US caught in big lie regarding Brennan: Journalist

US caught in big lie regarding Brennan: Journalist

Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:26PM GMT

Press TV has conducted an interview with Wayne Madsen, the author and journalist from Washington, about the White House confirming that John Brennan, the director of the US Central Intelligence Agency has visited Ukraine over the weekend.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Madsen, very quickly if you can, Jay Carney has said this is standard means of fostering security cooperation that is the CIA’s director visit to Kiev. Do you see it that way?

Madsen: No, I mean usually when CIA directors go to a location it is either for purely political purposes to establish some sort of relationship with another nation’s foreign intelligence service but in this case the White House originally lied about Brennan being in Ukraine and so did the CIA.

They said it was a flat-out lie that Brennan was in Ukraine and then today we have the White House reverse itself and say in fact Brennan had been in Ukraine. The issue is did he go in with a false passport under an assumed identity as was originally charged by Yanukovych loyalists that are still embedded in the Ukrainian government as well as some members of the Ukrainian communist party, members of the Ukrainian parliament stated the same thing?

So, so far the Obama administration has been caught in a very big lie and I think that the reasonable people with that kind of track record have to look at what is coming out of the Yanukovych camp and was coming out of some of the opposition parties in the Ukrainian parliament that they are telling the truth and largely Moscow is telling the truth while the United States is lying.

They got caught in a very big lie today and of course the neo-conservative Obama psycho fans in media operations like the Daily Beast will not even report anything about the White House and the CIA’s major lie committed over the last couple of days.

Press TV: So what do you think the US has to hide? What was Brennan in Kiev for?

Madsen: Well the reports were that he was meeting with the Ukrainian officials. Now I would not say Ukrainian government officials because the Ukrainian government, the elected government was thrown out in a coup.

So Brennan met with the coup leaders in Ukraine, the junta, for the lack of a better term, and was discussing with them their need to hit the secessionists in the eastern part of Ukraine, hit them very hard.

And we saw violence break out in some cities in eastern Ukraine because obviously Brennan’s orders and I think there were orders because there was one comment by one Ukrainian opposition figure that said, look the Ukrainian secret service which is called the SBU has become an operating unit of the CIA.

We also have reports that private mercenaries working for the American company, Academi known as Blackwater are also being deployed in eastern Ukraine. So I think that is why Brennan was there.

Brennan has critics in the CIA both active CIA officers and retired ones and his persona inside the CIA is that he is a knuckle-dragging thug, so obviously one thing that is not on Brennan’s itinerary or schedule is peace negotiations. He wants a confrontation and it looks like he prevailed on the Ukrainian leaders to get very tough with Ukrainian security forces and maybe US mercenaries in eastern Ukraine.

Press TV: And what does this mean for the future of Ukraine specifically at this point in time when we see the CIA getting directly involved the way it has? Now this is, let’s not forget an intelligence gathering agency which has gone far beyond its mandate and carried out things like false flag operations?

Madsen: Yes. Well let’s look at the history of the CIA when they basically take over another country’s intelligence service. We saw that happen under the rule of the Shah of Iran with SAVAK and in other countries for example the CIA basically ran the security services for Mobutu of Zaire and Trujillo of the Dominican Republic and Somoza of Nicaragua and Noriega on Panama and what happens is when these leaders became disposable, when they became embarrassments to the United States, the CIA agents got rid of them. Some of them were assassinated; others were forced down of power and died in a very lonely exile.

So the word to the Ukrainian leadership should be that they too can go down that same road because when the CIA wants to wash the hands of these leaders like the Ukrainian President and [Arseniy] Yatsenyuk the acting Prime Minister, they are simply going to be thrown out and you know they will be lucky if they come away from the situation with their lives.

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