Mig 29 shoot down of MH17

UPDATE: MH17/MIG photo not likely to be from a satellite

Jim Stone, Nov 14, 11:35 PM CST

To the left I have the original, as presented, and a clip from Google maps showing the exact same location, with the distance scale still embedded in the Google map image. If this was shot from outer space, the Mig would have to be 1 KM long to match the ground below it. The only way this shot could possibly be real is if it was shot from a higher flying aircraft. Did reputable Russian media get spoofed? That is a strong possibility.

I was hoping the Russian Navy was at Australia to give Putin a safe ride back absent any chance of remote hijacking or shoot downs after he “presented this photo”. There are three possibilities here, and they are:

1. This photo is a hoax that fooled even the Russian press.
2. This photo is fake for the press, but a real one exists.
3. This photo is real, but shot from a higher flying aircraft.

Take your pick for now, let’s see how Putin leaves Australia. If he leaves with the Navy that will probably say it all.

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Now possibly disproven original post follows:

Jim Stone, Nov 14 11:10 AM cst

On the 14th, the night before the G20 summit in Brisbane, Putin revealed a photograph intercepted from an American spy satellite that proves MH17 was shot down by a jet capable of hitting 35,000 feet.

UPDATE: This move by Putin is probably why the Russian Navy is just off the coast of Australia. My guess is Putin will return to Russia that way.

The direction of the entry holes in the cockpit region match this photograph.

This opens several questions and reveals some startling facts that Putin probably did not want to give up.

First question – why was a spy satellite focused on this shoot down right when it happened? Spy satellites are a limited resource, and the fact one was positioned to watch the shoot down proves it was no accident.

Additionally, it proves the Buk missile story to be false, for what reason was that story told and pushed in the ziopress?

Second really big issue here, which would explain why Putin held onto this so long – it proves beyond a doubt that Russia has a perfect hack on American spy satellites. That is not the type of information someone like Putin would be excited to release. Why did he do it?

This photograph proves the only possible technical reason for the downing of MH17 was deliberate shoot down by a Mig 29 fighter jet, the best thing Ukraine has. This explains why no one on the ground ever saw a Buk missile launch in relation to this downing.

George Bilt of MIT agreed 100 percent with Putin’s analysis of the photo and stated that beyond all doubt, this was the reason of the shoot down. The satellite photo, which shows a missile launch from the left wing of the fighter jet is verified genuine because of the orientation of the fields on the ground below it, which match the shoot down scenario perfectly.


  • theunhivedmind

    Now if you go over my own article on the subject you will see how I said this attack was either achieved with a Ukraine MiG-29 or a Sukhoi 27 or a F15 Eagle. I told you to find out the bullet hole sizes in the cockpit of MH17 and this would determine which type of fighter-jet had been used. No buk was used that was a cover-story (known as a third truth) to divert attention away from the real attack.

    -= The Unhived Mind


    • theunhivedmind

      November 14, 2014, Friday, 18:00 However

      charges [59] , an investigation [455] , the plane crash [1174]

      Moments before the crash “Boeing” near Donetsk – a unique frame in the analytical program “However”

      At the disposal of Channel proved sensational shot, presumably made by foreign spy satellite in the last seconds of flight Malaysian “Boeing” over Ukraine.

      At the disposal of Channel proved sensational shot, presumably made by foreign spy satellite in the last seconds of flight Malaysian “Boeing” over Ukraine.

      On the eve of an important meeting of world leaders – at the summit of the “Big Twenty” in Australia – the theme of the investigation of the death of the passengers of flight for more than relevant. Frame speaks in favor of the version that is in the West almost sounded.

      But, hello!

      It is known that at the summit in Brisbane Australian Prime Abbott threatens to ask our president sternly question about Malaysian “Boeing”. Let’s try to facilitate his task.
      Back in August, Russian Union of Engineers published its report on the possible causes of the accident, then gets quite widespread in the media and on the Internet. Experts conducted a detailed analysis of all information available from all sources, produced technical calculations and elaborated version of the causes of death “Boeing”.

      Expert conclusion: the only technically possible version – defeat the Malaysian ship using rocket and cannon armament of another aircraft. We draw attention to one point in the report – the absence of any credible evidence launch missiles “ground-to-air.” Start “Buck” accompanied by a cloud of fire, a deafening roar, audible within a radius of 10 kilometers, and contrails, which is clearly observed in the sky up to 10 minutes.
      In short, it was not likely no “Buck” no starting from the ground. In the presence of a disaster area dozens of professional observers from all sides and thousands of lay, no one has seen or recorded. And planes seen and fixed. And it was certainly not the Russian planes. Experts arguments were heard on the Internet report was translated into English and German.

      “At the same time we began to receive large amounts of information, among which was a different material, engineering calculations, and ultimately the 12th we got it here,” – said the first vice-president of the Russian Union of Engineers Ivan Andrievsky.

