US, Israel using Saudi Arabia to cover up own role in 9/11: Analyst

US, Israel using Saudi Arabia to cover up own role in 9/11: Analyst

Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:19PM

The United States and Israel are trying to divert the world’s attention to Saudi Arabia as the perpetrator of the September 11, 2001 attacks, in an attempt to hide their own role as the main plotters of the deadly event that changed the world, says a political analyst in Chicago.

Stephen Lendman, an author and radio host, made the comments on Wednesday, while discussing US President Barack Obama’s full-fledged opposition to legislation that would allow 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for their losses.

The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), which was passed by Congress on September 9, was quickly vetoed by Obama, on the grounds that it would be “detrimental” to America’s national security interests and its key alliances.

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter also slammed the bill, saying that the bill would be “devastating” for the US military.

“The scenario that has unfolded in the aftermath of 9/11 did not just happen by chance, the entire ugly business was planned well in advance,” Lendman told Press TV.

“There is no question that 9/11 was what I call the mother of all false flags,” Lendman continued. “A false flag meeting, a crime in this case committed by America and I believe complicit with Israel, blamed on another party.”

The analyst said the recent focus on Saudi Arabia was in fact a distraction from the main perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

He noted that some of the alleged hijackers who were tied to Saudi officials and were said to be onboard the planes during the attacks were later found alive and well, a sign that the attack was being blamed on the wrong party.

“The key thing is that America, and I believe Israel, were responsible for the 9/11 event,” he emphasized. “Everything about it was a big lie.”

Lendman also noted that even if both chambers of Congress vote to override Obama’s veto of the 9/11 bill, there still will be no hope for the victims of the deadly attacks to win any legal claim against the Saudis.

“There will be suits but they will just vanish… nothing whatsoever will happen. Despite all of Saudi Arabia’s massive wealth, they will never pay two cents to anybody for the 9/11 attacks. ”

Both the US House of Representatives and Senate unanimously voted to override Obama’s veto on Wednesday, signing the bill into law regardless of Obama’s stance.

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