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You won’t believe it, but this is not a real eye

News By Matthew Humphries Feb. 11, 2014 2:55 pm not_real_eye

You only have to look at the Pixar movies starting with Toy Story and ending with Brave to see how much progress has been made in 3D animation. But how about realistic 3D? When it comes to environments you really can’t tell what is real or fake anymore. Boardwalk Empire is testament to that.

For realistic 3D characters, however, we still have the uncanny valley to overcome. As for actually producing body parts where nobody can tell if something is real or fake, I think we’ve reached that point already. If you want proof, check out the video below:

If you only watched the first 15 seconds of that video you’d be guessing at whether the eye is real or not. It looks totally real. But then the camera pulls back to show it’s just a 3D model from an artist with a lot of talent and the tools to realize it.

The realistic eye is the work of artist Chris Jones. It was made using a combination of NewTek’s Lightwave 3D, Pixologix’s Sculptris, and the Krita digital painting software. Those will get you the look of the eye and surrounding skin, but it’s the movement that really brings this eye to life.

We already see digital characters appearing in feature films, but they are typically limited to distant shots, shots from behind, or faces painted on to real people. I don’t think there has been a movie yet that uses a completely fake character where no one has been able to tell they aren’t real. But if these videos are anything to go by, we aren’t far of that happening.

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