Was Michael Jackson another Illuminati Slave?

Was Michael Jackson another Illuminati Slave?

March 12, 2016

We continue our review of MK-Ultra and the entertainment industry

“The bimbos that Hollywood has foisted on us as “stars” are largely mind-controlled playthings of the elite.”

Michael Jackson may have been passed up the paedophile food chain in order to receive the backing, marketing and exposure that made him a household name…. The fallout from this revealed itself in all the strange and inexplicable behavior. He changed his face trying to put distance between him and his past. But he never could escape The Man in the Mirror.

from July 5 2009
by “Charles”

Approximately forty years ago, the Jackson family appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and released the first of many albums for Motown records. What made the Jackson 5 special was their lead singer, pint-sized Michael Jackson.

Even at the tender age of ten, Michael Jackson had an ebullient joy and charisma that was palpable and contagious on both TV and radio. Later, at the age of 21, he broke from his family and began a successful solo career. F. Scott Fitzgerald said American lives have no second acts. And for child entertainers trying to extend their success into adulthood, that is doubly so. Michael Jackson proved Fitzgerald wrong. But at what price?

A series of articles on the blog Aangirfan [aangirfan.blogspot.com] explores the possibility that Michael Jackson was yet another Illuminati sex slave. In one article, “Michael Jackson 5.0,” the blogger writes: “There has been speculation that the CIA has used its MK-ULTRA brainwashing on many celebrities, including Madonna, Curt Cobain, Britney Spears, Elvis and Michael Jackson. Jermaine Jackson has suggested that his father may have arranged for Michael to be used by older men. He tells how his father had Michael join late-night hotel room meetings with “important business people.”

Jermaine wondered whether “something happened” to Michael at those sessions. He said he sensed something was wrong because Michael would be sick for days after. “What was Joseph doing?” Jermaine wrote. Michael Jackson said himself that his father beat him.


Former Illuminati slave Kathleen Sullivan adds from the Rigorous Intuition blog [rigourousintuition.blogspot.com]: “I’ve been tracking Michael Jackson via the news for about 10 years now. For reasons I will not get into in a public forum, I can state that I have absolutely no doubt that he’s an MK-ULTRA variety slave, possibly introduced by his father into their bizarre “system” of spooks, commercialized pedophilia and more.

“My father introduced me to organized criminal pedophilia from early childhood on. Like Michael, I developed many altered states of consciousness to cope with the horrors I experienced. I also have no doubt that he would have been terribly abused as a child, even if he hadn’t “allegedly” been given to others as a child to sexually service them. There’s no other explanation for his obsession with being with children, in public and privately – especially in bed!

“During my past internship at a state hospital, I talked with a forensics expert who is very familiar with pedophilia. He said that one class of pedophiles are psychologically “stuck” at a certain age on the inside, regardless of their physical age. Therefore, they choose children to sexually “mate” with who are the same internal age and see themselves as EQUALS with those children in every way. And if this kind of pedophile is a male who was sexually abused by adult males in childhood, he will most likely unconsciously reenact what was done to him, with the next generation of males who are the age he was then.

“I didn’t see the tiniest bit of love or concern in his father’s face for him when he seemingly came to the rescue when Michael was put on trial (again). I think daddy dearest simply took over to ensure that Michael didn’t say the wrong things in public or in court.”

Another article on the Aangirfan blog, “Michael Jackson and the CIA,” recounts a brief mention of the Jackson family from Brice Taylor’s memoirs Thanks for the Memories:

“Brice Taylor relates that she and Michael Jackson and members of the Jackson family accompanied Bob Hope to a location where they were filming up-and- coming talent for TV. Reportedly Bob Hope sponsored the young Jackson boys. Brice Taylor writes: “Their father brought the boys in and I remembered seeing them taken into a side room where bright lights were on. “They all had to drop their pants and before their performance a big man raped each one of them in a lineup.”

Reportedly, Brice Taylor and the Jacksons were victims of CIA mind control.

Yet another dispatch offers: “On the cover of the … ‘Dangerous’ Album, the Freemasonic symbol of the one eye can be found as well as a picture of a bald headed man well known to the Occult (Satanists) as Alistair Crowley.”

The blog frequently cross references an article from the Timboucher website [timboucher.com], Michael Jackson, Mind Control Victim? The article notes that MJ had his own ‘personal magician’ by the name of Majestic Magnificent. “I know it’s a pretty far-out leap for most “normal” people, but could Majestic Magnificent be more than just a “magician” – could he also be some sort of CIA Monarch mind-control handler for Jackson?” [Tim Boucher has several interesting articles worth reading on MJ and the occult such as Michael Jackson’s Bloodbath.]

Michael had his children wear masks in public to ‘protect’ them. They were not even allowed to see their own faces in a mirror at home! Could this be a clue about Illuminati mirror programming which Michael himself experienced and now was trying to prevent from ever happening to his children?

Michael Jackson’s march to superstardom may have been stage-managed by the occult politics of the MK-ULTRA program. His talent alone was not enough. The road to the top may have necessitated sexual abuse at the hands of connected powerful adults while still a child. He may have been passed up the paedophile food chain in order to receive the backing, marketing and exposure that made him a household name. He may have been made more pliable by MK-ULTRA training which involved tremendous psychological and physical trauma. The fallout from this revealed itself in all the strange and inexplicable behavior. He changed his face trying to put distance between him and his past. But he never could escape The Man in the Mirror.

In Michael Jackson, the illuminati demonstrated their power to make and break our entertainment idols, to choose our idols for us and to influence and control the popular culture through their change agents. Our idols tell us how to act. We emulate them so that we, too, can be cool, sophisticated, androgynous slaves. This is how the common man finds his place in the New World Order.

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First Comment from Dan: Jackson “chemically castrated”

It was a topic of water cooler gossip in 1982 that Michael Jackson’s father had him on estrogen shots since he was little to make sure his voice didn’t change. I remember vividly hearing that one day at work from a co-worker.
Jackson was 24 at the time and people were wondering why his speaking voice still sounded like a little boy.

In the 1990’s a French medical researcher and opera buff who wrote several books on the long term effects of vascular interventions, obtained Jackson’s medical history. He had recognized Jackson’s voice had all the characteristics or a “castrato”. There never was such a thing in North America, but there was a European tradition of castrating certain choir boys so they would grow up to be ‘Castrati’. Why? Imagine a really good boy singer with all the power of adult lungs. The Castrato sound can only be done by a eunuch. The practice was outlawed in 1870.

So this researcher, Alain Branchereau, confirmed that Michael Jackson had indeed been prescribed high doses of a testosterone blocker from childhood to age 20. Confirmed: Michael Jackson was CHEMICALLY CASTRATED by his handlers. The reason given for the prescription was ‘acne’.

It’s nothing new. My grandmother told me fifty years ago about how Judy Garland’s handlers were feeding her amphetamines all day and phenobarbital at night during the shooting of the Wizard of Oz.

. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKAaNd3rUNU

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