United National Anti-war Coalition calls for nationwide US protests

Anti-war protests planned across North America

Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:58PM GMT

The United National Anti-war Coalition has called for protest actions across the country on the anniversary of the imperialist U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

At the first national conference call to organize the protests, held at the end of August, 49 people from 17 U.S. states and British Colombia in Canada participated. Many of the areas reported work already underway to organize actions on the Oct. 5-7 weekend.

In the Los Angeles area, two coalitions had begun to build demonstrations. Speaking for one of the groups, John Parker of the International Action Center expressed his readiness to discuss holding a common demonstration. This was also the suggestion of the UNAC leaders on the call.

Among the slogans UNAC is promoting are “No wars! No sanctions! No drone attacks! Bring all the troops home now!” workers.org


A new poll conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs shows an overwhelming opposition to the idea of attacking Iran among American voters, with 70 percent saying they are opposed to the idea of a unilateral U.S. attack on Iran. antiwar.com

A bipartisan group of ambassadors, retired generals and foreign policy experts is warning against a U.S. or Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. WSJ

Not a war of weeks or months, but a “generations-long war” is how no less a figure than former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy describes the consequences of open conflict with Iran. In comparison with Iraq and Afghanistan, both countries with relatively small populations which were already in a state of relative powerlessness before they were invaded, Iran commands the eighth largest active duty military in the world, as well as highly trained Special Forces. The Nation

U.S. wars of “invasion, aggression and occupation” are no longer sustainable economically and socially, veteran war critic and U.S. scholar Professor Bill Ayers told RT.

Retired U.S. General John Abizaid has previously described the Iranian military as “the most powerful in the Middle East.” The Nation

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