US Claims Killing Of ISIS’ Abu Sayyaf, Media Fails In Propaganda Distribution

US Claims Killing Of ISIS’ Abu Sayyaf, Media Fails In Propaganda Distribution


The official and mainstream reports of the alleged killing by U.S. “Delta Force commandos” of an ISIS leader overseeing ISIS oil and finances, Abu Sayyaf, can all be reduced to a set of pictures that document the incompetence of both the U.S. government and the establishment press around the world in upholding their own contrived narratives.

This is who was allegedly killed in Syria, according to the press:

All the way into Vietnam, which means the failed propaganda campaign can’t be reversed now and new lies will have to be hatched as damage control is now underway – in vain:

But this hasn’t stopped CNN for instance from spreading a picture of a completely different person, who is also being claimed to be ISIS its Abu Sayyaf or sheikh Mohammad Al-Shalabi:

The failed narrative, however, gets worse than just the distribution of wrong pictures. First, according to CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, Haaretz and several others the assumed target was a Tunisian national all the while it is widely known – or rather assumed – that the killed person being presented in the media was – or still is – in fact a Jordanian.

“Jordanian Sheikh Mohammad Shalabi, also known as Abu Sayyaf, has encouraged young Jordanians to fight in Syria. Close to al-Qaeda, he believes in Jihad, but says IS does not represent Islam.” – BBC

Second, if the “raid” indeed involved the person as pictured in the media then why is it that he’s been reported as being opposed to ISIS? Surely they, in such case, have assassinated the wrong target.

So, this is what I think happened IF there was a raid at all.

The US went into Syria illegally to extract a double agent who’s on the CIA’s payroll, but on the pages that aren’t even in the books. The US therefore needed a believable cover story since the Syrian government did not give its permission for the raid. They weren’t even informed about it according to the US government and their incompetent press outlets. What followed was a totally failed propaganda campaign that has already been exposed for what it merely is.

The whole story about ISIS and Abu Sayyaf is one big fabrication and like Benghazi it will soon enough come out that something very different took place in Syria that night than what is being said right now in the press. The “Abu Sayyaf raid” is as real as the killing of bin Laden in 2011. IT NEVER HAPPENED!

Interestingly, the “alternative” media has largely failed to expose the lies about ISIS’ Abu Sayyaf and has eagerly and blindly been pushing the false narrative that is now being sold by their mainstream counterparts. This further confirms my earlier alert about how the so-called truth movement has been successfully co-opted through the fake Infowars ISIS video, since ALL the same outlets are now also parroting the Abu Sayyaf disinformation campaign – in their desperate attempts to stay relevant, which will ultimately all fail anyway.

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