UKIP focuses on EU referendum, calls for Eurosceptic rivals to unite

UKIP focuses on EU referendum, calls for Eurosceptic rivals to unite

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage has used his party’s first post-election conference to position them as the credible anti-EU voice ahead of Britain’s referendum.

The UKIP leader has had a torrid time since the end of last month’s general elections, with senior UKIP party figures suggesting he should go, while some even launched highly personal attacks on Farage’s leadership style and his own mannerisms. But Farage seems to revel in this underdog image, fighting off any criticism and insisting that he is purely focused on the EU referendum.

Farage said, “Most people in politics would have given up politics years ago, but they are in politics for a career…. I’m not doing this for a career. I’m doing this out of a passion because I want my country back. I want control of my country back.”

The UKIP leader is trying to stop David Cameron deciding the debate early on. Farage believes that Cameron is attempting to frame the debate now before the referendum, most likely in 2017, in order to convince people to stay within the union.

The UKIP leader insists that the debate is not about migrant workers claiming benefits rather “it’s about sheer numbers that come, it’s about change to communities, it’s about wage compression for ordinary workers…So what I’m going to say is that we’re not going to wait and from the autumn we are going to be out there holding big public meetings, putting leaflets through doors and campaigning.”

David Cameron has promised to hold a referendum before the end of 2017, promising that he will do his best to reform Britain’s relationship with the EU before he takes a position. Nigel Farage and UKIP will hope that they can play an influential role in the debate and try to translate the large gains they made in the general election over to the referendum.

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