Vitamin C’s actions that may help with Ebola

August 28 2014

Complete confirmation Vitamin C recommendation for ebola is not sabotage

Today I got final confirmation that washes with my medical knowledge, here goes:

The actual way ebola kills is by causing a severe cytokine release in blood vessel walls, which if already irritated by a viral assault, will rupture from the irritation caused by a strong cytokine release. With regard to ebola, the exact cytokine is called IL-6, which is inhibited by 41 percent with adequate vitamin C present. This means, that from this mode of action alone, vitamin C will reduce the impact of ebola by 41 percent. If you combine this with the fact that vitamin C will strengthen the blood vessel walls as well, the two ways vitamin C helps will work in combination to prevent death from ebola, especially if ebola, which removes all vitamin C weakens the blood vessel walls by removing vitamin C to begin with. But there is more to this than that, diet can play a huge role and this will be tomorrow’s main report, I am still digging and pulling stuff together.

The bottom line is that it really appears ebola can be beaten just by eating the correct foods and getting enough vitamin C (and absent correct foods, vitamin C is pretty much a magic bullet) but diet can also help a LOT.