US people ‘at war with police forces’: Activist

US people ‘at war with police forces’: Activist

Sun Sep 28, 2014 4:20AM GMT

American activist from CODEPINK Tighe Barry says that people in the United States are at war with police officers following recent police attacks on citizens.

“It just seems to be a war on people of color. The police are well armed. They’ve not been trained properly and there is a vein of racism throughout the police forces in the United States,” Barry told Press TV on Saturday.

“We right now in the United States are basically, the people, are at war with our own police forces,” he added.

He made the remarks after a video showed New York Police Department officers slammed a pregnant woman to the ground, as she was trying to intervene in the arrest of her 17-year-old son.

Andra Amezquita, 44 and five months pregnant, was thrown to the pavement and handcuffed by officers in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday.

The woman said she was not trying to prevent the police officers from arresting her son, and only approached her son to “console” him before she was harshly attacked by the officers.

Amezquita’s lawyers said police had beaten their client on the abdomen with a baton, and released photos of bruises on the pregnant woman’s stomach.

Barry also suggested that the health and mental health of police officers need to be checked and there should be a citizens’ board to watch police officers and their conducts.

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