Christopher Tappin condemns treatment
as U.S. extradition under way

Christopher Tappin: “I looked to Mr Cameron to look after my rights and he failed to do that”

24 February 2012 Last updated at 12:05

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A Briton being extradited to the US for allegedly selling batteries for Iranian missiles described his treatment as “a disgrace” as he arrived at Heathrow.

Retired businessman Christopher Tappin had said he was leaving the UK feeling he had fewer rights than a terrorist.

Mr Tappin, 65, from London, is being flown from Heathrow Airport to El Paso, Texas, escorted by US marshals.

British judges say the extradition is lawful and the European Court of Human Rights has refused to intervene.

Mr Tappin, of Orpington, south-east London, has fought against extradition through the British courts after being charged in the US with conspiring to export batteries which could be used in Hawk air defence missiles.

He faces a trial in El Paso and a possible 35-year jail sentence – but says that he is the victim of entrapment.

Mr Tappin’s lawyer, Karen Todner, said it was “very likely” her client would now enter into a plea agreement to reduce a sentence.

“If Mr Tappin does not enter into a plea agreement and is found guilty he will have to serve the whole sentence in America, which may actually effectively be the rest of his life, rather than serving a sentence in the UK, therefore I think it’s very very likely that he will enter into a plea agreement,” she said.

Last week the European Court of Human Rights refused to intervene in his case. Mr Tappin, a former president of the Kent Golf Society, was ordered to present himself to Heathrow Airport to be taken to the US for trial.

He was seen departing from his house around 08:00 GMT and arrived at Heathrow police station accompanied by his wife Elaine.

Shortly after 10.30am, Mr Tappin’s lawyer said British extradition officers had taken Mr Tappin to a plane where he was being handed over to US marshals. The flight was due to land in Texas around 16:00 local time (23:00 GMT).

“He will be arriving in El Paso this afternoon. He will be appearing in court on Monday morning, so he will be in custody over the weekend.” The earliest he could be granted bail would be Thursday or Friday, Ms Todner said.

She urged Home Secretary Theresa May to help Mr Tappin intervene with the US authorities to ensure they did not object to bail being granted.

Ms Todner later wrote on Twitter: “Mr Tappin has left for America. Was v distressing when he said goodbye. The extradition treaty is inhumane.”

Arriving at the airport, Mr Tappin told reporters it was “a shame, a disgrace” that he was being extradited.

Speaking on Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron said that Mr Tappin’s case had been thoroughly considered by the Home Secretary Theresa May – but that she was also looking carefully at the full findings of last year’s extradition review.

Mr Tappin said: “I look to Mr Cameron to look after my rights and he has failed to do so,” he said.

“The Conservative government, while in opposition, promised to reform the law and they failed to do so and they’ve let me down, they’ve let you down, they’ve let the whole country down.”

Mr Tappin said he was “not very confident at all” about the case because his witnesses were not permitted to testify via video and would not appear in person in the US.

“I have certainly got enough facts to support my case but without the witnesses, their testimony, it’s going to be very difficult,” he said.

“We believe there is no evidence… By virtue of an accusation they are allowed to extradite people from one country to another.”

Speaking to the BBC earlier, Mr Tappin attacked the UK-US Extradition Treaty, saying: “I feel that I have been treated very unfairly by the whole system. I thought that the British justice system is there to protect me and I found that my rights have been taken away from me.”

Comparing his case to that of preacher Abu Qatada, whose deportation from the UK was recently blocked, Mr Tappin said: “I feel that I don’t have any human rights because I’m not a terrorist. If I was a terrorist, I would have more rights.”

But asked about Mr Tappin’s comments, the prime minister’s official spokesman said: “They are completely different cases.”
‘Years of talk’

During his legal battle, Mr Tappin had denied the allegations and said he was the victim of unlawful conduct by US law enforcement agents. In January, the Court of Appeal dismissed that argument, giving the green light to the extradition.

Home Secretary Theresa May signed an order authorising Mr Tappin’s extradition in April 2011. The extradition request has also been approved by the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Critics of the US-UK Extradition Treaty say that it makes the extradition of British nationals easier because the US has to produce less evidence to support their case.

But last year, a massive review of extradition by a senior judge found that the treaty was fair to British citizens.

Ahead of Mr Tappin’s extradition, Fair Trials International said nothing had been done about extradition reform after “years of talk”.

“It is high time the government brings forward concrete proposals to build much-needed safeguards into our laws,” chief executive Jago Russell said.

