War Is London and Wall Street’s Only Option

War Is London and Wall Street’s Only Option

Let this not be the end of the world, but the end of Wall Street.

Lyndon LaRouche
Dec. 23, 2014

In discussions on Tuesday, Lyndon LaRouche reiterated that the bankruptcy of the London-Wall Street speculative bubble is unstoppable. The derivatives exposure of an estimated $1.7 quadrillion dollars is unpayable. The instability triggered by the Anglo-Saudi manipulation of world oil prices has created one more potential detonator for a total systemic blow-out of Wall Street and London’s bubble.

Under these conditions, the only option open to the sharks of London and Wall Street is to provoke a world war. A bailout of their debt is impossible. They are in an impossible position, where the bankruptcy of their speculative bubble is unavoidable. As LaRouche repeated his warning:

“The general bankruptcy of Wall Street is unavoidable without a general war. All other options have run out. It is this factor, and this factor alone, that is driving the world to a strategic confrontation that can lead to thermonuclear extinction.”

The only true alternative to such a war of extinction is the immediate bankrupting of the London-Wall Street bubble, starting with the immediate implementation of Glass-Steagall, starting in the United States.

There are clear signs that the war danger is being widely recognized, and some actions are being taken to push back. However, alone, these efforts are insufficient, given the existential crisis facing the London-Wall Street ruling circles.

Just in the last 24 hours: As reported on Tuesday, the New York Times published an editorial, signed by the Editorial Board, calling for the criminal prosecution of former Vice President Dick Cheney and the entire top-down Bush-Cheney Administration team that ordered and executed the torture program. The Times editorial has been echoed in coverage around the world on Tuesday.

The most significant statement on the U.S. torture program has come from China’s official Xinhua agency, which published a scathing editorial Dec. 23, denouncing the hypocrisy of Washington’s human rights campaign against China and many other developing nations, while promoting torture and other crimes at home.

Komsomolskaya Pravda reported on Tuesday that a Ukrainian eyewitness has provided crucial evidence that a Ukrainian Air Force SU-25 shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over eastern Ukraine. The eyewitness was at the military airport when the SU-25 returned from mission without its air-to-air missiles right after the MH-17 was shot down. The Russian government announced that its investigative commission has immediately launched a formal investigation and will seek to interview the eyewitness.

Like the ad by 60 prominent German figures, published earlier this month in Die Zeit, these moves are clearly indicative of a push-back against the obvious war provocations underway against Russia and China. In effect, the war provocations, first identified by Lyndon LaRouche, immediately after the overthrow and assassination of Libya’s Qaddafi, in late 2011, have now reached a showdown moment.

It is going to take a decisive action—the bankrupting of the Wall Street bubble—to fully stop the war drive. Nothing short will suffice.

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  • theunhivedmind

    Sputnik wrote the very deceptive article on the Su-25 because it gives you the impression this plane did the attack on MH17. The truth of the matter is yes it was a Ukrainian Fighter Jet but it was not a Sukhoi 25 or even a Sukhoi 27 it was a MiG-29. Now the only two aircraft which could possibly have shot down MH17 would have been the SU-27 and MiG29 because it is all about altitude, the SU-25 just could not get no where near the aircraft. Remember how the cockpit of MH17 was loaded with cannon fire. Seems Sputnik International may be working for New Venice if they’re putting out articles like this one. Putin has already named the plane as a MiG-29 and I’d said it was either before Putin opened his mouth during the G20 Summit. Always look at the altitude of these aircrafts including MH17 and how it had to fly even higher than usual in case of ground attack.

    -= The Unhived Mind


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