US militias may cause ‘horrific violence’ after election: Analyst

US militias may cause ‘horrific violence’ after election: Analyst

Wed Nov 2, 2016 7:23PM

The high number of active militia groups across the United States raises the possibility of “horrific violence,” particularly at a time when tensions are running high due to a divisive presidential campaign, a political analyst has warned.

Scott Rickard, a former intelligence linguist, made the remarks on Wednesday, after some militiamen in the state of Georgia said they were preparing for civil unrest should Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton win in next week’s election.

Chris Hill, leader of the Three Percent Security Force militia, said if Clinton beats her Republican opponent Donald Trump on November 8, they would not remain silent, Reuters reported Wednesday.

The group, which fiercely backs Republican nominee Donald Trump, shares with him the belief that the America’s election process is “rigged.”

“The growth of militia groups is quite strong. There are well over 200 militia groups. It has doubled in size in the last ten years,” although they are small and independent from each other, said Rickard.

These militias usually consist of former military troops who remain faithful to their oath to protect the country against foreign and domestic adversaries, the analyst said.

According to Rickard, these groups are among many other Americans who are waking up to the many decisions by the White House “that are absolutely in violation of the constitution.”

“I think what we see obviously is Hillary Clinton… this is a clear case of someone who has broken the law gotten away with it over and over again,” he argued.

Rickard said although the militias are trying to make a stand against the corruption, there is a chance that “misguided” and “radical” individuals among them push these groups towards causing “horrific violence.”

However, Rickard said, more “level-headed” leaders know that the government is “very well” capable of harming unarmed citizens in the event of an unrest and these militias can enter to defend them if needed.

“So, unfortunately we have a scenario in the United States where the government has tremendous amounts of power and the people are really helpless and there are few that are willing to stand up against it,” he continued.

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