US has most violent society in world: Analyst

US has most violent society in world: Analyst

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A newly-released video shows a Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office deputy shooting unarmed black man, Dontrell Stephens, in Florida, US, in 2013

Press TV has conducted an interview with Rodney Shakespeare, a political analyst in London, about a newly-released video of a closed shooting case in the United States in which a Florida officer fired at a young man back in 2013, leaving him paralyzed from the waist-down.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: These images and videos that are being released are basically, as many have pointed out, just a tip of the iceberg of the type of racial discrimination that we see in public institutions within the US?

Shakespeare: Yes indeed. In this incident, a psychopathic police goon shoots a young black man. The shooting was done at a close range. There were four shots in quick succession–1,2,3,4. The man was obviously unarmed and no commands were given and indeed the young man was turning to run away when he was shot.

For two minutes, that psychopathic goon stands pointing his gun at an unarmed man on the ground with four bullets in him. There is a question of the cocaine possession because you see the officer could not have known that Dontrell Stephens had that record. That is information introduced afterwards by the police and lastly the statements that the police made at the time were untrue and have subsequently been found to be untrue.

The whole thing is another shocking incident of a corrupt, corroded society, which is probably now the most violent society in the world.

Press TV: Well Mr. Shakespeare, Obama’s tenure as a president is slowly coming to an end right now when there were hopes that as the first African-American president to be elected to office, he would at least bring the issue of race relations in the forefront in order to tackle some of those underlined issues. Has he achieved any of that?

Shakespeare: Well you should remember that American politicians are usually either bright or black males or controlled by connections and by money.

It is quite a mystery or perhaps it is not a mystery as to why President Obama has ended up being completely captured by aggressive social forces and by Zionist warmongering abroad and essentially a failure to do anything about desegregation domestically.

But that is the reality of the American political system. It does succeed in capturing not even its presidents, it makes sure it captures them before they are even elected.

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