Vitamin C is an aid against Parvo virus and possibly Ebola

Jim Stone, August 29 2014

Ebola update (long overdue)

During the course of practically any viral infection, vitamin C needs go WAY UP, and in the case of ebola, they go SKY HIGH. So high that all conventional wisdom with regard to vitamin C is irrelevant. The dosings I have below are absolute minimums. Remember, that for as long as ebola is not in your area, do not waste your vitamin C supply by taking more than a tablet per day. If it comes to your area, as a precaution, take 4 or 5 grams per day until you get symptoms, THEN proceed with taking more. This is to preserve your supply until it is really needed

Here are the dosings:

These dosings are based upon extended observation of a puppy with parvo, and how much vitamin C was needed to stop the bleeding in a puppy that had the doggy version of ebola, (I know, Parvovirus is not even close to being the same structurally but it does the same thing – causes a 90 percent mortality rate in untreated puppies over the course of 3 or 4 days, with death caused by massive haemorrhaging.) It is a haemorrhagic virus. I know there will be a few prudes out there who will say this is meaningless in relation to ebola, OK, I heard you. Do nothing and die then.


If I dosed the puppy with 125 mg/KG daily of ascorbic acid, there was reduced but still noticeable internal bleeding. If I dosed the puppy with 125 mg/KG ROSE HIP vitamin C daily, it stopped all bleeding. So rose hip vitamin C works better. But if I dosed the puppy with 175 mg/KG daily of ascorbic acid, this also stopped all bleeding, so ascorbic acid is cheaper at that rate. If I discontinued dosing, life threatening bleeding occurred (and obviously the puppy rapidly got a 175mg/KG dose, which again would immediately stop all bleeding.) It was like vitamin C flipped a switch between life and death for that puppy. Now, two weeks into this (a long time for parvo) I can skip dosing and nothing serious happens. During the entire time, as long as the puppy got it’s vitamin C it ate and drank normally, and had only slight symptoms of being a little bit sick. Prior to trying vitamin C, (at the end of day two of the bleeding early on) the puppy was seriously dehydrated and close to death. Vitamin C caused a rapid reversal of this condition.

Vets will say this has to be bogus, because dogs make their own vitamin C. My response? YES, at a rate of 18 mg/KG daily, far below what is needed when a serious illness sets in.

So, now we have two things – a practically assured way to keep any puppy from dying of parvo (a breakthrough by itself), and a possible minimum reference for vitamin C dosing for ebola.

ABSOLUTE MINIMUM DOSING: 200 mg/KG (91 mg/pound) for people. This means that if you weigh 10 pounds, you need a gram a day. If you weigh 100 pounds, you need 8.2 grams per day. A 50 KG woman will need 10 grams. And these are minimums, it will not hurt at all to go much higher with the dosings.

I experimented with that puppy to find out right where the threshold was. It is 175 (shot down it’s throat) plus 18 milligrams/KG the dog naturally produced by itself daily so to keep it all simple just go with 200 mg/kg.

How vitamin C works to stop the damage from ebola (though vitamin C is NOT a cure)

First of all, as anyone who knows about scurvy can state, vitamin C helps blood vessel walls keep their strength. But there is something far more serious at play with ebola that vitamin C impedes. Something even more sinister than blood vessel weakening happens when ebola depletes ALL vitamin C, and that is a greatly accelerated release of blood vessel damaging cytokine IL-6. Any medical professional will be able to quickly look up the fact that vitamin C impedes the release of cytokine IL-6, which ebola causes severe releases of in blood vessel walls. Once released in huge amounts, IL-6 further irritates blood vessel walls to such an extent it can blow holes in them, and this, combined with the already weakened condition from a lack of vitamin C will cause many vessels to rupture.

In short, vitamin C is like a magic ebola bullet that not only curtails the release of blood vessel damaging cytokine IL-6, it also, at the same time, makes blood vessels return at least to normal strength (and possibly beyond with very high dosings.) These two things working together make vitamin C the probable best first line of defense against ebola that is possible.

But there is more to this story than that

Since IL-6 plays a huge role in damaging blood vessels, it is important to stop its release. And there are some very simple foods that can be eaten that facilitate this. The first is green tea. Green tea can curtail cytokine IL-6 release by 21 percent (which pales compared to vitamin C, but would be a bonus). Of similar value are apples, cinnamon, most berries, choke cherries, pomegranate, olive oil, flax seed oil and fish oil.

You should avoid caffeine and chocolate, because though both have the potential to help in some ways, they also have the potential to totally offset all benefit in everything else eaten (but this has not been fully studied out by anyone with regard to ebola as far as I know of,) it is just that doctors who know this a whole lot better than I do say the chemistry could possibly go very negatively, so to be safe, avoid caffeine and chocolate.

The foods mentioned above pretty much round out the list as far as I know, and further playing around with things like garlic (which is great for practically anything) and hot peppers, ginseng and other blood thinning foods will probably be detrimental with a haemorrhagic fever.

The bottom line is that if ebola does take off, those in the know do not just have to sit in fear and wait for death to come. Diet and vitamin C can easily make the difference between practically living normally through it all, or dying.

AND A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Unscrupulous scammers are EVERYWHERE who will try to sell you this that and hay from an old barn as an ebola cure, there is a lot of evil out there and I strongly suggest you avoid ALL OF IT, what is here is probably #1 above and beyond any other hope (and I cannot profit from this at all.)

Additionally, it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that the doctor who gave me the lead on Vitamin C and ebola has told me repeatedly that my recommended dosings above are too low, so make sure you have a LOT of vitamin C laying around just in case you need to go far beyond what I have recommended here, and as I have always said, keep your current dosing down to no more than 1 tablet per day at this time, until there is a very good reason to start taking large amounts of vitamin C (to avoid wasting it).

There have been a few doctors out there who have hopped on this issue, to smash the word that Vitamin C actually may work to prevent death from ebola. To them I have to say, PROVE ME WRONG. I may not be a doctor, but I am also not medically illiterate and know legitimate work when I see it, and the above came directly from other doctors who were intrigued, and said THE CHEMISTRY SURE FITS.

To the thinking crowd: Is $20 too much to spend on a large amount of cheap vitamin C purchased in advance as a just in case? So what if for some obscure reason no one calculated it ends up not working, WHAT DID IT COST YOU? Remember, the same doctors who will speak out against this will load your baby up with Thimerosal or a brain eating vaccine administered genetically engineered phage just because the package said to do it, what do they really know anyway?


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