‘Viewers’ reaction was stunning’ – head of TV channel probed over RT Deutsch show

‘Viewers’ reaction was stunning’ – head of TV channel probed over RT Deutsch show

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An RT Deutsch show has received stunning support among viewers in Germany, according to the chief editor and co-owner of a local channel that is currently being investigated for airing the program.

“We are shocked by the fact that [the] RT show broadcast on our channel has received such support. We have received letters that support it,” Klaus-Dieter Boehm, the editor-in-chief and co-owner of the Salve.TV told RT.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before. We are very pleased with such a reaction.”

Salve.TV’s broadcast of RT Deutsch’s “The Missing Part” (Der Fehlende Part) news talk-show “caused an uproar all over Germany,” according to Boehm.

This suggests that no one is “interested for the viewers to have access to alternative information,” he said, stressing that the viewer should be able to independently form an opinion.

One of the viewers commented on Salve.TV’s website: “The vicious anti-Russian propaganda, which was carried out all this time, cannot be called diversity in the media. In general they all write about the same things. And I am very glad that one of the channels boldly and openly declared its readiness to share a different perspective.”

RT Deutsch has been criticized by German lawmakers who claimed that its program was one-sided and “biased towards Russia’s position.” Following the complaints, the media watchdog in the federal state of Thuringia (TLM) decided to look into Salve.TV who aired the “The Missing Part.”

Boehm added that Salve.TV, which is not happy with the “unipolar opinion” in the mainstream media, “felt it was necessary to introduce another tone for the benefit of democracy and the formation of a democratic will.”

He questioned whether there is a correct or incorrect opinion and whether other German media such as ARD and FAZ are “always absolutely right and we are always absolutely wrong.”

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