US seeks to prolong wars in Middle East: Activist

US seeks to prolong wars in Middle East: Activist

Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:13PM

The file photo shows warplanes with the US-led coalition during a mission against ISIL positions in Syria.

The United States is trying to prolong the conflicts in the Middle East in an attempt to gain more profit, says an activist.

Ryan Dawson, a human rights activist from Nara, Japan, said in an interview with Press TV that “the mission is to prolong the conflict for as long as possible.”

“What they (US authorities) want is to have a civil war between Sunnis and Shias and different factions for as long as they can keep it going.”

The military industrial complex needs to create a “Frankenstein to prolong profits,” Dawson stated, adding, “War itself is the resource. It is a way to funnel through trillions of dollars.”

The activist went on to say that militants from “ISIL and FSA are both the ground troops, the proxy forces to divide up the Syrian government and to cause mayhem in Syria, because that is in the Israeli interest and that is what the US is really all about.”

Dawson also noted that the US policy “is not what they are saying it is,” and the authorities are “simply lying to the American people.”

“They have a public reason for doing something that they tell the American people and then they have a private reason for doing what they want to do. They do this clever little thing – they lie,” he said.

The US military has planned to deploy hundreds of troops to help train militants fighting the ISIL terrorists in the region.

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