that is dangerous and you have to be careful what you take when pregnant.” In the next breath the same quack will be ready to pop poisonous mercury, immune damaging synthetic squalene adjuvants and God knows what into your pregnant body direct into the bloodstream. Wake up people. Notice the lack of any real studies of these vaccines on pregnant women. Its ludicrous, stay well away. Even if Swine flu was the threat to pregnant women before does that mean it still is and that pregnant women have to be mind tortured constantly that all flus kill them? Of course not! Before the Swine flu hype how many pregnant women took flu jabs? How many decades had pregnant women not took vaccines? Common sense please!

    They tell people who have illnesses they are vulnerable and should take the jab. In most cases the doctors almost put people through the inquisition to get them to take the vaccine. Anyone who understands health knows that when you have a weakness if you get sick enough that weakness will usually be the first area attacked since its defenses are already weakened. Now when you die from a vaccine adverse-reaction they will say it was not the vaccine but it was the original illness. But remember they said take the jab because of your illness. Can you see the ill-logic and the scam? Wake up please!

    If these swines do not get their figures they will start putting the screws on elderly such as sanctions on pensions etc. You do not think so? Watch as we progress into the fascist Marxist New World Order. They already are sniffing around sanctioning pensions so they can force healthy elderly to do community service, what next? Welcome to World socialism under the United Nations World government shortly.

    One of the conditions that has to be met by corporations (once nations prior to 1933) in order to borrow (debt) from The Worshipful Company of Mercers (pirates of the Livery) is population control. When you went to a bank at one time (before the economic collapse since they lend nothing these days) for a loan you had to meet certain criteria in order to get that loan. Well its the same for corporations (UK) and they have to for instance have a certain desired level of population controls in place. This may be a higher than last year level of fluoride in the water ways etc. This will continue to rise regular in order to meet the desires of the Club of Rome and its offspring like Population Matters (Optimum Population Trust). Remember sixty percent of the global populace are to be wiped out by 2050 and then a further thirty-five percent of the surviving population is to be targeted by 2100. Now does the Liverpool Care Pathway system make sense? Do the math on the social security system breakdowns now and its obvious.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    The Dangers of the 2012/13 Fluzone vaccine

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