Vladimir Putin tells Barack Obama that relations should not suffer over the Ukrainian Crisis

7 March 2014, 04:04

Putin tells Obama relations should not suffer over Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin told US President Barack Obama on Friday that relations between the two countries should not suffer due to disagreements over Ukraine, the Kremlin said. “The President of Russia emphasized the paramount importance of Russian-US relations for ensuring stability and security in the world. These relations should not be sacrificed due to disagreements over individual – albeit extremely significant – international problems,” the Kremlin said in a statement. It is noted that during the conversation certain differences in approaches and assessments of the causes of the current crisis and the current situation were revealed.

For instance, Putin has noted that the current Ukrainian leadership that emerged as a result of an unconstitutional coup, without national mandate, imposes illegitimate decision into the Eastern and Southeastern regions and Crimea.
Russia cannot ignore the calls for help and acts appropriately, in full accordance with international law.
Putin also stressed the paramount importance of Russian-American relations to ensure stability and security in the world.

“These relations should not be sacrificed for individual differences, even important ones on international issues”, cites the President the Kremlin press service.

The two leaders agreed that the foreign ministers of the two countries, Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry will continue intensive cooperation.

The conversation took place at the initiative of the American side.

Obama urges Putin in phone call to accept terms of diplomatic solution for Ukraine

President Barack Obama urged Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday to accept the terms of a potential diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis in a phone call that lasted an hour.

In their second phone conversation in the past six days, Obama emphasized to Putin that Russia’s incursion into Ukraine was a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the White House said.

During the call, Obama outlined the terms of a diplomatic “off-ramp” that US officials are promoting. Under terms of the deal, Russia would allow international monitors in to ensure the rights of ethnic Russians are respected and consent to direct talks with Ukraine officials.

“President Obama indicated that there is a way to resolve the situation diplomatically,” the White House said in a statement.

Russia, still no US accord on settling Ukraine crisis – Russian FM Lavrov

Russia and the US have yet to reach an accord on the situation in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters after meeting with his US counterpart John Kerry.

“Currently we cannot tell the world community that we have reached an accord,” he said.

“We have agreed that we will look again at the ideas that John Kerry gave me today on some of the upcoming steps,” Lavrov added.

“I will report to the president upon returning to Russia on how these meetings went and what issues were addressed,” Lavrov said.

Russia wants a better understanding of its Western partners’ mean by an international mechanism for Ukraine, Lavrov said.

“We would like to get a better idea of what our partners mean when they suggest creating some international mechanism, of its composition,” he told reporters after meeting with his US counterpart John Kerry.

“The main thing for us – I reiterate – is to respect the agreements reached on February 21, primarily the agreement on constitutional reform, creation of a government of national unity, and elections after constitutional reform. The second most important aspect is that any process that can be supported should have the clear support of all regions of Ukraine,” the minister said.

“Primarily, we are concerned about Crimea and the other southeastern regions in this case,” Lavrov said.


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      Yes it is all U.S propaganda with U.S intelligence connected plants trying to stir up trouble. Do these people think we do not know the real facts, treaties and law of this situation in the Ukraine? Some of these people in media are either intelligence assets or as dumb as the general herd and believe all the western propaganda. Bare in my that RT is based in Washington D.C of all places so do not think U.S intelligence cannot and will not infiltrate. I would not want any U.S staff in my broadcast center and I would have only employed legit Russians tested with an electropsychometer like they do in Scientology to keep out nefarious swines. I think someone else in RT countered this puppet so check that one out. Until Russia Today moves somewhere else I would be wary of its staff.

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      You have to have specialist training and then it works similar to a lie-detector test by questioning. The difference is that this machine is far more accurate than a lie detector test.

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