UK’s deputy prime minister faces calls to resign

UK’s deputy prime minister faces calls to resign

Sun May 25, 2014 9:16AM GMT

UK’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is facing calls to resign as leader of the Liberal Democrats after the party suffered a crushing defeat in local elections.

More than 200 party figures including parliamentary candidates, councilors and former MPs have signed an online petition calling on Clegg to step down.

The petition said the May 22 local elections, in which the Liberal Democrats lost more than 300 seats in council, had delivered a “stark message” about the party’s direction.

“We consider it vital that at the 2015 general election the party should be led by someone who will receive a fair hearing about our achievements and ambitions for the future. It is clear to us that this person is not you,” read the letter.

Those calling for Clegg’s resignation argue that the public has lost its trust in the embattled politician and that he should act in the party’s best interests.

Jackie Porter, a parliamentary candidate for Winchester, said Clegg had “allowed himself to be portrayed as just another pea out of the same pod” as David Cameron and Ed Miliband. In addition, parliamentary candidates for the Liberal Democrats fear that under Clegg’s leadership, the party could lose more than 20 of their 57 seats in next year’s election.

However, Clegg has insisted that he would not quit despite the poor showing in the local elections.

The calls for Clegg’s resignation could intensify in the coming days as the party is expected to take another pounding in Sunday’s European Parliamentary elections. Clegg has acknowledged that the party could lose all its eleven members in the European Parliament.

People in Britain voted in the European Parliament elections on Thursday, and the results are due on Sunday.

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