US Mourn Aurora Batman cinema shooting victims

Batman cinema shooting: US mourning Aurora victims

The midnight shooting heralded a day of horror in the Denver satellite city of Aurora

20 July 2012 Last updated at 22:27

The US has begun mourning after 12 people were killed and 59 wounded in a shooting at a midnight showing of the new Batman film, the Dark Knight Rises.

US President Barack Obama ordered flags flown at half mast and said the day was “for prayer and reflection”.

A man wearing a gas mask and body armour threw tear gas canisters at movie-goers in Aurora, Colorado, then fired on the crowd, witnesses said.

James Holmes, 24, was arrested outside the cinema near Denver, police said.

He was said to be armed with a rifle, a shotgun and two pistols. All were bought legally within the last few months, US media reported.

In New York, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who said he had been briefed on the case, said the suspect had dyed his hair red and had told police he was the Joker, Batman’s infamous nemesis.

“It clearly looks like a deranged individual,” Mr Kelly said.

Cinemas in New York tightened security at Batman showings following the attack, and the French premiere of the film in Paris was cancelled.

Mr Holmes was in the process of withdrawing from a doctoral programme in neuroscience at the University of Colorado-Denver, a university spokeswoman told the Associated Press.

Authorities have established no terrorism link, nor any motive. Mr Holmes had no criminal record in Aurora – his only encounter with police there was a traffic ticket.

Mr Holmes’ family said in a written statement: “Our hearts go out to those who were involved in this tragedy and to the families and friends of those involved. We ask that the media respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

On Friday afternoon, police were still working to identify the dead, 10 of whose bodies still lay inside the cinema.

One woman known to have been killed was Jessica Ghawi, also known as Jessica Redfield, an aspiring broadcaster and a prolific blogger.

In June, Ms Ghawi, 24, narrowly missed being caught in a shooting rampage in Toronto, leaving the scene five minutes before a man opened fire at the Eaton Centre shopping mall.
Special effects?

After the shooting, police said that – acting on information from the suspect – they had discovered that his home in the north of Aurora had been booby-trapped. Incendiary devices with chemical elements and trip wires were in the flat, police said.

“We have an active and difficult scene there,” said Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates, who added it could be hours or days before the apartment was cleared.

The attack began minutes into the showing at about 00:30 local time (06:30 GMT), when the gunman apparently entered the cinema through an emergency exit door near the front of the auditorium.

The gunman wore a bullet-proof vest, tactical body armour and gloves, and was carrying an AR-15 military-style, semi-automatic rifle, a shotgun and two pistols, police said.

Survivors said they initially thought the gunman was somehow part of the show.

The gunman, whom witnesses said had said nothing during the attack, threw two tear gas grenades then opened fire with a rifle.

There was chaos as movie-goers fled, some dressed in costume as heroes and villains.

Ten people were killed at the cinema and two others died later in hospital of their wounds.

Scores of people, some in a critical condition, were taken to four hospitals.

The casualties included a four-month-old baby, who was released from hospital after treatment, and a six-year-old child.

‘Firing at random’

One witness said the gunman had been “slowly making his way up the stairs and just firing – picking random people”. At least one person in an adjacent auditorium was injured when a bullet went through the wall, police said.

Another eyewitness, identified only as Pam, told the BBC: “He fired a canister into the air. It shot it right into the air, then I started to hear the bang, bang, bang of a gun.

“I crawled my way through the row. Luckily the exit was close to where I was sitting so I got out pretty fast. I heard more shots as I left.”

Another eyewitness, Salina Jordan, 19, told the Denver Post she had seen one girl shot in the cheek, and a girl who appeared to be about nine years old with a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Informed of the massacre at dawn, President Obama briefly addressed a campaign rally before returning to the White House to address the situation.

“There are going to be other days for politics,” he said.

“This, I think, is a day for prayer and reflection.”


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  • Aurora cinema shooting: Obama to pay tribute to victims

    The people of Aurora have started leaving bouquets near the scene of the attack

    22 July 2012 Last updated at 13:33

    US President Barack Obama is to visit Colorado to honour victims of Friday’s gun attack at a Batman film screening that left 12 people dead.

    The White House said Mr Obama would meet survivors and families of victims, as well as local officials in Aurora.

    In his weekly radio address, he called for prayer and reflection on the gun rampage in the Denver suburb.

    Pope Benedict has voiced “deep shock” over the attack which left another 58 people injured, some critically.

    James Holmes, 24, currently being held in solitary confinement for his own safety, is alleged to have opened fire during a packed midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

    Names of the dead
    Jessica Ghawi, 24
    Veronica Moser, 6
    John Larimer, 27
    Alexander Boik, 18
    Jesse Childress, 29
    Jonathan Blunk, 26
    Rebecca Ann Wingo, 32
    Alex Sullivan, 27
    Gordon Cowden, 51
    Micayla Medek, 23
    Alexander Teves, 24
    Matthew McQuinn, 27 (presumptively identified, awaiting confirmation)

    Aurora shootings: The victims

    People have been laying flowers near the Century cinema, where the shooting occurred.

    An evening vigil, organised by local community and religious leaders, is due to take place in front of Aurora city hall later on Sunday.

    Mr Obama’s visit comes a day after police cleared James Holmes’s flat of explosives which could have killed people entering via the door.

    Both Mr Obama and his Republican Party challenger, Mitt Romney, curtailed their election campaigns in the wake of the Aurora attack, dropping advertising in Colorado state out of respect for victims and their families.
    ‘Police anger’

    The FBI is now collecting evidence from the flat of Mr Holmes, who is accused of at least 12 counts of first-degree murder.

    Booby traps connected to explosives had prevented police from entering it for two days until they made the devices safe.

    Police said the suspect had acted with “calculation and deliberation”, taking ammunition deliveries for months.

    Aurora police chief Dan Oates said: “I’ve personally never seen anything like what we’ve found in there.”

    Police Chief Dan Oates: No question as to intent with booby-trapped flat

    “This apartment was designed to kill whoever entered it,” he said, adding that would most probably have been a police officer.

    “If you think we are angry, we sure as hell are angry about what has happened to our city, to the wonderful people who live here and what he threatened to do to one of our police officers.”

    James Holmes is due to appear in court on Monday.

    Authorities have established no terrorism link, nor any motive. Mr Holmes had no criminal record other than a speeding fine.
    Messages of support

    The Arapahoe county coroner Michael Dobersen has now released the names of the dead.

    He said all the deaths were related to gunshot wounds.

    The dead include a six-year-old girl and two US military servicemen.

    The University of Colorado Hospital said it was still treating five patients in critical condition and the Medical Center of Aurora said four of its patients remained in intensive care.

    Local mayor Steve Hogan told a memorial service for a young victim on Saturday that the community in Aurora was still reeling from the “unbelievable tragedy”.

    “But I think, as is evidenced by everyone who is here today, all those who were here yesterday, and all the messages of support that we have received from literally around the world, we can I think now start this process of grieving and healing.”

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