Vucic wants to commit political suicide by hiring War Criminal Tony Blair

‘Vucic wants to commit political suicide by hiring Blair’

Get short URL Published time: February 20, 2015 15:46
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. (Reuters/Lucy Nicholson)Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Serbia has a puppet government that has to act in the interests of the West – that is the only logical explanation behind Belgrade’s hiring as an advisor Tony Blair, who destroyed the country 16 years ago, Professor Vichislav Simich told RT’s In the Now.

RT: Why would Serbia ever hire someone like Tony Blair who pushed so strongly for a three month un-sanctioned bombing of the country?

Vichislav Simich: One of the maybe sarcastic views is that the current Prime Minister of Serbia wants to commit political suicide, yet another one on his long list of political suicides. But he hasn’t succeeded yet, maybe this time he will…I don’t think it’s possible [that Tony Blair would be a friend with Serbia] in any way…especially since for friendship it takes two to tango and Serbs are not going to befriend him back. The only possible and logical conclusion is that it happened because the Serbian government is a puppet government and has to do what foreign interests, in this case the West, the US, Great Britain, and some other European countries, are telling them to do. So we seem to be legally paying a person who destroyed the country 16 years ago.

RT: What further implications could there be in terms of geopolitical situation for Europe? And what is the reaction of the Serbian people?

VS: I will go first with the Serbian people, because that is closer to my heart and my mind. I don’t know anyone who agrees with this, or who supports this decision – absolutely no one from top level intellectuals that I know to ordinary people,… people are furious about this…I’m against the opinion that Serbs are cowards or that Serbs lost any sense of decency and that nobody goes out to protest. I believe firmly that Serbians do not protest publically in the streets and don’t want to overthrow the government in a violent way because they realize what the danger it would be for the state itself and for their personal lives because we’re surrounded by enemies right now. Geopolitically this is yet another slap in the face.

RT: You said something powerful: “We surrounded by enemies now”… Could you elaborate on that?

VS: Absolutely, just look on the map and look on the map of NATO states and traditional enemies of Serbia. We have very good friends traditionally in terms of people relations with the Greeks, the Romanians, and a little bit with the Bulgarians. But right now both Romania and Bulgaria are under the command of NATO and they would have to join in the attack, which they have already proved, because they attacked us, they were part of the criminal assault on Serbia in 1999 when they allowed their airspace to be used. Even when they were not members of NATO and they were not members of the EU.

I have many Bulgarian friends…and they do not support any of this stuff that their government is doing. But everybody else, we have those who used to be Serbs centuries ago or even recently got converted for various reasons into Islam or into Catholicism and became other nations. We have people who have not converted officially into any other religion but have decided to be something different, like Macedonians or Montenegrins. Even those states that are filled with a Serbian population and used to be part of Serbia are now enemy territories from which NATO can attack.

We have the occupied territory of Kosovo which has NATO troops and the largest American base in the Balkans at least on its territory from where they can attack. Serbs are not cowards but we are very aware of all of this. So we don’t want to overthrow the government…There are two problems: there’s danger and the lack of leaders because we do not have anyone right now on the Serbian political scene that could actually lead or that has not dirtied his or her hands with NATO or with EU or the American embassy there.

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