US National Guard dropped a practice bomb into Maryland bar parking lot

August 31, 2013 – 4:00pmWTF

The National Guard Accidentally Practice-Bombed a Bar Parking Lot

Eric Limer – Forget governmental spying, the US National Guard up and dropped an inert practice bomb into a Maryland bar parking lot Thursday night.

At around 9 pm, patrons of Darlene’s Tavern in Sudlersville were treated to a loud and inexplicable bang outside. When they went to check it out, they were greeted by a large, smoking hole. Bar co-owner Darlene Hurley told CBS Baltimore that “[the hole] was about two and a half feet deep and about two foot wide.” Fortunately, no one was injured.

According to the Maryland Air National Guard, the practice bomb had been on a jet that had attempted to drop it during a routine training mission. Due to technical difficulties, the drop failed, so the pilot was returning to base, avoiding heavily populated areas. And, on the way, it finally decided to drop.

Luckily for everyone, practice bombs are made of nothing but metal and cement, so there was never any danger of an explosion. The non-explosive impact still made quite the hole, though. But hey, why go to a bar if you aren’t looking to get bombed? [CBS Baltimore, Baltimore Sun]

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