US defense of Israel at UN Human Rights Council ‘legally ridiculous’

US defense of Israel at UN Human Rights Council ‘legally ridiculous’

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Dean of the American Institute of Human Rights Mustafa Ansari says Washington’s defense of Israel at the United Nations Human Rights Council is “legally ridiculous.”

“The presentation by John Kerry before the Human Rights Council is legally ridiculous,” he told Press TV on Monday. “Because what is Israel is doing is classic genocide.”

“One of the elements of genocide is looking at specific ethnic group of people and intentionally killing them,” he added.

He made the comments hours after Secretary of State John Kerry offered a staunch defense of Israel at the council in Geneva.

Addressing the session on Monday, the top US diplomat urged UN members to end what he described as a “biased” focus on Israel.

The UN body has frequently criticized Israel over its disregard for human rights. A new report commissioned by the council on Israel’s latest aggression on the Gaza Strip is set to be released later this month.

“No country on earth should be free from scrutiny, but neither should any country be (subjected) to bias,” Kerry said.

His remarks came as the White House has come under criticism that it has not been strong enough in its support of Israel.

“This is ridiculous to tell a group of international jurors, which is the Human Rights Council, that they should look another way to war crimes,” Ansari said. “This is a preposterous statement. This is laughable.”

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