Video of sick paedophile Jimmy Savile molesting girl on live TV [Video]



  • jimmy

    I saw the bbc’s documentary on saville the other night, I was keen to see how they would play it. It was quite obvious they were trying to absolve themselves of any responsibility by portraying saville as a ‘lone’ operator and making out that the times his actions were noticed were just ‘one off’ incidents and never witnessed by the same person more than once. Typical really. We have news that saville was a devout catholic too.

    I have seen some of Bill Maloney’s films (pie and mash films) and saville was mentioned in them, most notably as a visitor to haute de la gaurranne on jersey. The way that ‘investigation’ was dealt with is just sickening and there are no words to describe the suffering that occurred. It’s frightening to realise that was just one home and that it is still going on somewhere, right now. But the bbc don’t report that do they, hardly surprising. I wonder who saville was connected to. I pray he has had to face the consequences of his actions.

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