      “I fully agree with the results of your analysis of the causes of death” Boeing “- says the man who introduced himself as a graduate of MIT, with twenty years experience aviaekspertom George Bilt. -” Boeing “was shot down by fighter jet chase him. At first the crew fired the gun, then the cabin was struck missile “air-air”, then the right engine and the right wing were amazed missile homing system with heat. ”

      The picture, which clearly shows the launch from the left wing fighter exactly the cockpit, attached to e-mail. On terrain, weather, aircraft dimension picture is fully consistent with the circumstances of the accident.

      “We saw ourselves cosmic picture taken with not very high orbit. And usually made such pictures General Intelligence air and ground space. In accordance with the coordinates specified in the picture, we can assume that the picture was taken from the American or British satellite. We conducted a detailed analysis of the image and no sign of a fake is not revealed, “- said the first vice-president of the Russian Union of Engineers Ivan Andrievsky.

      All versions have to be considered, including the notorious “Buk”. The man who sent a picture in which can be seen as the MiG-29 kills passenger “Boeing”, whoever he was, of course, professional. To forge such requires even more excellence than to access such information. Lord, you have these pictures! Or more! Present them, finally! Hands on the table! Because at the moment there is every reason to believe that the government committed a crime by those who destroyed the aircraft deliberately and cynically. And those who deliberately and cynically hides it, having comprehensive information.

      However, goodbye!

  • sasquatch

    Flat out how retarded would you have to be to shoot a civilian plane out of the sky with a fighter in this climate. It’s one thing to hijack a plane with an AWAC and entirely different to just send a mig after a civilian carrier. At least the AWAC would be harder to prove than big holes in a cock pit. These muppets are trying to cling on to power and just playing right into Putin’s hands.

  • theunhivedmind

    Nov 15 2014

    Suspicious happenstance surrounding the MH17 Mig story

    Since I posted this story on the front page and in the forum, many things have happened to this web site and forum and they really should be mentioned.

    Something is amiss with this, and therefore I am going to say it as I see it, without reservation. –

    This was not a satellite photo. It, if anything, was a drone photo. And I believe there has been inteference with getting people the truth about all of this. Want to know the details to why I think this is exactly the case?

    Reason 1. Putin has the Navy off the coast of Australia. Why would he do this for the G20? How about to ensure he has the ability to leave Australia safely after popping an image like that? It should come as no surprise that official Russian press released this while it was almost completely silenced in the Western press.

    Reason 2. Putin is leaving the G20 early and will not attend the official dinner on Sunday night. The reason cited? “Western leaders keep telling him to get out of Ukraine”. WEAK. Putin is NOT THAT THIN SKINNED. How about a threat to his life? How about some other factor, such as this photo?

    Reason 3. There have been so many odd attacks against this web site, which was definitely the first to hit the web with a decently translated version of the original story that it is really making me wonder. I broke this at 9:30AM Pacific on Nov 14. This site is well traveled enough for that to have an enormous ripple effect and slam the story into the public before shills could defuse it. And therefore the forum is suffering slander attacks, bot attacks, SQL hacks to make the software believe the bots are above admins, links deleted on this front page here and replaced with non functioning hits on bot placed pages . . . . . that is damn screwy. I hit a nerve.

    And yet –

    If the satellite that shot the photo was at an absolute minimum orbit of 100 km, (the absolute technical limit for a minimum) and the plane is 10 km off the ground, then it will appear 10 percent larger than it is in relation to the ground. So the mig at a kilometer long in relation to the ground proves it is not a sat photo.

    Here it is in a nut shell – Something is up with all of this. The fact this went mainstream in the Russian media proves there is something to it, whether it be a warning for the West or something else, and one thing is certain – this was at a minimum a deliberate calculated attempt to destroy relations between the West and Russia. Even if the photo was not real as presented to Russians, the fact this made air there at all proves that attitudes in Russia are really bad towards America. This is yet another hard indicator that war really may be on the horizon.

    Drone photo? Perhaps. NSA swap out photo for Western viewers? Perhaps. Fake fronted by Russia as a warning shot something real could be presented? Perhaps. But as Western viewers saw it, it was not a satellite photo. I do not buy any of the debunks other than that the scale of everything is off, which proves it is not a satellite photo. But whatever it is, the ramifications are ominous considering all the surrounding events and oddities. This one struck the root, I wonder what the fallout will be.

    • theunhivedmind

      I believe Vladimir Putin is trying to avoid being poisoned with a biological or radiological weapon that would be administered via the food and drink at the G20 Dinner. The Jesuits are not going to Cup of Borgia our Putin that easily! Putin is the grandmaster of geopolitical chess and knows history and will not repeat negatives of the past. If I were him I would not attend any meetings whatsoever and work only from Russia via teleconferencing.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • theunhivedmind

    As expected the nefarious lying propaganda machine of the U.S and New Venice try to get out of the evidence. The trouble is that no one believes the West anymore not even their own people.

    -= The Unhived Mind


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