Isabella Sankey, of civil rights group Liberty, said: “No British court has ever been allowed to examine any evidence against Christopher Tappin or consider whether he should be tried here.

“Even if a US jury eventually finds him not guilty, he’ll still spend years in a Texan jail awaiting trial – thousands of miles from his home and sick wife.

“No-one is immune from such unfair treatment and it’s high time the government put some common sense and compassion back into our extradition laws.”


    Its time folks to show that this legal system is an Admiralty Law fictional farce. Its time to show that the people of Britain have had enough of this nonsense. The people of Britain need to rise up and make sure the British Constitutional Group take over the Nations of the Union and rebuild them morally and bring back the glory and respect to the region. If you do not do something shortly, it will all be too late if you do decide to try. The Conservatives are destroying the Middle Class and every area of society they possibly can as they answer to the City of London under veils of disguise. Its time for Common Law, Magna Carta and the British Constitution to be upheld. Its time for all this U.S. nonsense to stop immediately. How dare they extradite this older man when the White House and leadership of the U.S. are all treasonous fraudulent filth who’ve destroyed America and detest everything it stood for. Wake up people we’re under attack. Start working with the British Constitutional Group immediately. Don’t fall for UKIP, these will not help you in the slightest.

    -=> The Unhived Mind


    • loucifer

      Listen to this man and get learning people, because a great storm is coming, and it won’t matter one iota whether you’re like an ostrich with your head buried in the sand or not…The storm will devour you if you haven’t got the spiritual capacity to protect yourself from it!

      Turn off your TV, study your adversaries, learn their methods well, and stop allowing yourselves to be deceived by them anymore! The divide and conquer system is such a powerful tool for these EMPATHY-LACKING psychopaths, so you all need to stop taking sides regarding matters of no real importance, because they stop you from being able to attain clarity in your insights, and keep you running in circles! As Howard Jones sang in the 80’s…”Throw off your mental chains!”

    “I have known Chris Tappin and his family for nearly 40 years and find the prospect of his imminent extradition to the USA distressing. The shipping transaction to Iran, which was undertaken on behalf of a US government front company, made Mr. Tappin $500 – a normal shipping fee. It is impossible for me to believe that a wealthy man, on the verge of retirement, would have risked everything for such a paltry sum. I have always known him to be a man of the highest integrity.

    Unless the Home Secretary, Theresa May, stops this process he will face the prospect of being forced into a plea bargaining position or end his days in an American prison. It is time we stood up for Mr. Tappin and other UK nationals and told the USA we wish to amend this treaty.” -Nigel Farage UKIP

    • Nigel Farage there is no such thing as an American prison there is of course a U.S. prison. There has not been an America since 1861 when the united States of America had to become a corporation in order to try to stop The Worshipful Company of Mercers taking American soil by way of their Virginia Company of London claiming debts. Unfortunately this temporary method to address the City of London filth ended up being of much use to the Mercers in the long run. As the nation was destroyed so was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to boot. Sniffing blood like a shark in water, the Mercers quickly decided their luck was in. The Privy Council signed off on the death warrant against Lincoln. This included Sir Roundell Palmer and Edward John Stanley. Cherie Blair’s ancestor was paid £60 through the Bank of Montreal in Quebec controlled by the Jesuit Order in order to assassinate Lincoln. Now the corporate U.S. could be kept going indefinitely instead of for the initial decade as planned by Abraham Lincoln. Since 1933 all U.S. Citizens have been enslaved by flesh to Elizabeth Mary II through the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666. Now since 1975 this slave master had been held by the House of Bourbon and Jesuit trained Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain. There is no forty-eight States of the Union the united States of America and never will be unless we have another John F. Kennedy come along and this time succeed. The biggest terrorists in the World are the Mercers who do the donkey work for the Curia Generalizia. We’re tied of this Admiralty fictional system of commerce claiming to be law in our lands of Common Law. Common Law is thee law of the land and don’t you forget it. Anything created in legalese is a fraud and we will not consent any longer.

      -= The Unhived Mind

      • loucifer

        THEUNHIVEDMIND: That is a very good OVERstanding and INNERstanding of the intricacies of what has been done to humankind by these despicable conspirators, and with rare sites like this one providing good educational material for those with eyes to see, there is still hope for the human race to wake up and envision a better future than the one these depraved psychopaths have planned for us.

        Keep up the honourable work, good sir!

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