Violence highly organized in UK jails

‘Violence highly organized in UK jails’

HomeUKSociety Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:32PM

A London-based human right activist believes that culture of violence is highly organized in prisons across the United Kingdom.

“People are just dumped into prison without proper support, without kind of proper intervention… Unfortunately, sexual abuse is a form of violence in these environments which is highly organized…,” Head of Research at IHRC Arzu Merali told Press TV on Tuesday.

Her remarks came in reaction to a report by the Howard League for Penal Reform which warns that sending youngsters to prison turns them into sex criminals.

The report blames high levels of violence, the use of force by guards as well as long imprisonment periods as the root causes of the problem.

It also shows that thousands of prisoners have been sexually abused in UK prisons, with many cases being underreported.

The report also reveals that rape cases in prisons have been increasing as the abusive sexual behaviors are not taken seriously.

“[The ombudsman] has found that some abusive sexual behaviors are not always taken sufficiently seriously and the quality of internal investigations is variable,” the report notes.

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