US to blame for deteriorating ties with Russia: analyst

US to blame for deteriorating ties with Russia: analyst

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Press TV has interviewed James Jatras, a former US Senate foreign policy analyst from Washington, to discuss a recent decision by US President Barack Obama to extend the sanctions imposed against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine.

The commentator says fueling fears of other states and imposing embargoes against them under certain pretexts have now been entrenched in the American foreign policy.

Jatras believes that Washington’s anti-Moscow policies could hurt a ceasefire deal recently reached between the Kiev government and the pro-Russia forces operating in eastern Ukraine.

He adds that Washington-Moscow relations will not improve soon due to the “aggressive” stance adopted by the US on the Ukrainian crisis.

Jatras argues that a rift is growing between the US and its European allies such as France and Germany, which have recently adopted a relatively flexible stance on the situation in Ukraine as well as ties with Russia.

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