UK’s Cameron Tries to Woo Voters by Guaranteeing EU Exit Referendum

UK’s Cameron Tries to Woo Voters by Guaranteeing EU Exit Referendum © AP Photo

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron gave a guarantee to supporters of the Tory party that they will have a referendum on Britain’s possible exit from the European Union, in a televised Thursday debate on BBC One.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Wrapping up his 30-minutes’ time on stage, Cameron urged voters to secure a “decisive outcome” for the May 7 general election so that the Conservative party did not have to negotiate with their LibDem coalition partners behind the closed doors.

He said an in/out referendum would be a “red line,” adding British people “deserved” to make their voice on the mater heard.

Cameron earlier promised Brexit, an EU membership referendum, to be held in 2017 if his Conservative Party wins the May parliamentary vote.

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  • theunhivedmind

    What have I told you about this referendum? I think it might be dangerous! The UK doesn’t need a Referendum in order to BRexit! Why? The UK never had a Referendum to enter the EU in the first place. Therefore the UK is actually sovereign if the truth is known but of course they would like the illusion to continue so that Brussels can continue to dictate its false laws. So I believe the Conservatives are daggling the referendum carrot for two agendas, one to end up being voted back into power and two in order to secure EU control after the referendum is rigged then it will mean you’ll need a referendum to get out unlike now and guess what they’ll all be rigged.

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