US Investment bank choses Tsipras for election victory as Greeks brace for more taxes?

US Investment bank choses Tsipras for election victory as Greeks brace for more taxes?

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras has won the latest election in Greece according to the results produced by Singular Logic. He is expected to form exactly the same coaltion with the Independent Greeks as ruled before the election but having purged his party of critics.

Singular Logic, an IT company controlled by US investment bank, KKR, has a monopoly on every aspect of Greek elections, including preparing and organizing the election, the counting of votes and the announcement of the result, raising the question of a conflicts of interest. At the very least, there should be an inquiry.

There is a clear danger that US banks might be tempted to use their total control of the Greek election system to tweak the vote.

The head of the US bank controlling Singuar Logic is former CIA director David Petraeus.

“Working in partnership with the Ministry of Interior, SingularLogic has developed and supports a parallel “results collection and processing mechanism”,” states the website..

“()…the company also plays an important role in the preparation and organisation of the elections. This task is equally important as it helps guarantee that the results are correct on time.

After the elections SingularLogic is also responsible for collecting the results from the Courts of First Instance and centrally process that data.”

Tsipras and his policies have been highly profitable for banks. During the summer, as Tsipras himself cheerfully admits, he nearly brought Greece to the edge of civil war and financial collapse.

While Tsipras has tried to style himself a “hero” for the way he pulled back from the brink of a chaotic Drachma exit, it is more likely that he made the cynical calculation that the present system of debt slavery and high taxes served him and the banks too well to risk.

HSBC bank was one of the first to welcome the victory of Tsipras, hailed as a surprise by the media, but predicted by this blog.

Market chaos induced by Tsipras as he claims to seek to “re negotiate” the debt burden is only a matter of time.

With a fresh Tsipras victory, Greeks must brace themselves for the next round of engineered chaos, capital controls, tax and VAT increases, cuts to wages and pensions and business closures.

Just hundreds of people turned out for the victory rally of Singular Logic’s man, as the BBC itself admits.

A party purporting to offer the alternative of an euro exit failed to make it into parliament according to the results of Singular Logic. That means Greeks will have to bear the burden of making their products more competitive within the eurozone by wage cuts and unemployment.

The low turnout reflected the feeling here that the politics is just smoke and mirrors. It doesn’t matter who is in office, nothing will change.

Only one person I spoke to yesterday in Greece said they had voted – and it was not for Tsipras.

The mood of total apathy towards the elections explains why I was unable to take a picture of a polling station. Not a single person I asked could tell me where there was a polling station. In Greece, polling stations are usually in schools but the one, rather large school I visted was closed.

One man, who did not vote, said he had rung his wife an hour earlier, but had forgotten to ask her what she had voted. He thought she would only decide at the last moment between some of the smaller parties.

The Tsipras theatre will go on but without an audience.

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