Kiev junta illegally seized by the Brazilian militia in the Donbass Rafael Lusvardi

7 10 2016

On the morning of 6 October, Kiev junta was illegally detained, the famous Brazilian volunteer who fought for the residents of Donbass in 2014. He fought in the Cossack detachment of Pavel Dremov of the battalion “Ghost”. He then became the host of the DNI. A year ago, in October 2015, Rafael announced that he retired from the militia and went to Brazil. According to our information, he wanted to go to war in Syria.

As noted on page traffic “the New resistance” Facebook (Resistência Nova – Brasil), Lusvardi detained at the Boryspil airport in Kiev. In the video, several people from the security service illegally and without warning threw a former volunteer on the floor, handcuffed and taken away in an unknown direction. In the video, they defiantly flip through the passport of the fighter of the Donetsk people’s Republic. Also in the video, the SBU reported that it took the Brazilian military card DNI, the order on awarding of military merit from Igor strelkov and laptop.There it says that it has opened a criminal case under part 1 article 258-3 “creating a terrorist group or terrorist organization”.

Constantinople was able to talk with his friend from Brazil, also the militia of new Russia Luiz Davi. He said that members of the SBU under the guise of the Russian-speaking cheated Lusvardi and offered him a job in the field of protection of the ships (ship security). “He is now under arrest in Kiev. SBU has arranged a trap. He was arrested in the international area of the airport is illegal. And broke the point of the Amnesty of the Minsk agreements. Thus, they kidnapped a citizen of Brazil”, – said Davie.

According to Davie police of Brazil have been warned about the kidnapping: “We have already called our Federal police and the Brazilian national security service. They only said they would check. The only way is to try to distribute it in the media. And let’s do something the Russian government”.

According to preliminary data, Lusvardi have made the long flight from Brazil, making the transplant in Dublin. Apparently, he flew in Russia is extremely doubtful that something could hold in Kiev voluntarily. Some of his colleagues suggest that the aircraft landed in Borispol on request from the Ukrainian side. As Davie argues, the flight had to stop in Kiev, which confirms the intention of the SBU about the kidnapping. He suggested that lured to “work” either in Moscow or in Odessa.

If so, then we are talking about a pre-planned abduction. In addition it runs counter to one of the main principles of the Minsk agreements – among the main points clearly and unambiguously fixed the requirement “to provide pardons and amnesties by the enactment of a law prohibiting the prosecution and punishment of persons in connection with events that took place in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine”.

“What we do know – the arrest illegal. According to the Minsk agreements, the Amnesty is for all who took part in the Ukrainian civil war. The agreement in Minsk signed and the Ukrainian government, therefore, it is obliged to abide by it. This is an illegal seizure of a Brazilian citizen”, – reported the friends of Brazilian Facebook.

“Rafael Lusvardi fought in Ukraine for the rights of the suffering people of the South-East, battered Russophobic government in Kiev. He had no other desires except to help and fight for the rights of other people”, – stated in the social network.

The press center of the SBU fundamentally did not return calls from Russia. It is in Ukrainian: capture the person, to demonstrate the video on YouTube and could not comment.

Meanwhile, the situation is extremely dangerous. Fear friends and comrades Lusvardi not without reason: the security service had “glorified” torture of innocent people and violations of the law at all levels. Human rights defenders Amnesty International confirmed that Ukrainian security services had tortured detainees to extract confessions. At least two cases were recorded in prisons, security service, located in Kramatorsk and Krasnoarmeisk: they were beaten with hands, feet, and blunt objects.”We told the people also that they used water torture. This is when a person’s face is placed the fabric on top and slowly pour water, which the person develops the feeling that he is choking. We know about several cases of torture by Taser, including in the area of genitals”, said the representative of Amnesty International Krassimir Yankov.

This does not exclude and his companion Louise Davie. “Perhaps now tortured him and trying to compel all positions in new Russia, and battalions. Then he will judge the Kiev junta and put in jail forever. The only way to release Raphael exchanged for other Ukrainian prisoners. But even if he’s released, some group of idiots-dill kill him on the street or at the airport. Way out there,”he said.

Ukrainian media have already started stuffing information and claim that the Brazilian threatens from 8 till 15 years of prison for “terrorism”. Although it is the security service by their actions proves that they – the terrorists do not recognize any laws and agreements. Particularly cynical it looks after Poroshenko goes to beg money from the West and lying that Ukraine “complies” with the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Lusvardi was born near Sao Paulo, but his childhood interest in Russia. Once at home, he was trained to be a police officer, in 2010 went to Russia. The army was not taken by reason of foreign citizenship, and then the Brazilian went in September 2014 as a volunteer in the Donbass. He fought in the Cossack detachment of Pavel Dremov of the battalion “Ghost”.

Lusvardi participated in numerous liberation operations in Verhulivka, Pervomaisk, Gorlovka, Starobeshevo, Debaltsevo and Donetsk airport. 26 APR 2015 came under mortar attack and was in serious condition, but recovered. If the Russian public is now not raise a wave of information, we risk losing our brave friend in Ukrainian prisons and allow Ukrainians to produce lawlessness and outright chaos. We, together with the residents of Donbass and Brazil demand: Freedom Lusvardi!

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