US Dollar On the Brink of COLLAPSE

US Dollar On the Brink of COLLAPSE

John Embry

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John Embry, senior advisor at Sprott joins us to sound the Alarm –
The US Dollar Is ON THE BRINK of Collapse:

Embry explains what has led us to this shocking tipping point in America’s history.
He says going off the gold standard resulted in massive money printing and an explosion of U.S. government debt:
“The prospect for something going seriously wrong that can’t be corrected is enormously high.”
He believes any rise in interest rates could break the debt bubble.

How should investors prepare for such a crisis? Embry suggests investing in gold and silver.
While many people argue gold and silver are overvalued right now, Embry says gold bars and silver coins have never been cheaper relative to the amount of debt in the world.

Embry points out that by and large, average investors have almost no gold and silver exposure.

He says there is so much money invested in other assets, that when investors start moving toward gold and silver, the coming rise in the precious metal bull market will dwarf the 1980’s gold and silver bull run.
“I think the upside potential in both these metals is beyond most people’s comprehension.”

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